Recommended Camera Shops in Hong Kong

*** Before you ask any questions, please read the main text below! If you want to ask about prices of camera and lenses, please check out my article on camera and lens street price list first. I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS THAT YOU CAN FIND ANSWERS TO EITHER ON THIS ARTICLE OR AT THE CAMERA AND LENS STREET PRICE LIST PAGE.

I have written an article on “How to Choose a DSLR“. Please read the article for my advise on how to choose a DSLR before you ask me any questions about this topic.

***last updated on 16th Nov 2011

I have been asked by quite a few persons in the past about recommending camera shops in Hong Kong. So here is a list of camera shops that I would recommend trying if you visit Hong Kong.

But before I start, some background info first. The purpose of this article is to help people shopping for cameras and accessories in Hong Kong to find reliable shops that they are unlikely to get cheated. The list are shops that I have shopped with personally and in my experience and also in general were known to be reliable. There are many camera shops in tourist areas in Hong Kong, notably in Tsim Sha Tsui area, who are well known to be scammers and would cheat tourist (read the end of the article for more information). This list is meant to help you avoid those shops.

I am just a photographer and I am in no way affiliated with any of the shops on the list. I cannot guarantee that you will find the cheapest price in town at any of the shops I listed, but I am pretty confident that at least it would be highly unlikely you would be cheated by any of them either, and you should be able to buy what you want at reasonable prices.

Please do not ask me questions like “where is the cheapest place to buy X camera?”. Although I can check out rough street prices in town (usually at Echo Photo & Audio, since I know them well and they would give me an honest quotation on the phone) , I neither have the time or the resources to go and find out which is the cheapest shop for this and that or would I be able to go to specific shops to check out prices.

I have compiled a camera and lens street price list, although it is not a comprehensive list yet, please visit it to see if you can find recent street prices of the camera or lenses you want before you ask me to look for prices for you.

Before you ask me about International warranty policy, please read the following first, I will not answer questions on international warranty that has already been answered below:-

Canon Hong Kong warranty policy

In general Canon Hong Kong only offers international warranty for film SLR bodies, flashes and point & shoot digicams. They do NOT offer international warranty for DSLR camera bodies. They have also officially stopped offering international warranty for lenses since 1st October 2010. Please read the link above for details.

Nikon Hong Kong warranty policy

In general Nikon Hong Kong only offers international warranty for lenses and flashes. They do NOT offer international warranty for all digital cameras including both DSLR and point & shoot digicams. Please read the link above for details.

Sony Hong Kong does not have any international warranty information on their web-site. However, I have been told that they do offer international warranty for their cameras and lenses sold in Hong Kong. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can contact Sony Hong Kong via this link.

Tamron Hong Kong does not have international warranty information on their web-site. However, I have called their hot-line number and I was told by their staff that they do offer one year international warranty, but you will have to exchange the Hong Kong warranty card for an international one at the shop when you buy the lens.

Sigma Hong Kong also does not have international warranty information on their web-site. I have also called their Hong Kong office and inquired about their policy. I was told that if you buy from an authorized dealer in Hong Kong and your warranty card has been stamped by the shop, you can get 1 year international warranty service provided you go to an official authorized Sigma repair centre with your stamped warranty card and official receipt from the authorized dealer in Hong Kong.

General Advise About Shopping for Cameras in Hong Kong

As you can see from the warranty information above, not all camera makers offer international warranty. The usual reason why most visitors buy cameras or lenses in Hong Kong is because it is cheaper than in their home country. However, the trade off between buying at a cheaper price vs. the risk of buying without warranty is a decision that you have to weigh carefully before you buy in Hong Kong. Although it general, the risk of buying a faulty new camera is slim, but it’s not impossible and you do run the risk of having to pay for repair out of your own pocket if you are so unfortunate to have this happen to you. Everyone takes risk differently. If you are concerned about warranty issue, perhaps it’s worthwhile paying more to support the economy at your home country.

Another point to note is that, the consumer protection in Hong Kong is similar to most other Asian country in that it is not as advance as in North America or some European countries. Unlike in North America, in general, camera shops will only allow return of camera or lenses for exchange for clear defect or fault. They will not allow you to return a product just because you discover you don’t like it after you have bought it and tried it out. For defect or fault that can easily be demonstrated and undisputed, most camera shops usually would allow you to exchange for a new one within 10 days. However, for some minor fault or defect, it may be hard for you to convince the camera shop staff that there is a genuine problem and they may refuse to exchange the product for you.

A Few Words About Freebies

I have been asked numerous times about whether camera shops in Hong Kong bundle freebies or not. So I will talk briefly about it here.

One has to remember nothing is really free as such and the so called “freebies” are something that you have already paid for and are not really free. There is really no free lunch in this world.

In general, smaller independent camera shops that may sell at the best prices usually do not give you any freebies. Large chain stores often may bundle some freebies, but often will sell at higher prices as well. Sometimes, even subtracting the prices of the freebies may end up with higher prices than in smaller shops that do not bundle freebies. Occasionally, of course you maybe able to find a good deal with good price bundled with some freebies too, but that is usually the exception rather than the rule.

Often, the bundle freebies may not be really useful or the stuff that you really want to buy. For example, they may bundle a memory card, but it maybe a slow card with a smallish capacity from a not so well known maker, say a 8GB Class 5 SDHC from Transultraman, but if you were to buy one yourself, you may want to buy a 16GB Class 10 Sandisk Extreme SDHC card. Often, they may give you useless items like a cheap flimsy tripod that is really not good for anything.

So in general, I would say do not be tempted by freebies. You will often get a better deal without the freebies.


In general, camera shops that give you the best prices sell already will be selling at the lowest margin. Of course the is never any harm in trying to bargain, but they will unlikely to be able to sell it to you any cheaper if they had already quoted the best price in the first place.

Shops that initially quote higher prices may give some leeway for bargaining. In the end, the final take home price may still be the same or higher than shops that quoted you the best price they could say at the first instance.

So you can always try bargaining, but if you have done your research and you know you are already getting the best price in town, then you will unlikely to be able to get it any cheaper.

In general, it also does not matter whether you are getting one item or 5. Shops that quoted you the best prices in the first place will not be able to sell any cheaper if you buy more items from them together.

Payment Method

All the shops listed below will take credit cards or cash. In general, expect to pay a little bit more by credit cards. Some shops will charge 2-3% extra for credit card payment depending on which credit card you plan to use. Instead of charging extra for credit card payment, some shops may give you a discount if you pay by cash, which is basically just the same thing, but circumvents the credit companies rules.

The following is my list of recommended camera shops in Hong Kong

1. Echo Photo & Audio (ask for Mr Andrew Yip)  at Shop D, G/F, Hanyee Building, 19-21 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon ( tel:23760478 ),  is the camera store which I shopped from most. I have shopped from them for over 20 years. It’s a small camera shop (they didn’t used to be that small, but that’s another story) a few steps from the Adidas flagship store. Although it is not a big store, they are good and honest store and usually sell at good prices. Since they are not a big store, they may not have everything in stock, but if the distributor have the item you want in stock, they can usually get it for you within the same day or the next. 

Although in general you should get good prices here, but the different salesman here kind of operate semi independently and you may get slightly different price quotes from different salesman. Over the years, I have found Andrew Yip to offer the best price and service, so I would strongly suggest that you should ask for Andrew Yip if you do decide to shop at Echo.

I have been asked so many times if Echo Photo & Audio has an email address, so here it is:- . However, they are a very traditional camera shop in the sense that they don’t have any staff who knows how to use the internet well and has no one to answer email regularly. Of course you may contact them by email, but it’s something that I do not generally advise, since their response time can be rather long. The best way to contact them is of course by the good old telephone.

Other camera stores worth trying (yes, I have shopped from these stores too) includes:-

2. Tin Cheung Camera at Shop 301, 3/F, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (tel 2722 1265). They have recently moved to a new location in the K11 shopping mall. They are a big shop with a wide variety of camera lenses and accessories. They carry a large selection of camera bags, a pretty extensive selection of Lowepro, Tamrac, Billingham and others. They probably have the widest range of Lowepro bags I have seen in Hong Kong.  They also have a good collection of tripods and ballheads from the like of Gitzo and others. They also deal with buying and selling 2nd hand cameras and lenses.

A word of caution though, they carry both officially imported and gray market cameras and lenses. The gray market stuff would obviously be cheaper, but if you want want officially imported goods, make sure you ask them before you buy.

The new shop in K11 mall now only sell new equipment. They have moved the 2nd hand equipment to a separate shop at:- Shop 31, G/F Mirador Mansion, 1E Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. tel : 2722 1286

They also now have a branch at Mongkok are, their address and telephone number are:- Shop 120 – 122 & 136, 1/F, Sim City, 47-51 Shantung Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong .

They also have a branch on Hong Kong Island, their address and telephone number are:- Shop 2, Pearl Oriental House, 60 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel : 2722 1386

3. Wing Shing Photo Supplies Co at 57. Sai Yeung Choi Street. Kowloon (tel 2396 6886). This is also a big store with stocks of large variety of cameras and lenses and accessories such as bags, tripods and ballheads.

4. DC Fever at Unit 327 & 339, 3/F, Sim City, 47-51 Shan Tung Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon. (tel 2781 1780). Besides cameras and lenses, they also carry accessories such as tripods and ballheads.

You can also try large chain stores like:-

5. Broadway. They have many branches including in main shopping areas like Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay. Although they are a large chain store, depending on your payment method (cash or different kinds of credit cards) you can often bargain with them to get a better price, usually cheaper than their officially listed prices.

6. Sunning is another chain to try. They are similar to Broadway with many branches around the city. You can also bargain with them like Broadway.

7. Fortress is yet another large chain stores you can try. I previously did not list them because they did not used to give much discount, but recently, I have asked about prices of Canon lenses there and they seemed to give pretty good discount. Some of the shops also have some rarer lenses in stock like the Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L USM.

Camera Shops on Hong Kong Island

Some people have asked me for recommendation for camera shops on Hong Kong Island. Since I don’t live on Hong Kong Island side, I have never actually shopped at any camera shops on Hong Kong Island, but there are a few camera shops on Stanley Street in Central and their reputation are said to be good. However, please note that I have never shopped at any of these before and I have no personal experience of any of them. So, with that in mind, here is a short list of camera shops on Stanley Street:-

a) Photo Scientific Photographic Equipment and Supplies. website:

b) Kinefoto Limited. G/F., Shop 1 66-68 Stanley Street Central, Hong Kong Hong Kong Phone : ‎+852 25232087

c) Mirama Photo Supplies., 45 Stanley Street Central, Hong Kong.

