Good Food at Reasonable Prices in Hong Kong

If you have read my blog regularly, you may think that I am only interested in expensive restaurants. But there are actually a lot of good food at reasonable prices in Hong Kong . From traditional Cantonese style food like dim sum, egg noodles and Cantonese style BBQ to “Hong Kong” style fast food. Here are some typical examples.

The first 2 photos are typical food from “wonton noodle” style restaurant.

The next 3 photos are typical dishes you’ll find at any Cantonese “dim sum” restaurants.

The next 2 dishes were from a famous large “Hong Kong” style fast food chain.


8 thoughts on “Good Food at Reasonable Prices in Hong Kong

  1. hahaha, yes i did notice that a lot of your food shots were from expensive restaurants. i never really eat that stuff. i love the inexpensive local food in hong kong! i also love the chungking mansions! hey you should do a series on that building or its food (if you ever go there – haha) thats a good delicious budget stop for me – im crazy about indian food.

  2. You should have a marketing company catering local restaurants. The photos look appetizing as the taste of the food.

    Hong Kong has so much to offer…big or small, expensive or cheap.

    Now I have a song on my head….”Hong Kong, I love Hong Kong… it’s the place for me…”

  3. Another finely deliciously prepared gallery. I personally prefer local restaurant, such as these on the street. To me, whenever I taste the local street food, I can always feel the connection with it culture and it people. And quite often, that is where I find my favourite meal. 🙂

  4. Hi Albert,

    Hong Kong is a food paradise. There is just too many good restaurants at different price ranges. I don’t eat around much around the area of the hotel you’ll be staying at. Just go out and explore and I am sure you’ll find a lot of nice cheap places to eat.

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