Sorabol Korean Restaurant 新羅寶

Sorabol is an authentic Korean restaurant. I have previous written about Japanese style Korean restaurants in Hong Kong and Japan, you can read the previous posts and compare the difference. The kind of food served in Sorabol varies from traditional Korean barbeque, hotpot, kimchee to various other Korean dishes.

For Korean barbeque, they serve both Korean beef, which are all un-marinated and US beef, most of which are marinated. I personally preferred the marinated taste. But I have had un-marinated Korean beef bbq in Seoul, which was absolutely delicious.

Back to Sorabol in Hong Kong, as in usual practice for Korean restaurants here and those I have visited in Korea, a variety of kimchi dishes come free as appetizers. This is not the case everywhere in the world. in London, Korean restaurants charges kimchi dishes per dish and are not free.

육회, which literally means “Six times” is a dish made of sliced raw beef with egg yolk, sesame oil, raw garlic, sugar, soy sauce and other ingredients.

Galbi 왕갈비-Double-Size Marinated Top-Grade U.S. Shorts Ribs is my favorite.

Korean bbq is not just beef. You can also bbq other meat like chicken wings and seafood like prawns.

Besides Korean bbq, you can also order other Korean dished like Assorted Panfried Combination( 모듬전)

To finish the meal, a Beef & Home-made Noodles Hot Po(국수전골) cooked in a hotpot at your table is simply irresistible.

Roland’s rating:-

Food ****





3 thoughts on “Sorabol Korean Restaurant 新羅寶

  1. Hi Chris,


    In general, I never use flash for food photography in restaurants. Flash light quality is too harsh even with a diffuser and makes the food looks unappetizing.

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