Japanese Style Korean Restaurant

Korean restaurants all over the world are probably most famous for Korean BBQ (Galbi 갈비), pork or beef ribs, cooked on a metal plate over charcoal in the centre of the table. The meat is sliced thicker than bulgogi. It is often called “Korean BBQ“, and can be seasoned or unseasoned. A variation using seasoned chicken is called (Dakgalbi). Another style called Bulgogi (불고기) is also commonly synonymous with Korean BBQ.

In recent years, Korean style restaurant are very popular in Japan. The Japanese variation of Korean BBQ uses Wagyu beef instead of the Korean or US beef. Koreans or other purist probably don’t like the Japanese variation because they would not consider it as the “authentic” style of Korean cuisine. However, by seeing the number of this style of restaurants in Japan, you can see that it is well accepted in Japan. Personally, although I like the traditional authentic type of Korean restaurants, I must say I also like the Japanese variation very much.

本家とらちゃん is a Japanese style Korean restaurant in Osaka that I went to recently. Japanese Wagyu beef cooked in Korean BBQ style is every bit as tasty as cooked in other traditional Japanese style.


One thought on “Japanese Style Korean Restaurant

  1. This looks great. I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Osaka once and had a great time. The food was very good.
    My town here in the Netherlands now has a mixed Korean/Japanese restaurant, but unfortunately they don’t do BBQ. However they do have some very nice dishes with kimchi, which I like very much.

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