Camera Shops at the Hong Kong International Airport

I have been asked quite a few times about camera and lens shopping at the Hong Kong International Airport. If you are a transit passenger and have only a few hours to stay in Hong Kong before your connecting flight, then it is unlikely you will have time to go to some of the recommended camera shops in town. If you really must buy camera or lens at the airport, please read the following advise.

  • as in most airport in the world, the shop rentals are quite high, and it is highly unlikely that the shops at the airport will be able to sell at good prices compared to the shops in town. So do not expect any bargains, and sometimes, the prices maybe even significantly higher than normal.
  • if at all possible, go through immigration and do not stay inside the transit/departure area. The shops inside that area are even more expensive in general.
  • there are more camera shops in the airport after you go through immigration and custom. Your best chance of getting cameras or lenses at reasonable prices would be at one of the large chain stores like Fortress and Sky Photo, most located in shopping area of Terminal 2.
  • Go to this link for list of camera stores at the Hong Kong International Airport.

Second Hand Camera Shops

Many people have asked me about advice on buying or selling 2nd hand camera or lenses in Hong Kong. I personally have not buy or sell any camera or lens at any 2nd hand shops in Hong Kong,  I have no personal experience in any, so I cannot make any recommendation. However, I can only point you in the right direction in looking for 2nd hand shops.

1. Tin Cheung Camera as listed above, deals with 2nd hand cameras and lenses as well as new gears.

2. Matsuya Camera & Video Centre at Blk B, Tsimshatsui Mansion, tel: 2724 0893. They are a well known shop specializing in 2nd hand stuff.

3. There are also a few 2nd hand camera shops at Sim City Shopping Mall, 47-51 Shan Tung Street, Mong Kok. It maybe worthwhile taking a look for 2nd hand stuff there.

A Final Word of Warning!

Finally, just a few words of advice on shopping for cameras and lenses in Hong Kong. Avoid shops that have “Tax Free” sign prominently displayed outside or inside the shop. Another trait of these shops is that, most of them have famous brand names like “Canon”, “Nikon” or “Sony” prominently displayed in large signs outside the shop. However, you will be hard press to actually find the name of the shop anywhere. Legitimate and reputable shop would clearly display the actual name of the shop on the sign outside, not just Canon, Nikon or Sony or whatever famous brand. Most of these shops are found along Nathan Road at Tsim Sha Tsui area. These shops are usually scammers, where “bait and switch” is common . They usually have lots of sales person inside a smallish shop. The ratio of salespersons to shop floor area/clients would be far to high to be profitable if these were legitimate honest shops. There is no sales tax or duty in Hong Kong except hard liquor and tobacco anyway. The “Tax Free” sign is basically just a trap to attract unsuspecting tourist. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Happy shopping in Hong Kong!


1,287 thoughts on “Recommended Camera Shops in Hong Kong

  1. Thanks a lot Roland, for sparing your precious time to help others. I can see that all over your DPReview posts. And also, what a talent in photography ! I like your photos.
    Cheers, Eddy

    • Hi Roland, i recently bought a EOS1000D from Echo and txs very much for your recommendation. I am now looking to get a Sigma 18-200 F3.5-6.3 DC lens for the canon. Appreciate your help to check with Echo on the price.

      I noted that the price list has Sigma 18-200 DC OS HSM which is a later model, i guess, for HK$2,900. Other than the OS, would you know what is the difference between the 2 models? I am hoping that the lens will be cheaper without the OS.

      Lim E

      • Hi Lim E,

        I would say the optical quality of the Sigma 18-200mm both with and without OS are probably are about the same, probably just adequate and don’t expect really good image quality from either lens. Superzoom with a large zoom range in general have too many design compromises and do not have the best optical quality.

        Still if you do decide on either of these 2 lenses, there should not be a huge difference with image quality. However, OS maybe quite useful though as it is a rather slow lens with maximum aperture of f6.3 at 200mm. Without OS, you will need to be shooting at quite fast shutter speed to avoid camera shake. It maybe worthwhile paying a bit more to get the OS version.

        • Hi Roland,
          An excellent list, certainly The guide the photography stores in HK. Do any of these specifically keep Minolta gear or have an online list of stuff with them. I dont live in HK but am looking at a specific lens, the Minolta f4 600mm and would not mind making a trip to HK if any of them has it in stock.

          • Hi Raaj,

            Konica Minolta has been out of the camera business since 2006. I don’t now of any camera shops that still specifically carry any Minolta stuff. If you really want to find Minolta lenses in Hong Kong, you are most likely to find them at 2nd hand shops, but I am afraid I can’t tell you which specific shop would have what you want in stock.

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  3. Thanks Roland, I usually shop in Wing Shing in Mongkok since they have a large stock of products. If I’m not mistaken … Wing Shing’s price is fixed price. How about this Echo Photo and Audio ? Do we have to bargain or is it a fixed price ?

    It is quite hard to buy a camera in HK. Some of the shops that I visited in Causeway Bay sometimes offer an overpriced item.

  4. Hi Roland,
    If I were to walk into Echo, Tin Cheung or Wing Shing how much should I expect to pay for the 40D? I read on dpreview that people are getting it at US$1100.

    Is this a price I should expect to get or is it just “mates rates”?

    Also how much should I expect to pay for the 40D kit?

    I’ll be heading to HK in about a month and I’m thinking about getting a 40D when I’m there.


  5. Hi Limmy,

    The street price of 40D varied between HK$8,300 to HK$8,800. At the lowest price of HK$8,300, you will have to pay by cash. If you want to pay by credit card, then the shop will charge between 2 to 3 % extra depending on which card you use. For prices at or close to HK$8,800, they should accept credit card without any extra charges.

    I didn’t really researched into the prices of the kit with the EF-S 17-85mm, but the cheapest cash price I know of is HK$10,900.

  6. Hi Roland Lim

    Thanks for your infor

    could you tell us the name of the shop where i can buy 40D kit (EF-S 17-85 IS USM) at the price of HK$10,900. Next week, i will come to HK for 1 days.

  7. Hi Roland Lim

    Thanks for your infor

    could you tell us the name of the shop where i can buy 40D kit (EF-S 17-85 IS USM) at the price of HK$10,900. Next week, i will come to HK for 1 day.


  8. Hi Roland,
    How many 40Ds you think these stores still have in stock ?
    Are they still selling the first batch of cameras, or did they receive new ones since then ?
    Thks for your valuable help.

  9. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a Canon A720IS AND the marine housing WP-DC16? I went on the canon HK website and note that these are sold in HK but no list of distributors

  10. hi Roland, i am heading to HK in couple days for couple days. I was looking into getting Canon G9, do stores have this model in stock? I been to TST and i know exactly where the echo photo shop is. Hoping they might have this in stock. I am currently in Bangkok and no one seem to have it. If so are the prices bargainable? thanks

  11. Hi Brian,

    I saw the Canon Powershot G9 in large chain camera stores like Broadway and Citicall yesterday. I don’t know the price though as I was not looking to buy one. Note in my article above that you can bargain a bit at chain stores like Broadway and Citicall.

  12. Thanks Roland for very quick response. I actually got here tonight, asked couple stores in the neighbourhood, price seems to be 15-20% cheaper than back in Canada. I will be heading down to TST and Mongkok tomorrow to check out echo photo and Tin Cheung Camera grab one. Thanks again

  13. Thanks for all your precious info Roland!

    I’m going to HK in December and I’ll by myself a 40D, based among other stuff on your site info. I’m just a little uncertain about lenses since I would like to cover most in one lens. I have an eye on the Sigma AF 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS, but also Tamrons AF 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 XR Di II. Do you have any preference, is Sigma much better than Tamron? Or is it not worth it to cover all in one? Another thing is battery grip, I might be stupid, but what is the reasoning now with DSLR to have a motor when you shoot 6.5 fps?


  14. Hi Tommy,

    Between the Sigma and the Tamron, I would go for the Sigma because, at the telephoto end (200 to 250mm) both these lenses are rather slow with smallish aperture of f6.3. The Sigma would be a better choice if only for the fact that it has built in optical image stabilizer, which would make it much more usable at the tele end without using a tripod or monopod.

    As for battery grip. There are 3 main reasons for using one.
    1. As a portrait grip. If you shoot a lot in portrait orientation, using a portrait/battery grip is much more comfortable as you wouldn’t have to twist your hand around the camera to shoot.

    2. The battery grip as the name suggests, holds 2 batteries instead of 1 only without the grip. So you’ll have double the battery life for shooting.

    3. The battery grip often makes the camera balances better with larger and heavier lenses.

  15. Thanks Roland!

    Now I know a bit more about battery grips!! With regard to the lenses would you have chosen two lenses (short and long zoom) instead of trying to cover all in one?


  16. Hey Roland

    My dad is going to Hong Kong tomorrow and i would like him to buy me a Nikon D40 and a 18-200mm sigma lens. Where would the best place be to buy this, and what prices would i be looking at?

    Thank you very much!

    • i am go to hong kong, i will purchased camera for wholesale, so u will send more shops address in hongkong helpful for my business. thankyou

  17. Hey Roland

    Thank you for that price guide! It realy helps to bring things into perspective! Hopefully i’ll get what i’m looking for at a reasonable price!


  18. Hey Roland,

    It’s so nice that you have this blog. Gives me as an expat much comfort in buying here.

    After living here for 2 months I finally decied to buy an EOS 40D. Bought a PowerShot s5 IS when I got here but after spending 80% of my free time taking pictures I decided to get a “real” camera.

    Anyways, do you think the 40D with the EF-S 17-85 IS USM kit lens is a good purchase? Or would it be better to buy the body only and get a diffrent lens?

    It seems to me that 17mm to 85mm is a pretty good range for most normal uses, but how is the quality of that lens?



  19. Hi, Roland,
    It is quite useful info you shared with the others. Thanks:) I wonder if 1Ds MkIII is being sold in HK now. Have you seen any? Any idea what the price could be? Appreciate your reply.

  20. Hi Roland,

    I am coming out to HK at the end of November. I have been trying to see if any camera shops there sell the Manfrotto 055MF3 carbon fibre tripod, but have come up with noting to date. Do you know if any do? Trying to figure out whether to get it in the UK or hang on till I get to HK.


