Seitarou 誠太郎

Seitarou is a sushi and sashimi restaurant in Osaka.

In Japanese cuisine, sushi (寿司, 鮨, 鮓?) is a food made of vinegared rice combined with other ingredients (uncooked and in some cases cooked) such as fish or vegetables.

Sashimi (Japanese: 刺身) is a Japanese delicacy primarily consisting of very fresh raw seafoods, sliced into thin pieces about 2.5cm (1.0in.) wide by 4.0cm (1.5in.) long by 0.5 cm (0.25in.) thick, but dimensions vary depending on the type of item and chef, and served with only a dipping sauce (soy sauce with wasabi paste and thin-sliced ginger root or ponzu), and a simple garnish such as shiso and shredded daikon radish.

In Japan, and increasingly abroad, conveyor belt sushi/sushi train (kaiten zushi) restaurants are a popular, cost effective way of eating sushi. At these restaurants, the sushi is served on color-coded plates, with each color denoting the cost of the sushi serving. The plates are placed on a conveyor belt or boats floating in a moat. As the belt or boat passes, the customers choose their desired plates. After finishing, the bill is tallied by counting how many plates of each color have been taken. Some kaiten sushi restaurants in Japan operate on a fixed price system, with each plate, consisting usually of two pieces of sushi, generally costing ¥100.

More traditionally, sushi is served on minimalist Japanese-style, geometric, wood or lacquer plates which are mono- or duo-tone in color, in keeping with the aesthetic qualities of this cuisine. Many small sushi restaurants actually use no plates — the sushi is eaten directly off of the wooden counter, usually with one’s hands.

Although conveyor belt style sushi restaurants are in general cheap and cheerful, make no mistake that for truly best quality sushi, you will have to visit one of the traditional sushi restaurants. Seitarou is one of those traditional sushi restaurants.

They only serve the best seafood/ingredient available seasonally.  Notice that in in a piece of good sushi, the main attraction is the piece of ingredient(usually seafood) on top of the rice ball, not the rice itself. So, the piece of rice ball is relatively small. In general, in a cheap conveyor belt sushi restaurant, you will often find a big piece of rice ball with a small piece of fish on top. The variety and quality of seafood of course is also superior in a restaurant like Seitarou.


One thought on “Seitarou 誠太郎

  1. Stunning photography, as usual.

    Came across your blog by accident. I am very impressed. Congratulations!

    (a lesser photographer in HK!)

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