Kaohsiung 高雄

Kaohsiung City (Chinese: 高雄市; Hanyu Pinyin: Gāoxióng; Tongyong Pinyin: Gaosyóng , POJ: Ko-hiông; old name: Takao, Takow, Takau; coordinates 22°38’N, 120°16’E; ) is a city located in southern Taiwan. Kaohsiung City is also the second largest city in Taiwan, with population around 1.51 million. As one of two Central Municipalities under the administration of the Republic of China, Kaohsiung City is a second-level political division, with the same status as a province. The city is further separated into eleven districts, each with a district office that handles day-to-day businesses between the Kaohsiung City government and its citizens.

Kaohsiung is a major center for manufacturing, refining, and transportation. Unlike Taipei, the streets of Kaohsiung are wide and traffic is less congested. Kaohsiung is the major port through which most of Taiwan’s oil is imported, which accounts for the large amount of heavy industry.

Kaohsiung City will host the 2009 World Games, a multisport event primarily composed of sports not featured in the Olympic Games. source : wikipedia.org

I visited the city during May 2006. I went to Kaohsiung without much expectation, but was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this city. It used to be a heavy industrial city with heavy pollution, but Kaohsiung today is pretty, clean city with many interesting places to visit.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the food was great too!

You can see more photos of my Kaohsiung trip here:- part 1 & part 2.


3 thoughts on “Kaohsiung 高雄

    • Hi Paul,

      If ever I visit Kaohsiung again, I’ll contact you. Actually I was planning to go to Kenting earlier this year, but couldn’t get plane tickets to Kaohsiung because my dates conicided with the World Games. If I go to Kenting this year, I’ll pass by Kaohsiung for sure.

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