  21. Sorry for the late reply as I was not in Hong Kogn and just got back home today.

    Hi Yuri,

    I don’t think 1Ds Mark III is on sale yet anywhere in the world. As far as I know ( and I have asked about it with my contacts at canon HK), it is scheduled to be available some time around mid Nov 2007. No price info yet, I am afraid.

    Hi Peter,

    Tin Cheung Camera is a dealer for Manfrotto tripods. I don;t know specifically whether they have the specific model you want in stock though. you can either can or email and ask them.

  22. Hi,
    Do you happen to know anything about Olympus E-510 with/out kit lenses as per the price? here in W Europe it must be the most expensive place to buy one, and I will be coming to HK in 2 weeks.
    tnxs a lot,

  23. Hi Roland,
    is Tin Cheung the only 0n-line store which also has a shop front?
    By this, I mean to ask if their on-line prices are typical and what one would expect to pay.
    I plan to get a D200 with the
    VR 18-200…from rcommendations, ManShing (Mongkok) is as good as it gets…do you agree?
    Just as an aside, what exactly constitutes
    a “grey” import/product?

  24. Hi Roland,
    sorry to send this next question so soon(!)
    Would you consider the Sony A700 to be an excellent alternative to the Nikon D200?
    I am guessing that the prices are getting “closer”…
    I have found that the D200 is around
    HK$10600…what is a good deal out there for the A700?

  25. Thanks Roland,
    I still like to know, “what” makes a product “Gray”….are these cameras factory seconds? How does one know that something is “Gray”?

  26. Hi otto,

    Gray market import means products that were not imported officially by the official distributors.

    Gray import cameras usually differ from officially imported cameras in a few ways:-
    1. They don’t come with any official warranty from the Hong Kong distributor
    2. They may not come with an English manual (e.g. gray market import from Japan may only come with a Japanese manual)
    3. They may not provide the appropriate power cord for Hong Kong
    4. The packaging maybe different from those supplied officially to Hong Kong
    5. They will usually be cheaper than officially imported cameras (otherwise, nobody would buy them)

    How to tell that a camera is a “gray” import one?
    Well, it should be cheaper than officially imported one and it will not come with a Hong Kong issued warranty card.

    I hope this helps.


  27. Thanks Roland,
    I was thinking that these products are “factory-seconds”…might this be the case(?) or are they just picked out of the normal assembly line…and indistinguisable from the “official” version (quality wise…)
    I guess we might never find out…

  28. otto,

    As far as camera and lenses are concerned, I don’t think gray market import are “factory-seconds”.

    There are 2 reasons why you will find gray market imports:-

    1. some cameras and lenses will be cheaper in other countries than in Hong Kong. For example, it is well known that Canon lenses are cheaper in Japan than in Hong Kong. That’s why you will be able to find gray or unofficial imported Canon lenses in Hong Kong selling for cheaper than the officially imported equivalent.

    2. some cameras or lenses may not be officially imported to Hong Kong via the official distributors, this will always leave a business opportunity for some gray market importers to import these products from other countries to be sold in Hong Kong.

    You are much more likely to see the so called “factory-seconds” in the garment or fashion industry than with cameras or lenses. there are some shops that specializes in selling these “factory-seconds” or “factory-rejects” garments in Hong Kong, but I have never seen or heard of “factory-second” cameras or lenses.


  29. Hi Roland,

    For camera bags, is it true that Tin Cheung has the most choices and variety especailly lowepro and tamrac ? If it is true, then I will just go to Tin Cheung directly instead of going shop by shop to ask.

    For HK camera shops, do we need to bargain with them for the price they quote ?

  30. Hi Roland, shows DC Carexr (the mongkok branch) offers the Canon 5D body for $15200HKD, can you tell me the location of this shop (i.e. DC Carexr)?

    I’ve heard people mention about another branch in Wan Chai, do you think if other branches will honour such a special offer as well?

    I’m planning to visit HK in this Dec, hence I hope to look for this camera.

    Thanks, I look forward to hear from you.


  31. Hi al,

    DC Career is at Mongkok Computer Mall, 8 Nelson Street. tel no 21561125.

    I have never shopped at DC Career myself, either their Mongkok or Wanchai store, so I don’t know about their policy.

    However, since the 5D replacement should be coming out soon next year, the 5D is being discounted everywhere, so I think you should be able to get this camera at similar prices at most camera shops.

  32. Hi Roland,

    Glad I found your site, as I am coming to HKG in couple weeks and want to do some photo shopping.
    Could you tell me, are shops open during New Year time ? I’ll be there on December 30-31. Thanks


  33. Hi Vilmis,

    The shops will definitely be open on 30th and 31st Dec. However, depending on the area, some shops may close a few hours earlier than normal on 31st. 30th should be normal shopping hours. Most shops open till late quite late in Hong Kong, at least 9 to 10:30pm.


  34. Hi Roland,

    Thank you very much for your info on the Mongkok DC Carexr camera shop location. I’ve just arrived HK, and will look for it. Thank you very much!

    BTW, very nice pictures of Aaron Kwok concert!


  35. Hallo Roland. First I’d like to say thanks for a very informative site.

    I have 2 questions if you have time.
    1) I noticed on the ygdragon site, that the D80 is listed in 2 kit versions. Should I presume the most expensive one is the 18-135?

    2) I sit possible to buy cameras in HK with worldwide guarantees?
    Thank you for the help.


  36. Hej Roland thanks very much for the reply and link.
    One last question, I’m coming over 30/12 with my family we have 2 children aged 9 + 10. Do you have any good tips for where we could go new years eve?

  37. Hi Roland Thanks for a wonderfull programe please could you give me any tips on programing my 40D would appreciate your help alsoi find all you work so preciese Thanks again
    Regards Louis

  38. Hi Roland,

    I was just wondering if you had some estimates for the following cameras as I’m going to HK in Jan.

    1. Pentax K100D Super Body + Sigma 18-200mm lens

    2. Nikon D40x Body + 18-135mm Nikkor lens

    3. Nikon D80 with 18-135mm kit

    also, is it still worth buying in HK vs from USA/B&H


  39. Sorry for the late replies. This is the really busy time of the year, I am sure you all know. Anyway, I will answer the questions now.

    Hi Andrew,

    Glad to know that you will be visiting Hong Kong with your family. There are many places you an go to for new Year’s Eve, although most places would be really crowded. For dinner, most good restaurants or hotels serving buffet( a favorite amongst locals) will probably be fully booked soon if not already. So you should try and make reservation if you haven’t done any yet.
    For the kids, it maybe fun to spend the night at one of the 2 theme parks, Ocean Park or Hong Kong Disneyland. Around the city, there should be countdown events at many places around the city. Something new this year will be a fireworks display at midnight at the IFC 2(the tallest building in Hong Kong). It should be a spectacular event that can be seen on both sides of the harbour, but will probably be better seen on Kowloon side, somewhere along the harbour front in Tsim Sha Tsui area. There will be other countdown events around the city, they usually take place at Times Square at Causway Bay, Lan Kwai Fong in Central and Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui and inside many of the major shopping malls all over the city. I hope you and your family will have a wonderful time in Hong Kong.

    Hi Louis,

    Thanks! I am glad my articles have helped you. However, I am sorry I don’t quite understand your question. What do you mean by “programing” on the 40D? can you be a little bit more specific about your question or problem?

    Hi Tim,

    I am sorry I am not really familiar with the prices of cameras and lenses in US, so I cannot tell yo for sure if it would be worthwhile to buy the cameras and lenses you ahve listed in Hong Kong. However, you can the street prices of camera and lenses in Hong Kong at this web-site:-
    You can then compare the prices in US and see whether it’s worthwhile for you to buy in Hong Kong.

    Happy holidays!

  40. Hi George,

    very few people buy film cameras these days including myself, so I am really not familiar of price of Nikon F6 at all. What price would you consider as cheap for Nikon F6 though? Without any reference, I won’t be able to tell you if it will be cheaper in Hong Kong.

  41. Hi Roland,

    Do you think digital is superior than it’s film rival? Since many people now are inclined to DSLR, do you think film cameras will simply become history soon?

  42. Hi George,

    I don’t want to go into any discussion or argument about whether digital or film is superior. All I know is that the trend of digital photography is unstoppable and will sooner or later replace most film cameras. However, I don’t think film will be completely obsolete and become history. I think there will always be small number of photographers who will prefer to use films. One day, there may even be a minor resurgence of films, but the glory days of films is over and will never become mainstream again. A bit like vinyl records, I would say.

  43. Roland, thanks very much for the store recommendations. Echo does have pretty good cash prices on the 40D as you mentioned. I picked up one on Xmas eve. Now all i have to do is pickup a camera bag…

  44. Hi Roland,

    A very interesting and informative site – thankyou very much!

    I will be in Hong Kong over the weekend for New Year, and I’m looking to buy a Canon EOS 400d; I have a budget of HK$6000 which according to YGdragon’s site means the kit with the 17-85mm lens is out of my price range.

    Do you know if these are likely to be discounted in the sales; or would it be worth looking for gray imports? From what I’ve read, even if I buy from an ‘official’ source, Canon’s warranty is invalid outside HK anyway, so is there any reason not to buy from the gray market?

    Also, I would be happy to save money by buying the EOS 350d as it is not too far off the 400d in terms of picture quality, and I’d prefer to put the savings into buying a better lens, but I’ve not been able to find anywhere which still has them in stock – any ideas?

    Many thanks and a Happy New Year!


  45. Hi Andy,

    Thanks! I am glad you found my articles helpful.

    You are quite right in saying that you probably would do fine by buying gray market import in Hong Kong if the price is cheaper than the official import, since you won’t be using the camera in Hong Kong, so you won’t get warranty in your home country anyway.

    The 350D is officially still available. However, I would personally get the 400D instead of the 350D if you can stretch your budget a bit. Although, there won’t be too much difference in image quality between the 2 cameras, the improve autofocus together with anti-dust and larger LCD would make the 400D a much nicer camera to use than the 350D.

    Maybe you should consider getting the 350D or 400D with the new 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS. This new kit lens is much cheaper than the 17-85mm f/4-5.6 USM IS, but the optical quality is actually better than the 17-85mm. With a budget of $6000, you should be able to get the 400D with the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS. That should be close to your budget.

    Have a nice time in Hong Kong! Happy shopping and a great New Year to you!


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  47. ups, what did happen here ? Roland, are gathering all backlinks ? I included link to this post, but my blog is not in English, so is not very relevant to most of your readers.

  48. I am a frequent visitor to Hong Kong and I love the city and its vibrant life.
    Will be arriving within the next 2 weeks and will only be in Hong Kong for 24 hours.
    Therefore I would like to get some help as to where I could find a Nikon D3.
    I know it is still in short supply but do hope to pick one up.

