Wa-En 和宴

Wa-En 和宴 is a restaurant at Tsim Sha Tsui district in Hong Kong. Although they promote themselves as serving Japanese style grill or BBQ meat cuisine, they are really a Japanese style Korean restaurant . This is the only restaurant I know of in Hong Kong serving Japanese style Korean BBQ. Their prices are on average probably about 30-50% more expensive than a equivalent restaurant in Japan, but the quality of food is very good and quite authentic. It is even better now that Japanese Wagyu beef is available in Hong Kong again after the “Mad Cow Disease” scare in Japanese Wagyu stock in 2001, when Japanese Wagyu beef was banned in many countries including Hong Kong.

It is a very popular restaurant with Japanese living in Hong Kong and they are usually pretty full at dinner time. I would recommend that you should make a booking if you intend to go there for dinner.

Roland’s rating:-

Food : ****

Service: ****

Ambience: ****

Price: $$$


5 thoughts on “Wa-En 和宴

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  2. roland, your food pictures are great (worthy of magazines/advertisements) but honestly, i prefer your nature, travel, and event work! for example, the wakeboarding series was fantastic. i hope to see more features in the future.

  3. Jesse,

    Thanks for your honest opinion. Well, as you probably know already, I do a fair amount of travel, but I am not a business traveler and I do have a regular job to attend to, so I can’t really do as much travel as I wished. Anyway, I would continue posting blogs on new and old travel locations as I progress.

    Food is one of my passion in life, just like photography. That’s why I do a lot of food photography. That’s why you see a lot of food articles on this blog.

    As for sports and events. I would like to do more, but since I am not doing photography as a profession, I will not be able to do as much photography in these subjects.

    I am glad you enjoy my work anyway! Cheers!

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