Stefanie Sun 孫燕姿 Hong Kong Concert 2006

Stefanie Sun (Simplified Chinese: 孙燕姿; Traditional Chinese: 孫燕姿; Pinyin: Sūn Yànzī; born July 23, 1978) and also known in Teochew as Sng Yì-che or Sng Ee Tze (her official name), is a Singaporean singer-songwriter.

In the Mandarin-speaking world, Sun is more popularly known by her Mandarin name, Sun Yanzi or Sun Yan Zi. Stefanie Sun has sold over 10 million copies in Asia. With ten albums to her name, she is arguably the most popular Mandarin female singer in Asia and the most successful singer from Singapore.

As of 2006, Sun is in the midst of a regional concert tour. She has staged four full-house concerts at the renowned Hong Kong Coliseum. The performances have received positive reviews from the media as well as overwhelming support from fans.

In fact the Hong Kong concerts were broken up into the parts. The first 2 concerts were held during Sept 2005. Due to overwhelming popularity, another 2 concerts were held Jan 2006. I went to both her concerts in Sept 2005 and Jan 2006. All the shots here were from the Jan 2006 concert though, because I got a much better seat during the Jan 2006 concert and the shots were much better.


One thought on “Stefanie Sun 孫燕姿 Hong Kong Concert 2006

  1. Roland,
    I appreciate very much all you have shared in your reviews and pictures. I sold my 20D yesterday in order to purchase a 40D (which I did 10 minutes ago) thanks in part to your review. I also have a EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM. Your photography inspires me greatly. Thank you for sharing.

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