  49. I can fully recommend Citicall (the branch I went to was in Central) I managed to get a Manfrotto 484 ball head + quick release plate tripod head and a Canon Ixus 75 including 2Gb Sandisk memory card, spare battery and Canon case all for £163.69. If I hadn’t just bought some new lenses and kit in the UK for my Canon 400D, I could have easily spent a lot more with them. They also were opening to a bit of haggling too which was good!! 🙂

  50. Hi,

    I will be going to Hong Kong on 11 Feb, do you know if the camera shops mentioned above will be opened? Are all these shops authorised distributors or do some of them carry gray products?

  51. Hi YK,

    Most if not all shops in Hong Kong should be opened by 11th Feb. Hong Kong people are hardworking, they can never rest that long 😉

    Most of the shops I mentioned sell official import only. Echo and Tin Cheug do carry gray market import stuff in additional to officially imported stuff, but they will tell you it’s gray market and would be cheaper than the equivalent officially imported models.

    Happy shopping in Hong Kong and have a great CNY!

  52. This is an excellent source of information for all of us going to Hong Kong.
    How is the supply situation for D3’s and D300’s?

    Best regards

  53. Hey,

    I’m probably stopping over in Hk this coming weekend, but i was wondering what’s the market street price for a Canon 40D with 17-85 IS USM kit lens?

    Been searching all over the internet but couldn’t really find anything firm or reasonable price.

  54. Hi Chris,

    I haven’t really looked around recently, but last I heard, the cheapest street price of the 40D kit around town was about HK$11,000.

    Hi Andrew c,

    The street price of the Nikon D60 kit is HK$5480 according to I think you maybe able to find it for a bit cheaper if you shop around.

  55. Hi Roland, great post! Thanks so much!

    Any idea of where to buy used lenses in HK and are they cheaper than in other countries?

    Thanks 🙂

  56. Hi Rasmus,

    Thanks! I am glad you have found this post useful.

    You can try Tin Cheung Camera, the 2nd store listed above. They buy and sell 2nd hand cameras and lenses in addition to selling new one.

    I am sorry I can’t tell you whether the prices of 2nd hand lenses would be cheaper or not compared to other countries as I don’t buy 2nd hand lenses myself and have not research on this subject.

  57. HI!

    How long do you think it will take until there are enough D3s in stock in HK? I’d really like to pick one up during my visit in July

  58. Hi Jack,

    I am sorry I really have no idea, but I think all Nikon D3 potential buyers would certainly wish that there would be ample supply by July this year. Unfortunately, Nikon Hong Kong is not particularly known for having good supply for some of their higher end popular products like the 70-200mm f2.8 VR, which is quite often out of stock too. So I guess all you can do is pray and wish for good luck, I guess. I am sorry I cannot be of more help.

  59. Hi Roland

    A very useful website, thank you very much.

    I’m a Pentax person and will be staying in Causeway Bay in a couple of weeks time.

    Can you recommend a Pentax shop in that area or will I have to go further afield?

    A close friend who resides part-time in HK told me NOT to buy in Kowloon (didn’t say why though) and recommended Stanley Street. I note that most of your recommendations are in Kowloon (or Mongkok).

    I need (in particular) to buy a new Flash as my current one is useless with my ist DL2

  60. Hi Roland,
    Read your blog with interest.
    I am going to be in HK in about 2 months.
    What (low) price can I expect to pay for a Nikon D300, with lens and acc’s?
    Is an International Warranty from Nikon worth anything, especially in Australia?
    Karel Zegers

  61. Dear Roland,
    Could you tell me what price the Nikon D300
    is in Hong Kong? And what would a Nikon VR lens 18-200 cost?
    Which shop would you recommend?
    Karel Zegers

  62. Hi Karel,

    Sorry for the late reply. The street price of the D300 is about HK$12,300 and the 18-200mm VR is about HK$5,100.

    If you read my post again, you’ll know which shops I recommend 😉 That’s the whole point of this article anyway!

    Happy shopping!

  63. Hello Roland,
    I’m in Hong Kong at the moment and was looking to purchase a Ricoh G100. I found your site and went straight to Echo Park & Audio.
    Very pleased with the service and the price, but unfortunately I have to wait till tomorrow to get my hands on it!
    I normally shoot with a Nikon DSLR but wanted something pocketable that shoots in RAW to carry on this trip and Michael Reichmann of the Luminous Landscape had some good things to say about this camera.
    Thank you for your valuable advice,

  64. Hello Roland,

    Thank you for a very informative site.

    I am a frequent visitor of HK and I love visiting HK very much. I love the food, the weather and the shopping.

    Last December, though, I had an altercation with one of the Tsim Sha Tsui Camera stores. They usually give you a very low price for an item, then once you are inside their shop … suddenly the item becomes out of stock and they force you to purchase other items. They get angry if you don’t get that item. Long story short … the salesman said some bad words and I cursed back as well. It was a horrible experience. I can vouch for Tin Cheung and Wing Shing and Citicall, however they sell at fixed prices. I tried one camera shop at TST (Suntek) … Tony was pretty helpful there compared to the other TST camera shops and bought a cheap camera for my kid.

    1 Question – The link you gave had the 40D at HKD7,750 for the body only at TST New Sankyx. Where is this shop? I know that you should replace the letter X with another letter to try and make a web search… but I tried Sankyu/Sankyo/Sankyi .. with no luck.

    Thanks again!!


  65. Hi Jay,

    The name and address of the shop you want to know is:-

    New Sankyo Camera Co Ltd
    Shop G-19 Golden Mile Holiday Inn
    50 Nathan Road, Kowloon, HONG KONG

    I have never shopped from them before, so I have no personal experience with them.

  66. Hi again Roland,

    When I checked the price of the 40D at the link you gave, it gave a new updated lower price of HKD7,580 at 30/3/2008 Mongkok SimCity DC Waxe.

    Would you know where this shop is and if it is reputable?

    Thanks again and best regards,


  67. Hi Jay,

    Yes, I have shopped at DC Wave before, but I have only bought accessories from them such as batteries, chargers and viewfinders. I haven’t bought cameras from them, but they seemed like a reliable shop with good service and reasonable prices.

  68. Hello Roland, my family and I are going to Hongkong in May. It is our first time there and first on my list of things to buy is a Canon EOS 450D. I’ve seen the Tin Cheung website and the price of said camera there (with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens) is HKD$7224.00 whereas the Canon HK website sells it @ HKD$6880.00.

    I’m not really a photographer though, just read some good reviews of the 450D and thought I’d like to start out with this camera. Hope you can point me to a shop where I can have a really good deal with this one. Thanks.

  69. Hi Roland.

    Will be in Hong Kong this 20th April. What are the latest
    prices for the Nikon D300 and the Nikkor lenses 18-200mm?


  70. Hi Paul,

    Actually, I just answered that question not long ago. If you look at comment 86 above, you’ll find the answer. The D300 sells for HK$12,000 and the 18-200mm VR for HK$5,000.

    Happy shopping!

  71. Hi Roland,
    I will be in HK in July. I would like to buy the Nikon D3. Do I have to order in Advance or is there no problem to buy it?
    Does the shops like cash more than credit cards? Somebody told me they like more credit card which I couldn´t believe.
    thank you for the good information on your side.

  72. Hi Ute,

    For about a week now, I have seen D3 stocked at almost all camera shops. Seemed to be finally in good supply now. So you probably would not need to reserve one, but there’s no harm trying.

    Most shops would take credit cards, but those that would give you the best prices would be cash price. If you want to pay by credit card, they would then add 2% for VISA or Mastercard and 3% for Amex.

  73. Thank you Roland:-)
    What about the 70-200/2,8? I read in another forum that everybódy wants to buy this in HK. But I think now it should be in good supply too or?
    greeting from Germany to HK

  74. and my final question: what about the
    nikon 24-70/2,8
    Nikon 14-24/2,8
    Nikon 200/4 micro

    these are the equipement I would like o buy.
    thank you in advance

  75. Hi Roland,
    I am about to go to HK. If you do not mind can you give me an idea for prices of Nikon D200, D80, D40X bodies.
    Thanks in advance

  76. Hi Roland,

    Im really thinking about buying Nikon D300. Its quite pricey but i think it worth it. I saw a shop in Mongkok, its called the Dollar shop, they’re selling D300 at a cheaper price and it comes with 3 different nikon lenses. What do you think of the reputation of that store. Thanks.

  77. Hi Ronald,

    I would like to know if you are familiar with the shop in mongkok the Dollar camera store(or it say so on the sign outside) they have a good deal on the D300 which includes nikon lens. What do you know of this shop? I really wanted to buy a D300. Thank you.


  78. Will be going to HK next week. Does Echo also sell digital compact cameras? Looking for Canon Ixus 860IS or 960IS. If they have in stock, would you know how much their prices?
    Can’t afford to wait though if they don’t have stock, only there one day. Thanks a heap!

  79. Hi Darius,

    Yes, Echo does sell digital compact cameras. I am not sure whether they have the Canon IXUS models you wanted in stock though. You can always call them by phone and ask before you go.

  80. hi roland, i was wondering what the price of a canon 40d with kit lens there in hongkong cause i wanted o buy one..should i opt for the 450d or the 40d? tnx in advance

  81. Hi billy,

    The 40D kit street price is around HK$10,300.

    The 450D kit would obviously be much cheaper.

    The 40D is more expensive because, it has much better built quality and a more complete feature set. There shouldn’t be much difference in image quality between a 10 & 12 megapixel sensor.

    Which one you should choose is only a choice you can make yourself.

  82. Hello again Roland,

    There is a new street price on the 40D body at only HK7,280 on the ygdragon site you gave.

    The seller’s name is DC Carxxr in MOngkok.

    I can’t decipher the 2 XXs.

    Do you know the deciphered name of the shop? Also, where is the location and if its a reputable shop.

    Thanks again Roland.


  83. Hi Alan,

    You can try Tin Cheung Camera. They deal with 2nd hand cameras as well as new ones. There are other 2nd hand camera shops scattered around Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok area. I can’t give you any speciifc recommendation since I have never bougth 2nd hand cameras myself.

  84. Hey Roland!

    which would you prefer, sony a350 or canon 450D?

    if you were me, where would you buy this camera in Hong kong? Thanks!!

  85. Ive been wanting to get my hands on a Leica D Lux 3. Will be travelling to HK soon .. i wonder if anybody can help in a) pointing me to the right store and b) advising how much this now retails in HKG.

