Glutinous Rice Tamale

Glutinous Rice Tamale or better know as zong, zongzi, or Chinese rice dumplings are a traditional Chinese food, made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Yesterday was the Dragon Boat Festival and the traditional time for Chinese all over the world to eat zong. There are many varieties of zong made with different stuffings and they come in different shapes and sizes as well. Different varieties of zong originate from different area of China.

We ate 2 types of zong today. The first type is zong stuff with yellow beans and is usually eaten with a sweet soy sauce.

The 2nd variety is is treated with lye water, which gives them a distinctive yellow colour. Jianshui zong are typically filled with sweet fillings, although some are unfilled. This is the variation that usually contain no filling and are often eaten with sugar or light syrup.


3 thoughts on “Glutinous Rice Tamale

  1. Ohhh mine… early in the morning, and I see this. I must resist…resist…. :)-)

    Beautiful shot Mr. Lim, it look so delicious. And yes, my stomach is growling. 🙂

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