Megabox is the latest large shopping mall to open in Hong Kong. The developer claimed many “first” in Hong Kong including the first international sized ice rink and IMAX Theatre, an all-season theme park, amusement game centre.

An ice skating ring with spectacular view of the Victoria harbour

Views of the main hall area

The first B&Q store in Hong Kong

There are many new restaurants at Megabox. We has an early dinner at Te

Their spaghetti carbonara was delicious.

A couple more pics of Megabox. If you want to go to Megabox, avoid going there during weekends as it will be extremely crowded and it will take half an hour just to get into or out of the car park.


14 thoughts on “Megabox

  1. A very impressive looking mall. I wish I can go there this weekend. 🙂

    Hmm… I wonder if they are showing “Spider Lillies” on the IMAX screen? 🙂

  2. Roland,

    Beautiful images!

    My last HK trip just before Chinese New Year 2007 was great but I felt it was too short. Thanks to you, my wife, Chris, and I managed to see more of HK than we would have if left on our own to explore. The times I was alone while Chris was attending a conference, I explored Hong Kong Island using the only way that would work in this crowded city, walk. So arm with a map, 20D and 10-22mm.

    Here’s my travel gallery with the HK photos just below Japan

    Keep up the great work!


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  5. Hi! Can anyone tell me where I can find the complete address of Megabox? I tried googling for the mall’s website, nothing seems to come up. I will be in HK next week and would like to be able to visit the said mall.


  6. Hi, i would like to ask in what floor is the ice skating rink located? I’m trying to research on ice skating rinks that aren’t constructed on ground floor. Thank you.

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