    Thank you.

  86. Hi lysnader,

    Sorry for the late reply as I am away from home and was out of internet access for the last few days. Anyway, the 3 cameras you mentioned, Sony, Canon and Nikon are all fine cameras. They all have individual strength and weakness. It is hard for anyone to make the decision for you. For me, I would buy the Canon, but that’s because I am using Canon system, and the choice is simple for me. But everyone’s decsison would be different.

    The few things that will help you make the decision are:-

    1) Ergonomics and features
    Compare the features of the cameras and see which one fit you better. Go to showrooms and shops and handle the cameras and see which one “fit” you better. Which one “makes” shooting easier for you. Things like where the buttons are, how to change things like exposure settings, ISO and adjust focus sensors. They are all different. Some may like Canon better, others may like Sony or Nikon.

    2) Remember when you are buying a DSLR, you are not just buying a single camera. You are really buying into a system. Look at things like lenses and accessories like flashes. Think about what lenses you may want to get into the future, will you be buying flashguns? Some brands have better selection of lenses and/or accessories than others. Some brands price their lenses and accessories cheaper than other brands. These are all factors you should consider when buying a new DSLR.

    I am sorry I cannot give you a definitive answer, but this is a question I believe no one can give you a definitive answer other than yourself.

  87. Hi Alan,

    I have no idea how much the Leica D Lux 3 costs in Hong Kong, but you can try Tin Cheung Camera as they are one of the official dealers for Leica in Hong Kong, according to their website, it costs Hk$$6,615.00.

  88. hi roland,

    billy here again, my friends in hk and i asked him to ask prices for the 40d and he said that it was worth $7000 hk, it sounds too good to be true, cant decide..if im gonna let him buy the 40d, whats ur stand for this? thank you for your advices:D

  89. Hi billy,

    As far as I know, the cheapest price I have heard is about HK$7200 to 7300. So $7000 would be a really good price. Just make sure that price is for an officially imported 40D, not a gray import.

  90. Sir

    Is the Canon EOS 400D still available in Hongkong? Do you have an idea of how much it costs and where in Hongkong can I get one? A friend is going there this coming month and I might ask him to buy it for me. 🙂

  91. Hi Roland.

    I wrote early this April about the Nikon D300. I did
    go to Echo upon arrival in HK. But could not get the price you mentioned. It was way higher and i have not met a more ruder salesmen than the 3 old men in the shop. When i mentioned the prices you quoted. They laughed. And the irony is they said dont believe everything you read in the internet.

    I ended up upon the return trip to HK ( was on the way to the Beijing Auto Show) buying the camera and lens from Citicall in Mongkok opp Wing Shing for HK $17500 with credit card.

    Thanks for your help but will definitely not rely on your pricing but only as a guide.

    P/s I absolutely loved the camera.

  92. Hi Jason,

    I am out of Hong Kong right now, so I can’t check out whether the 400D is still available in Hong Kong. Last I heard, the 400D would not be in stock for too long, as the price of the 400D is more than HK$1000 cheaper than the 450D, so Canon Hong Kong did not wnat to stock it anymore to help sales of the 450D.

    As for how to identify gray vs official import. The first thing to do is ask. Tell your friedn to ask the shop, they would tell him/her. The official imported camera would carry 2 years warranty in Hong Kong and China, the gray import model would not.

  93. Yep, you’re right roland.. thanks for the response.. i’ll definitely try both of my choices, hold them, and play with them before I decide.. do they allow that in Hong Kong?

    One more thing, now i’m really interested between canon 450d and nikon d80.. are they of the same category? or is one higher than the other? .. I’m into output and image quality..

    and I’ve read that 40d costs only about HK $7,000+, is it already a kit, or with lens? what do you mean by body, kit, or kit with lens?

    sorry for this, I’m still a beginner..hehehe

  94. Good day Roland. Just want to ask where I can get good buys (read:cheap) in Hong Kong for accessories of my Canon S5IS?

    – Lens Adapter/Lens Hood Set LAH-DC20
    – Wide Converter WC-DC58A
    – Tele-converter TC-DC58B
    – Hotshoe flash (what kind?)

    I’m just a noobie with cameras and I also need to know if I have to buy all of these. Please advise on which ones I would really need. Thanks.

  95. Hi Roland,
    Can you suggest an alternative lens for my nikon? Planning to buy a macro and super wide lens, but find the nikon lenses to be expensive. Between Sigma, Tamron and Tokina, which is better alternative.

  96. Hi lysander,

    The Canon 450D and Nikon D80 are in the same range, at least price wise, with the 450D costing a few hundred dollars more, because it is a brand new camera. The price of 450D will certainly go down in a few months time.

    As far as image quality goes, there should not be a major difference between the cameras you mentioned.

    The 40D costs around $7200 to $7300 now, but the price is for body only, no lens.

  97. Hi Joshua,

    I have no idea about the pricing of the items you mentioned or whether they will be cheaper than the prices in your country, but I guess you can also go to the camera shops and check them out the prices.

    As for places to buy, you can try the large chain stores like Broadway and Laser or you can try camera shops like Tin Cheung Camera, Wing Shing Photo Supplies Co or DC Fever. If these shops don’t carry the items you want, you can always try the Canon Hong Kong Showroom, you can find their address at their official website at

  98. Hi cesar,

    The lens maker you mentioned all offered lenses of similar quality as far as I know. For ultrawide, I would personally go for the Sigma 10-20mm DC, as this would be the widest lens available amongst the 3 lens makers.

    As for macro, there is probably not much difference between the 3 lens maker. I think you will be happy with the macros from any of them.

  99. Thanks for the reply Roland!! yep, I think I’m getting a 40D this May..from what store in Hong Kong did u get that price? Is it a grey market price? but since it is much expensive than the D80, I would like to get some cheaper lens so that it would fit my budget.. Is the canon EF-S 18-55 IS a good lens for a start? or can you recommend other good lenses with the same price range?

  100. Hi lysander,

    The last I heard, Echo Photo & Audio was selling the 40D body for $7,300 and New Sankyo Camera Co Ltd, Shop G-19 Golden Mile Holiday Inn, 50 Nathan Road, Kowloon,was selling it for $7,250.

    The 18-55mm IS should be a pretty good starter lens. The optical quality of this kit lens is reputed to be good, perhaps even better than its’ more expensive brother, the 17-85mm IS USM.

  101. ok, I can’t wait to buy one!!! thank you very much roland!! It was really of big help!! I’ll let you know if I already have one..

  102. Hi Roland , Going there in about four months any shops there which handle Konica Minolta ? > looking for Dynax 7D vertical
    control grip ,

  103. Dear Roland ,

    Your informations are also very helpfull for me – thank you very much.

    Can you tell me what is the current exchange rate between US dollars and Hong-Kong dollars at the moment in Currency Exchange “Points” in Hong-Kong? Where to exchange it to not to be cheated ?

    (I plan to buy Nikon D3 body so I need to exchange a lot of cash…)

    Best Regards

  104. Hi Roland – just wanted to thank you for the list of shops – I went to Hong Kong and bought the Sigma 18-200mm DC OS from Echo on Hankow Road for $3,300… later that week I went to Mongkok (sadly Wing Shing had already packed up for the day) and then I saw that Broadway was selling the same model lens for $4,500 – last price… I went away with a huge smile on my face! From now on, I’ll be getting my stuff from Echo, period. They’re on the level and the man who assisted me during my purchase was very kind and helpful – and that makes all the difference! Many, many thanks once again :))

  105. Hi Gary,

    Since Konica Minolta has sold their digital camera business to Sony for quite awhile now and the KM 7D has been out of production for a long time, I really don’t know if anyone still carry any KM 7D accessories. I guess you can always contact Sony Hong Kong to ask since they are supposed to also handle support for KM camera users. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  106. hey roland! this is a great site 😛 i’m learned a lot!

    we’re going to HK this week and i’m still deliberating on whether to buy my [first] slr there. do you know if the shops still carry the nikon d40?

    and since our time would be somewhat limited, i’m planning to call the shops first to get some idea of the prices. (clueless question coming up… sorry :P) would you know if HK hotels charge for local calls?

    thanks so much!

  107. Hi Roland,

    Where to go to have this exchange rate ? (1USD=7,78HK$)
    I think “on the street” they give the exchange rate 1USD=7,5HK$ or something …

    So is there any place where you can go to get this exchange rate you said ?

  108. Hi,

    I am in HK, i want to buy an EOS 450d, i have been to many shops in Tsim Sha Tsui, i was very surprised by prices : 5500 $ !!!

    What do you think about that? Is there a risk to buy there?
    There is a 1 year internationale warranty.

    I have been to an other district and there were no 450D available.

  109. Hi pat francisco,

    I am away from Hong Kong right now, so I can’t check if the shops still carry the Nikon D40. But I guess all you have to do is either call one of the shops or visit them to check.

    As far as I know, practically all hotels in Hong Kong (and many other countries) will charge you for making out-going local calls, that’s how they make extra money out of you. They don’t charge for in-coming calls though.

  110. Hi Grzegorz,

    The Hong Kong $ is pegged against the US$ within a narrow range, roughly between 1 : 7.74 to 1 : 7.8. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority will allow it to fluctuate within this narrow range. However, the exchange you get on the streets will vary depending on what institution you go to. You will get the worst rate at money changers and hotels and local banks in Hong Kong such as Hang Seng Bank, HSBC, Bank of China, DBS etc, etc would give you the best rate, but some banks will give better rate than others, so if you want the best rate, you will have to check around different banks.

  111. Nico,

    As I am out of Hong Kong right now, I can’t verify that price for you. But what shops did you find that price in Tsim Sha Tsui? Did you check out one of the shops I mentioned?

    As I have written at the end of the article, there are a lot of shops in Tsim Sha Tsui area that are crooks, so be very careful.

  112. Roland,

    Does echo sell grey market products? or HK products only? Have you tried New Sankyo in TST? Do they sell grey products or HK products?

  113. Hi Roland,

    Looking to buy asecond lens. Which of the 2 zooms would you recomend. Canon 70-200L f2.8 is or the 70-300f3.5L is
    Thanks for your help again,love your blog so much info.

    Regards Louis down under

  114. Hi lysander,

    Echo usually sells officially imported good, but they do sell some gray import goods as well, usually at a cheaper price than officially imported good. Just ask them what you want.

