Sigma 18-125mm F3.5-5.6 DC

I am going to start a series about camera, lenses and accesories that I own or have previously owned. I am going to start with the Sigma 18-125mm F3.5-5.6 DC.

This is a “DC” lens in Sigma’s own nomenclature. It means that that lens was designed for reduced frame digital SLR cameras like Canon 30D and 400D and all present Nikon digital SLR cameras. It produces an image circle which would only be big enough to fill a 1.5x or 1.6x cropped APS sized sensor. Therefore, it will not work on a 35mm film camera or a full frame digital SLR camera like the Canon 1Ds series.

I don’t own this lens anymore. I have moved on to other lenses subsequently, but I will write about my experience with this lens.

The build quality of this lens is fine for a budget lens and Sigma include a lens hood with all their lenses unlike Canon, which only include lens hood for their expensive “L” lenses.

The focus motor is not the ultrasonic type and there is no full time manual focus. Focusing speed is fast, but not really lightning fast like lenses with ultrasonic motors. The focus motor is also quite noisy. The focus ring also rotates during autofocus, which may not feel comfortable when it rubs against the fingers holding the lens.

I bought this lens to replaced the 18-50mm kit zoom lens that came with my first DSLR, the Canon 300D. I have done a lot of shooting with this lens with both the 300D and my Canon 20D. It was my”standard” zoom lens. The lens that I kept on my camera most of the time. From my personal experience, the optical quality of this lens was better than the Canon 18-55mm kit lens. The optical quality was reasonably good, but of course it was not great or outstanding like a Canon “L” lens. One would not expect a lens of this price and a relatively large zoom range to be outstanding in optical quality anyway. However, besides reasonably good optical quality, this lens also has a good and flexible zoom range and is quite cheap. It should make a good replacement for cheap kit lens like the one made by Canon. Of course, if you can afford to pay more and expect the best optical quality, then you should look elsewhere.

The following are some of the shots I have made with this lens.


7 thoughts on “Sigma 18-125mm F3.5-5.6 DC

  1. Hi Roland,

    I’m thinking of getting a standard zoom lens to replace my 18- 55mm lens that came in the lens kit with my Canon 40D. From your expertise can you advice if I should invest in a 18-200mm or Sigma 18-125mm?

    Do you know the market price for these 2 lenses?

    Much appreciated
    Michelle (Singpore)

  2. Hi Michelle,

    As far as I know, Sigma does not make the plain 18-125mm anymore. However, they do make a 18-125mm with OS (optical stabilizer) now.

    As to which lens to get to replace your 18-55mm kit lens, I need to first ask you a few questions.

    What do you intend to use the lens for mainly? Portrait, landscape, street photography, low light photography…etc? You’ll probably want to use a zoom lens for multi-purpose photography, but think about the priority, say you may want to use it 80% for landscape and 20 % portrait etc. What is your budget for this lens? Without knowing what you aim to use the lens for and your budget, it is hard to make any recommendation.

  3. hi Roland,

    Thanks for the prompt reply!

    I intend to use it for travelling/event/potrait/street photgraphy. Probably more on events & potraiture as I intend to venture into wedding photography.

    I went the shop & the salesmen advised against getting a 3rd party lens saying canon lens gives a better colour.

    Do you think getting a 70-300mm zoom lens & keeping my 18-55mm would be better then getting a lens with a wide zoom range like 17-200mm???

  4. Hi Michelle,

    If image quality is one of your priorities, then I would definitely advised against getting a lens with a large zoom range like the Sigma 18-200mm. Not only is the image quality suboptimal compared to lenses with more moderate zoom range, the aperture is also rather small at f6.3 at the tele end.

    If you want to go into wedding photography as well as your other uses, I would advise you to get the best lens that you can afford with a largest aperture. If you can afford it, the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM should be a good choice. Unless you want to do candid shots from a distance, you probably don’t need 200mm tele range.

  5. Thanks Roland,

    What is the next best option for a lower price lens? And if I do get the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS US, does that make my Canon 18-55mm IS redundant?

  6. Just got hold of the sigma 18 200: had the canon 55 250; but that ment I needed a second lens X2= more expence. This lens is quicker at focusing than the canon. The free lens hood is a nice touch 2.

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