Are you an audiophile and/or videophile?

I first got into the hobby of “hi fi” about 16 years ago. Before I took up this hobby seriously, I have always been a music lover and was always interested in hi fi equipment anyway.

I started jumping into this hobby when I first visited a friend who had a HI END system at his home. I remembered I was so amazed at the peformance of his system and I thought the music sounded so good that I told myself I have to get a Hi End system myself.

For the next 2 to 3 years, I fell into a black hole, and was forever looking for improvement and constantly tweaking and upgrading my system to the next best thing. I tried very hard to listen to the 3-D holographic effect of stereo music and was concerned about sound-staging and whether I could identify each instrument spatially. I wanted to hear the deepest bass, the smoothest treble and the sweetest mid-tone. I suddenly realized that I was not listening to and enjoying the music anymore. I was only listening to the hi fi system.

Although I still own a pretty good hi fi system, I have stopped this vicious cycle of upgrading for a long, long time. Nowadays, I am enjoying the music and a good hi fi system is merely a tool to help me achieve that. I no longer try to listen to the hi fi and analyse every bit of detail.

In the recent 5 years or so, a lot of development has happened on the video side and there are a lot of videophiles today. Many videophiles I know fell into the same audiophile trap that I was in years ago. They are not really watching or enjoying a movie. In fact they never see any movie from start to finish. they only ever watch selected segments from “demo” grade discs that will be able to allow them to demonstrate the strength of their system……….being able to produce the deepest balck, the best contrast, accurate color and greyscale. You name it, and they’ll demonstrate it to you.

Well, I have a reasonably good home projection system, and the quality I get is much better than any local cinema I have been to recently (the sad state of local cinema experience will be a future blog entry). Again, this video system merely helps me to enjoy the movie better. Are you enjoying your movies?


One thought on “Are you an audiophile and/or videophile?

  1. hi,

    Followed your thread re 40D from dpreview with interest and it was a pleasent surprise to find you’re a music lover too. Your comment re getting hung up in kit and not the hobby resonnated with me. I can definately relate to it hifi wise whilst with photography I’m been pretty good and spend ‘most’ of my energy on taking the pix (hopefully). But fortunately i mainly listen to music not hifi these days and my tiny london flat does not allow complex home cinema setups – i just have a all-in-one denon. 8 ))

    Check out my flickr site – has my photography and hifi pix:

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