    As for New Sankyo, I have never shopped from them before, so I can’t tell you about them from personal experience, but I have heard that they are supposed to be reliable and not one of the “crook” camera stores in Tsim Sha Tsui though.

  115. Hi Louis,

    Glad to hear from you again!

    Canon makes 2 versions of the EF70-200mm f/2.8L, one with IS and one without. I would certainly recommend the version if IS if you can afford it, as it is a heavy lens, and IS is really useful for handholding.

    As for 70-300mm, Canon makes 2 versions too. The EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM and the EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 DO IS USM. The non-DO version is a lot cheaper than the DO version and is just as good optically (if not even better, but would would be debatable and controversial, so don’t quote me on this!). I personally went for the non-DO version, but some may prefer the DO version as it has etter built quality, and is more compact when the zoom is not extended and also has ring USM compared to the slower focusing of the micro USM of the non-DO version. But the non-DO version is lighter and much cheaper. So you’ll have to make your own choice.

    As for 70-200mm f2.8L vs 70-300mm, The 70-200mm lens is much heavier, but much better built and is a faster lens at f2.8 and focuses much faster. The 70-200mm is better for sports and fast action shooting and also shooting under low light, but the 70-300mm is much lighter and cheaper too and is a good option as a travel or hiking lens.

    I have both lenses, and I take either lens depending on what I want to shoot. I am afraid you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons yourself and make your own choice.

  116. Hi Roland,

    Good to here from you to if ever you come to perth again you are most welcome to my house. My wife makes wonderful asain cuisine, shes from hk. I appreciate your knowledgeble information, and appreciate your help.
    Regards from my family to yours,
    Louis(down under)

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  118. Hi Roland!

    I am going to HK this weekend and was planning to pick up a digital camera. Was wondering if Canon G9 is still a good buy? Do they offer international warranty?

    I am thinking of getting one from Tin Cheung since at HK$3,570 it’s a bit cheaper than Fortress’s HK$3,980. Plus I can pick up a lens adapter for HK$210. What do you think? Should I still check out other places since I can’t haggle in Tin Cheung (fixed price)?

    I am also planning to use my credit card for this.


  119. Hi Roland,

    Congrats for the informative site, I’m looking for a bargain new gears i.e. nikon D300, 24-70mm f2.8, mbd10,sb 800 + other accesories. Can you give the name of the staff at echo photo that i can talk to and known to give a good price. appreciate if you can get me a rough ideas the total price of the 4 stuff mentioned above.Will be there on 17th may.Thanks


  120. Hi Paige,

    You can read about Canon Hong Kong warranty policy here:-

    As far as I can decipher, it looks like you can exchange the Hong Kong warranty for 6 months international warranty for the G9, but you better read it yourself or contact Canon Hong Kong to be sure.

    Of course you can check the prices in other shops to see if you can get a better price than the one quoted by Tin Cheung.

    If you want to pay by credit card at Tin Cheung or other camera shops that sells at prices similar to or cheaper than Tin Cheung, they will usually charge you 2% extra for VISA or Mastercard.

    In large chain stores like Fortress or Broadway, they won’t charge your extra for credit card transaction, but thier prices are sually more expensive already.

  121. Hi Roland,

    This is great work..this blog…..especially for new photography enthusiasts like me. I was just wondering when you started on your passion, was there any books on photography that you read and can recommend.

  122. Hi Roland,
    Thanks for feedback on those lenses,abit pricecy but will be worth it in long run.Could you please give us some more of your know how on what programes to use. eg;Cs2 Ellements 6,Photoshop.Im looking for somthing but not shure i know it must not be too technical and yet give me good results.Att 66 years young you dont need anything to complex.I treasure your advice and help,thanks again.
    Louis down under

  123. Hi Louis,

    The programs I use for my current workflow are Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS3. Lightroom is my current favorite RAW processor.

    I import all my new RAW captures with Lightroom. After selection and RAW processing, the files are then exported to Photoshop CS3 for further processing.

    Photoshop is a very powerful program, but the learning curve is very steep and I would not describe it as user friendly. I think most Photographers don’t even more than 10% of the functions and capabilities of Photoshop. It is also a very expansive program, so if you want something easy to use, I would not advice buying Photoshop CS3.

    Photoshop Elements 6 is easier to use and much cheaper and probably a good option for you.

  124. Hi roland… just came from hong kong and i would really like to thank you for the very informative site!

    For the past months was itching in buying a canon 450d– good thing i came across your site and thank goodness in your article you warned in avoiding camera shops with the tax free sign placed outside, (they were all over hk) i almost fell for them and was about to buy one… went to echo at TST the next day and finally got myself a canon 450d — Echo was even cheaper than those “tax free” shops… Mr. Andrew Yip was very kind in giving me advice in giving me some tips in taking pics since this is my first dSLR!!!

    I am now looking for a good tripod, any recommendation?– weight and portability are things i consider.

    Also, im looking a cheap zoom lens, my budget is around hkd2000… is the canon efs 55-250 any good?… or do you know if sigma lens has a better option (with price around 2000)

    keep up the good work roland… thank you once again!

  125. Hi Mon,

    I am glad you found my site helpful.

    I strongly recommend you read the following pages before you choose a tripod and ballhead:-
    Read these 2 articles, it will help you in choosing the right tripod and ballhead. Remember, it is much better to save up to buy a really good tripod and ballhead, then to buy a cheap one. Tripod and ballhead technology are pretty static, unlike DLSR. There are no overnight advances, buying a good tripod and ballhead (which are unfortunately going to be expensive) will serve you for many years to come, if not a life time. There will be no need to upgrade for a long, long time, unlike a DSLR body.

    As for zoom lens choice, what do you intend to use the lens for? Portrait, action, sport, landscape or what? Without knowing what you want to use the lens for, it’s hard to recommend a lens to you. The Canon EF-S 55-250mm is a good lens selling for a very reasonable price, just make sure it has the zoom range that suits the kind of phtography that you intend to use it for.

  126. First of all would like to thank you for your speedy reply, i really appreciate that and thanks for the website you recommended, very informative too!

    As for the zoom lens i intend to use it for landscape and sports use– to be more specific, i am going to watch the singapore grand prix/ formula one night race, this September… Taking pics of the Singapore skyline plus the formula one cars will be a treat… so what lens could you recommend that wouldnt be too expensive… Since its a night race, do you think i should buy a zoom lens (canon efs 55-250 / Sigma AF 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC )?… or should i get a prime lens (50mm)?… i apologize if i have lots of questions, im still an amateur in this field. Thank again

  127. Hi Mon,

    Unless you can get very close to the cars, practically on track side, 50mm would be too short and would not give you enough range. If you are gonna be shooting on grand stand, you’ll need a telephoto. Ideally, you’ll need a fast lens, something like 70-200mm f/2.8, but that would be way outside your budget. The only lens that would be within your budget is the Canon EF-S 55-250mm. The Sigma 18-200mm non-OS version would not be a good choice since it’s slower at f6.3 at the tele end and would be difficult to handhold at night without image stablizer. The OS version of this lens is outside your budget too. So I think your only option is probably the Canon EF-S 55-250mm

  128. Hi Roland,

    Thanks again, Ill Be in K.L. for 4 days next week so Ill Be buying elements 6 there also be looking for a tripod so will check out those web sites you gave to Mon. I’m so lucky Roland that my Wife works for a travel agent as to get cheep fares.I still work full time as well at my age the good Lord has given me strength to keep going and have my hobby which I now enjoy Better than all the dark room days where Ispent hours till 3 in the morning to print pics for compotitions

    Regards Louis Down under

  129. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for all the information. I am currently living in HK for about two more weeks. Am thinking of buying the Canon 40D. Will be moving to Bangkok soon for two years and was wondering what to do about the warranty. If I buy in HK then I will have a HK warranty, so that would mean if I take it out of HK the warranty will be null and void. Is that correct? Would you recommend anything to help me keep a warranty? Can I buy an international one in HK?



  130. Hi Jen,

    As far as I know, if you buy the 40D in Hong Kong, then the warranty will only be valid in Hong Kong in China. I don’t think Canon Hong Kong offers international warranty for DSLR sold in Hong Kong. Here’s the relevant section terms & condtion of warranty from Canon Hong Kong web site:-

    “17. Provisions for Specific Products
    17.1) If the Product is a Canon EOS 40D / EOS 30D / EOS 20D / EOS 400D / EOS 350D digital single lens reflex camera, then:
    (a) this warranty will only be valid if the Product was purchased in Hong Kong or Macau SAR (“Macau”), in which case the applicable Warranty Period is 2 years from the date of purchase of the Product if the warranty service is sought in Hong Kong or Macau and 1 year from the date of purchase of the Product if the warranty service is sought in Mainland China*; and
    (b) if the Product is located in Mainland China, then the Canon 2-year Supreme Protection Plan (the “Supreme Protection Plan”) shall not apply, and this warranty shall be the only warranty granted by Canon in respect of the Product.”

    The full text can be seen here:-

  131. Hi Roland:

    Thanks a lot for your fantastic information.

    I’d like to hear your recommendation / comments on Nikon lens:
    AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor ED 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF.

    I have a D80 coming with a 18-135 lens. Could I buy this lens as a add-on? Or it looks like over-lapped in the range of 70mm to 135mm ?

    Do you have information of its latest price in Hong Kong?


  132. Hi Hoyt,

    The Nikon AF-S 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED VR is a good lens with a large zoom range and decent optical quality, very sharp from 70-200mm, but a bit softer at 300mm. Stopping down at 300mm should help.

    Whether you need this lens as an add-on to your 18-135mm depends on what you want to shoot. The tele zoom range of this lens would be good for compressed landscape, portraits, shooting wildlife and sports in good light (since this is not a very fast lens) etc.. I would not worried too much about overlapping zoom range. It is not a factor that would affect your photographic output.

    The price of this lens in Hong Kong should be about $3,950.

  133. Thanks for your comments. I would like use it for travel and hiking, maybe some sport events, such as Olympic Games in Bejing. 🙂

    For theatre shooting, I guess I have to go for a faster one, such as F2.8 or so, but might be way more expensive!

    Thanks again.

  134. Hi Roland,

    I really appreciate your generosity in sharing your ideas.
    I am a neophyte in cameras. I made a bit of searching for a good mid-entry level canon cameras and I came across with Power Shot SX100 and Power Shot S5IS.

    Are these available at Echo? S5 IS is a bit expensive but more MP & zoom. Is it really better than SX100?

    Grateful for your expert advice.

