My Hakka Restaurant (自家客菜) at Megabox

The Megabox mall at Kowloon Bay has many new and interesting restaurants. I have recently tried out one of them. It is a restaurant serving Hakka regional cuisine.

The Hakka people have a marked cuisine and style of Chinese cooking which is little known outside the Hakka home. There is a mistaken view that Hakka cuisine is pragmatic and based on preserved foods due to the harsh environment that the Hakka people endured. Whereas this may hold true for preserved meats, it is not accurate to typecast Hakka food as preserved to survive hardships. Hakka cuisine concentrates on the texture of food – the hallmark of Hakka cuisine. Whereas preserved meats feature in Hakka delicacy, stewed, braised, roast meats, ‘texturized’ contributions to the Hakka palate have a central place in their repertoire.

The Hakkas who settled in the harbour and port areas of Hong Kong placed great emphasis on seafood cuisine. Hakka cuisine in Hong Kong is less dominated by expensive meats, instead emphasis is placed on an abundance of vegetables. Pragmatic and simple, Hakka cuisine is garnished lightly with sparse or little flavouring. The Hakka style of food also reflects the simpler cuisine style of a people in the more rugged landscapes of the New Territories of Hong Kong and their origins from mountainous Northern regions of mainland China. Modern Hakka cooking in Hong Kong favours offal, an example being Deep-Fried Intestines (炸大腸 or Tza Tai Chong). Others include tofu with preservatives, along with their signature dish Salt Baked Chicken (鹽焗雞 or Yam Guk Gai), although most Hakka restaurants in Hong kong don’t really serve real Salt baked Chicken, what they serve are really Chicken cooked in stock and has never been baked in anyway. Another specialty is the Poon Choy (盆菜). While it may be difficult to prove these were the actual diets of the old Hakka community, it is presently a commonly accepted view. source : partially from

Hakka cuisine restaurants used to be very common in Hong Kong more than 20 years ago. They seemed to have gone out of fashion and most of them closed down. In recent few years, there seemd to be a minor resurgent of Hakka style restaurants with opening of a few new restaurants serving Hakka style cuisine.

My Hakka is tastefully decorated. The cuisine is fairly authentic in accordance with the traditional Hakka style. The prices are also quite reasonable.

The dessert menu is rather fusion. The above photo was actually a mango cake  served in a glass.

Roland’s rating:-

Food **1/2


Price $$


5 thoughts on “My Hakka Restaurant (自家客菜) at Megabox

  1. Hi Chris,

    I haven’t had to clarify my ratings yet, so that may cause a bit of confusion. So here it is for food rating:-

    ***** 5 stars is the mazimun rating, means ecellent food, the best taste and quality


  2. Hi Chris,

    I have not yet wrote about my food ratings, so it might cause a bit of confusion. So here’ the food rating guide:-

    ***** 5 stars means excellent food, the best quality and taste irrespective of price. Must try!

    **** 4 stars mean very good quality and taste. Highly recommended.

    *** 3 stars means good. Recommended.

    ** 2 stars mean average quality and taste. provdied the price is reasonable(not more than $$), still worthwhile trying

    * 1 star means poor quality of food, Avoid!

    I doubt I would post any restaurant in the 1 star category. It simply would not be worth wrting about.

  3. Dear Roland,

    Thank u for visiting My Hakka. I must also express my sincere appreciation on your detail explanation on Hakka history and on the background of traditional Hakka dishes. Beside, thanks for your commendations on our dishes and all those amazingly beautiful photos.

    Our dishes have been continuously improving since its opening in June, and I am very delighted to let you know that we have just won a Silver prize in the 2007 Best of the Best Culinary Awardsorganised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

    Anyway, thanks again for visiting and writing us. Please drop by anytime to enjoy another around of Hakka dishes!


    Simon Wong, Director of My Hakka

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