Site Feature : Mervyn Lim – A Digicam Master

Do you need a DSLR to shoot good photos? Well, looking at Mervyn’s photos, I have to say you definitely do not. Of course there are shots that can only be done with a DSLR and not with a small digicam, like shots with shallow depth of field and buttery bokeh. However, if your technique is good, then even with a small card size digicam, it is still possible to take surprisingly good photos.

A disclaimer, Mervyn is my brother, but I am posting his work because I think he is truly good, not because he is my brother.

Mervyn has moved on to using a DSLR now. However, there are situations where a small digicam is more suitable or easier to shoot than with a DSLR. This is a quote of Mervyn when he was talking about shooting on a skiing locations in Canada, “ The Casio Exilim was easy to carry inside my jacket (in order to keep it warm enough for the battery to work). Some of the places we would go were very steep and we could be skiing very fast; it was just too dangerous to carry anything other than the Exilim.”


3 thoughts on “Site Feature : Mervyn Lim – A Digicam Master

  1. those are some beautiful shots. it makes me want to move to BC! i also agree that a compact camera can take wonderful pictures. i am waiting for the new wide angle compact from Canon, hopefully it will have better image quality than the SD 800 IS.

  2. When we were kids, both Roland and myself were given Agfa 126 film cartridge cameras for a Christmas in the early 70’s. There were essentially only three things we could do with those cameras: 1. Load/unload the film cartridge. 2. Wind the film and shutter. 3. Aim and push the shutter release. The resulted images, although not sophisticated were special in their own ways. In time, we progressed to using a variety of SLR’s from fully mechanical units (remember, do not wind the film until you are ready to shoot!!) to the Minolta XD7 & Maxxum 7000 that are still in my procession. Roland actually spent quite a bit of time in the darkroom as well! Fast forward to 2007; these days, we are empowered with technologies that allow us to “create” images with stunning visual impact and quality. There are cameras that can digitally compensate for low light areas or perform face recognition. But in the end, none of these can replace the knowledge, mindset and energy of the photographer. Seriously, I am not that good, my brother is too kind with his words. If what I had captured could encapsulate the moments and tell the stories of my different experiences to my love ones and friends… I would be very happy. A nicer camera? that’s a bonus!

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