  135. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for the fantastic review! It is very comprehensive and details. I was once considering to buy either 40D or 450D and

    I am thinking to get my first DSLR after years of using canon powershot 2S is. I read some reviews saying that 40D might be too expensive and complicated for a new DSLR user. What is your comment? Do you reckon that the technology would be fade off too fast before a beginner can fully utilise the functions?

    Also, what is the different between grey market camera and genuine imported camera? Does it make much different on the quality despite the price?

    And would be appreciate if you could suggest some important things to look into for checking the camera and lense to minise buying a faulty camera.

    Thanks for your input.


  136. Hi Rolland,

    I have been following your blog all this while, thanks for all the nice review and photos gallery with information attached! Good work. 🙂

    I am thinking to get a DSLR after years of using my Canon powershot 2S-IS.

    I have been weighing between 40D and 450D, but it seems 40D really doing a great job from your comprehensive review! (Thanks for the article, it is fantastic and informative!). However, I have read it from somewhere that 40D might be too expensive and complicated for a new DSLR camera user, as the technology would fading off very fast and there are cameras released into the market yearly, it is a waste to go into 40D series for a beginner. I would like to hear your comment…

    And I am grateful if you can suggest some items we should check when buying a DSLR camera and lenses to minimise buying a faulty camera.

    Thank you for your input.

    Have a good day.


  137. Hi Robert,

    The Canon Powershot SX100 and S5 IS are both 8MP cameras, they are of the same resolution. The main difference is that the S5 IS has a 12x zoom and the SX100 has a 10x zoom. Unless you really need that extra bit of reach of the S% IS, I don’t think there is a huge difference between these 2 cameras.

  138. Hi Chloe,

    Thanks for the kind compliment!

    Both the 450D and 40D are fine cameras and I am sure you would be happy with the image quality of either of these cameras. The differences between these 2 cameras come down to:-

    The 450D is cheaper, has a smaller lighter and more compact plastic body.

    The 40D is more expensive, with a bigger heavier metal body. Bigger and heavier, but better built.

    Which body you prefer is a matter of preference and choice.

    There will not be any significant difference between the image quality of these 2 cameras.

    The 40D 2 scroll wheels and easier to control the different settings and navigate the menu. Hence probably the easier camera to control and use.

    The 40D also has better focusing system, larger and faster buffer that allows you to shoot at a faster frame rate and more frames continuously.

    Whether these extra features justify the cost is only something you can decide.

    I personally don’t buy the theory that the 40D is too complicated for beginner compared to the 450D. In some ways, I would even say the 450D is more complicated to sue than the 40D.

    I will answer your other question on a follow comment later when I am free.

  139. Roland,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am sorry if this post is doubled again. It prompted unknown error message after I posted it up. And my msg doesn’t appear on the screen when I refreshed…

    Thanks again.


  140. hey roland!!

    I want to send you my deepest gratitude for recommending Mr. Yip from Echo Photo and Audio in Hong Kong.. I am really very comfortable in doing business with him.. He is very nice, polite, and very honest.. You can get good recommendations from him.. He can let you switch lenses if you have problems with the lenses you bought from him.. He gives all what you want, if you want it with official hong kong warranty, he’ll give it to you w/o a doubt! I bought my DSLR body and all my gear from him! My brother got his PSP from him too.. He’s really a trusted guy, and will never leave you hanging.. one more, he has the best price in town compared to some big camera stores.. except for the lenses which he doesn’t have, but he’ll give it to you in ten minutes!! If he asks you my name, my name is Miguel.. I mentioned your name to him.. he’s a very good man! Hands down to echo!

    Will definitely go back to his store when I go back to Hong Kong!

    Thanks so much Roland!!!! You’ve helped me a lot!! God bless!

  141. Hi!

    Thanks for the information.

    I’d like to ask the people here if there is a shop in HK wich sells Samsung digicam L85 . I saw it once on, for HK$1000, but they discontinued it exactly 5 hours ago 😦


  142. Hi Roland,

    My friend recommended New Sankyo Camera Co. Ltd Shop G-19 golden -mile holiday inn- 50 Nathan Road Kowloon. He said the shop has the lowest price. I will be visiting HK this july and Im hoping you can give me some info if this shop is reliable and can offer one of the best price.


  143. Hi John John,

    I am not sure if the 400D is still widely available in Hong Kong, but I think some shops should still carry it. the price for the body alone should be less than HK$4,000.

  144. Hi Gino,

    I have never shopped at New Sankyo myself and have no personal experience of the shop. However, the reputation of the shop is said to be good, but since I have no personal experience with them, I can’t tell you first hand how good they are.

  145. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for the info as long as the reputaton is good, im good with that.

    I am planning on buying a Tamron Autofocus 28-75mm f2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF). A lot of people are saying that the image quality is the same as the canon 24-70mm f2.8 L and the price is a fraction compared to the canon. I am hoping you can give me insites about this tamron lens. Thanks and God bless!

  146. Hi gino,

    I have no personal experience of either of these lenses, but from what I have read, it seems that the Tamron is just as sharp as the Canon optically.

    The difference between these 2 lenses come down to:-
    – the Canon goes wider at 24mm vs 28mm for the Tamron, but the Tamron has a bit more reach at the tele end. Which range you prefer is very personal of course. I personally would always prefer the zoom that goes wider at this range.

    -The Canon has USM (ultrasonic motor) for autofocus and the Tamron uses a traditional mechanical motor for autofocus. So the Canon focuses much faster and is almost silent in action. the focus ring also does not rotate during autofocus and full time manual focus is available. None of these features are available on the Tamron.

    – the Canon is much better built than the Tamron as a “professional” L range lens in the Canon line up.

    So you do get a lot more when you pay more for the Canon offering, but other than the zoom range, none of these directly affect image quality. So which one you prefer is of course something only you can decide on.

  147. Hi, Roland.

    Thanks for the great info!

    Just want to ask if Echo carries Sony Alpha lenses incl from Tamron or Sigma…. Do they allow tradeins of lenses?

    Planning to get a flash for my A700 and possibly a walkabout lens 18-250mm Tamron…

    Will be going to Hongkong bet July 16-20….


  148. Hi Ronald,

    May I abuse your good will and ask you tips?

    I know that Mong kok prices for lenses and DSLR are hard to beat but today running between 2 flights I had serious trouble finding the stuff I wanted. 🙂

    I’m chasing some lightning stuff such as Manfrotto swivel (for hot shoe + umbrella)

    Umbrellas, reflectors, 2nd hand canon flashes and maybe brand new Vivitar and other “unknown” things.

    Where should I focus my search? Went to DC Fever and Wing Shing but no success. Not even Manfrotto light stands they had available.

    Help please!! 🙂

  149. Hi Roland,

    Just browsing the net for sites with information on Nikon d40. We will be going to HK on June 25 and I’m planning to buy a Nikon D40. Does Echo accepts credit card for payment? And one more question, what is included in the Nikon D40 (Kit)?

    It will be a help me big to know the information. Thanks so much. By the way, your blog is very accommodating and it helps a lot of people.

  150. Hi Jewel,

    Yes, Echo does accept credit card for payment, but the best price they quote would be cash price. They will need to charge 2% extra for VISA/MC and 3% for AMEX transaction.

    I am not 100% sure, but I think the D40 kit comes with the AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II.

  151. Hi Roland,

    I am planning to buy the Canon 400D this coming August 2008 in Hongkong,but as what you have mentioned,most of the stores don’t carry that Canon model anymore, but there might be some stores that still selling that 400D, could you give me some hints where to find the stuff? Thanks… the way the number you posted for echo is lacking with one number, can i have the correct number for echo? i tried to call Wing Shing and Tin Cheung, but unfortunately, they don’t have stocks for Canon 400D.


  152. roland,

    do you know if echo delivers internationally? and if how to send cash to pay them? I’m in the Philippines.. I wanted to buy additional stuff from Mr. Yip.. Just wondering if its possible for him to ship the stuff..



  153. Hi Roland,

    I’ve heard that Canon will release a new DSLR camera, the Canon 1000D, is it now available in Hongkong? how much?


  154. Hi Roland,

    We’re heading to HK next week, and I’m looking to buy a lensbaby 2 for my Nikon DSLR – are they easily obtainable, and if so have you any idea how much they might cost?

    Thanks 🙂

  155. Hi..
    I am the old fashion guy, still in love with the conventional Black & White film and process. Where can I get some B&W film, papers, and other darkroom equipments, please.

  156. I am sorry I have been rather busy lately and couldn’t answer questions as soon as I would like. Anyway, here goes.

    Hi lysander,

    I am glad you had a good time shopping in ECHO. I just talked to Mr Ip at ECHO, he told me that they do international shipping. However, he suggested that Philippines is not a good location for international shipping though, because it is not possible to get insurance coverage for mail order to Philippines and in their experience, 9 out of 10 times, the order would get lost during shipping to Philippines. So they advice clients in Philippines that if they can’t make it to Hong Kong themselves, they should ask their friends to pick up the goods for them while in Hong Kong and would strongly advice against mail order.

    Hi Eric,

    The 400D is all sold out apparently and if you find any, it’s likely to be 2nd hand rather than new one. The 1000D should be available in Hong Kong early July 2008. However, there is no pricing information yet.

    Hi Jon,

    You can get lensbaby 2 from Their website is :-
    They are not open everyday, you can check out their opening time at the link. Probably it’s best to order online first and arrange a time to pick up lensbaby at their shop.

    Hi Pich,

    That’s a difficult question and I am afraid I don’t have the answer for you right now. I’ll see if I can find out something though. Hong Kong is a very fast moving city and especially with all technology things. Probably 99% of people have switched to digital photography and it’s hard to find B&W film, papers, and other darkroom equipments in Hong Kong these days. If I find out anything, I’ll do a follow up post here.

  157. thanks so much roland!

    yes, i’ll probably wait for some of my friends who will go on vacation to hong kong.. or maybe, i’ll go there next year because i really am in love with that city!! thanks a lot for your recommendations! really had a good time shopping w/ Mr. Yip.. i also recommended him to a lot of my friends here in the Philippines.. thanks!

  158. Hi Roland,

    My parents are heading to HK airport next week and I’m havaing a question for you:

    I’m looking to buy a Canon EOS 40d – whill they get a good price for it at the airport? Is 40d is avaiable in kit? If yes what lenses are in this kit in HK. Thanks. Sorry for my english.

  159. Hi tomek,

    There are some camera shops at the Hong Kong International Airport, but I doubt very much if you can get the 40D at a good price though. As in most airport in the world, the rent and overhead is pretty high and the shops in the airport sell at higher prices compared to other shops in town.

    Yes, the 40D is available in kit form in Hong Kong. It comes with the EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM.

  160. Hi tomek,

    Sorry for the late reply. I personally would prefer buying the Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM, but there are others who would choose Tokina, Tamron or Sigma alternatives, and many people get good results with these lenses. There are always pros and cons comparing the Canon lens to the other 3rd party lenses. It is never a simple answer that one of these lens is definitive better than the others. So you really have to make up your mind about which to get.

  161. Hi Roland,

    Thanks so much for the reply, hope you can guve feedback for the price of Canon 1000d once it is available in Hongkong…i’ll be going there by August 2008, and hoprfully i can but the Camera – Canon 1000D or the Canon 450D, whichever i can afford to buy.

    Thanks again.


  162. Hi Roland,

    Did you hear about release of new Nikon D700 ?
    Any info from shop clerks when it will be available in HK ?
    (I know it can already be bought in Japan)

  163. Hi Roland,

    Do you happen to know any dropshippers in HK for lenses and cameras? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  164. Hi grzegorz,

    Yes, I have heard about the Nikon D700 of course. I don’t have any idea when it will be in the shops in Hong Kong, but if I hear anything, I’ll leave a note on this blog.

    Hi Martin,

    I don’t know of or have ever even heard of dropshopping practices in Hong Kong for lenses and cameras. I am not saying shippers doesn’t exist in Hong Kong, but I doubt it very much.

  165. Hi Roland!

    I am planning to buy a Canon Eos 450 d with kit lens an i am wondering if it would be worth to go to Hong Kong from Singapore next month for this.

    What is the current street price for this camera? Where in HK would you recommend to buy the camera?

    Thanks for the information!


  166. Hi Reinhard,

    The street price for the 450D should be around HK$6400.

    The whole point of this article was my recommendation on where to buy cameras in Hong Kong and if you have read the article and you still don’t know where I would recommend you buy the 450D from, then I must think about rewriting this article ;P

  167. Also for the money, do you think that the G9 is best camera for someone who is just after a point and shoot with the extras of the G9, or do you think that my money could be better spent?

    Thanks again


  168. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for the info! You are right, i will check the earlier posts for addresses of good camera shops!

    Just one more question: Do the shops that sell the camera with kit lens for 6400 HK$ usually include warranty (I mean the local one, as there is no international one for Canon in HK, right?) or are these Grey imports?

    Thanks a lot!


  169. Hi Zane,

    I just called Echo and they told me that the Canon Powershot G9 costs HK$3,400. The G9 is a good prosumer class digital camera. Of course there are always other choices and options, but I don’t think you can go too wrong with the G9.

    Hi Reinhard,

    The warranty for Canon EOS 450D is for Hong Kong and China region only. Canon Hong Kong does not offer international warranty for the EOS 450 (and all their DSLR camera actually) as far as I know.

  170. Hi there Roland!

    i’m from malaysia, and currently am in HK and leaving on (16/7) wed morning.

    Just wanna try my luck if you know where i can get a SB600 flash for nikon for a good price? 2nd hand perhaps?

    Thanks mate

  171. Hello Roland,

    This July me and my wife visited Hong Kong and kept a lookout for a decently priced compact Fuji digital camera. After reading your advice I called into one store that displayed the camera we were interested in. Sure enough the scam began to reveal itself. Camera out of stock, will need to have one delivered; will take half an hour. Now begins the “this better camera and price than one we are waiting to be delivered spiel. The “salesman” begins to muddy the waters of our first choice with a great display of technical manure/dribble. We both decide to bale out as quickly as possible with our money in hand. After we left the store I realised that I had written down our address for the International Warranty. Just to be sure that this may be another clever scam we approached two Hong Kong policemen who happened to be only metres away. They listened to our story and agreed to go with us to the shop to make sure that our address details were destroyed. Well surprise, surprise we got an incredibly quick reaction when the four of us entered the shop. The police got straight to the point and had them retrieve the paper work from the bin.
    My point is that they scammed us for price and delivery originally, but rogue operators could use the “warranty address details” for criminal purposes, as our “salesman” asked personnel details during the “delay” in delivery. We deliberately kept him in the dark.
    I then called into Echo where I received good professional advice and that they could not get that particular Fuji yet as it had just been released.

  172. hai roland,

    planning with my friend to visit hong kong for 5 day next 2 week…just wondering is there any recommend second hand shop for lens…can u provide the contact and address…..from you opinion is it worth to buy a second hand lens
    or straight away buy a new one…by the way how much cost of canon 70-200is usm L lens…

  173. Hi Roland,

    Favor please, can uou call Echo if Canon 1000d is now available? and How much is the price…

    Thanks a lot.


  174. Hi dinizz,

    Tin Cheung Camera, the 2nd shop listed above on my recommended list of camera shops deal with 2nd hand stuff. Whether to buy new or 2nd hand photographic gears is a very personal decision. I personally only buy new camera and lenses, but many people buy 2nd hand and have no problem. It’s a decision only you can make. The street price of the Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM is about HK$13,550.

    Hi eric,

    I don’t know the price of the EOS 1000D yet, but I’ll try to find out.

  175. hi! i’m going to hong kong this sat. wondering how much a nikon d60 is in HK now? would love to get an idea, so i dont get ripped off. thanks!

  176. Hi eric,

    The Canon 450D is obviously the camera with more features and would be a nicer camera to use, but it is also more expensive. I doubt there will be major difference between the image quality between the 2 cameras though. Whether it’s worthwhile to pay more for the features of the 450D is something only you can decide.

    Hi cristina,

    The street price of the Nikon D60 should be about HK$3,900 for the body only and HK$4,980 for the kit.

  177. Hi Ronald,
    Its great of you to be providing lots of ideas/information about camera prices and shops in Hong Kong. I wonder if I can ask you if its worth my waiting to buy the new Ricoh GX200 with VF 1 kit in Kowloon when I’m in town later later this week. Its available here in Bangkok for around 25,00 THB = 5800 HKD with around 4GB of SD cards thrown in…I always enjoy TST for camera shopping but if theres not much in it I can pop into Pantip….. What do you think?

  178. Hi Roland,
    I Googled your blog while looking for Echo’s contact details as I’ll be in HK in a few weeks. I lived in Hong Kong for 12 years and always shopped with the tooth-challenged Andrew Ip. I once tried bargaining with him and he showed me his secret book that lists the price of every electronic item on sale in Tsim Sha Tsui and the markups. Echo offers the bottom price (I tested this) and bargaining will just get you the normal accessories. (No switch and ripoff), I’ve even bought professional video gear from them at great prices. But I didn’t have their phone number, so thanks.

  179. Hi Roland,
    I am looking to buy a canon 40d. I checked Tin Cheung’s web site and they offer a very competitive price indeed.
    However, they are not listed as an official canon dealer on the website.
    Do you think that this is OK and I can still get my camera from them?

  180. Sorry about the late reply as I have been rather busy for teh last week.

    Hi Frank,
    I have just asked Echo, and they are selling the Ricoh GX200 kit for HK$4,500.

    Hi Ian,

    Yes, Andrew Ip is a nice guy and he is an honest person and gives good service. that’s why Echo is my favorite shop.

    Hi Elena,

    As far as I know, Tin Cheung sells both officially imported and gray imported goods. If you want officially imported goods from them, make sure you ask before you buy. I don’t htink they would lie and cheat you. But of course if you are worried, you can also try the other shops I recommended and all of them sells officially imported goods. I am sure you can get a good price for the 40D, I just asked Echo and they are selling the 40D for HK$6,500 now.

  181. Hi Roland,
    I will be in HK later this week and would like to know would Echo sell the Tokina range of lenses for Canon EOS fit, in particular the 11-16,16-50 and 50-135MM F2.8 ATX-PRO range.

    What would be the expected price range? I really appreciate any assistance you can offer.

    Kind regards,


  182. Hi Andrew,

    I have contacted Echo and asked about Tokina lenses for you. They don’t stocked Tokina lenses, but can get them for you within a short time (same day or the next) if the distributor have them in stock. As for prices, they said Tokina lens prices fluctuate a lot depending supply and demand. You’ll have to ask them yourself when you are in Hong Kong.

  183. Hi Roland,
    I am also interested in the tokina lenses for EOS mount and would probably get one when I go to Hong Kong at the end of the year. But I’m not sure if they have international warranty. Hope you can enlighten me on this. Thanks.

  184. Hi Roland. I will be in hongkong from Aug 1 to Sept 30. I plan to buy my wife a good point and shoot digital camera that is not so expensive but takes good pics.

    My brother was there last week (during the typhoon Nuri..) and was able to buy the Sony digital T170 as well as another good digital Sony W360 I think. they cost around HK1,900 to HK2,200 over at Sim City (I think the camera shop is called Big Camera).

    Aside from this, would you recommend the Pentax Optio W60 or Olympus 1030 — both are waterproof and from what I have read, quite durable. Do you by chance know where I can get a good bargain over there?

    Thank you so much and more power!

    Albert (from the Philippines)

  185. hai….roland

    just visited hong kong last month….at same time looking to buy new camera and found echo photo shop that you mentioned on you blog..managed to buy canon 40d and sigma lens at very reasonable planning to buy canon 24-70f2.8 L from them…do you know what is the price now..? is there any inter. shipping to kuala lumpur and how much the cost of it..

    thankz and greatful for you advice.


  186. hai…roland

    just visited hong kong last month also planned to buy camera over there….with the ideas/information about camera prices and shops in Hong Kong that you provided in your blog i was able to buy dslr and lens from echo photo….there give me very attractive price for that…so i’am looking foward to buy a canon 24-70 f2.8L with international warranty soon…do you know how much price for the lens and shipping to kuala lumpur…

    Thanks so much Roland!!!! You’ve helped me a lot!!


  187. Hi Roland, I was in hongkong 2 weeks ago. I wanted to buy a DSLR but didn’t have enough time to go around. I was able to go to wan chai. When i exited the MTR was a bldg with mcdonald to my left and an COXELL (am not sure about the name) camera shop to my right they were selling a nikon D80 with an 18-200 lens kit (3rd party lens) and a tamron speedlight (just the low-end one) for HKS6,800.

    I guess this is a grey unit, but i dont really mind since i live in Manila and the Hong Kong warranty would still not be valid where i live.

    Do you think this shop is reliable? I mean the price is quite cheap but will the unit they sell me actually work and not bug down in a year’s time?


  188. oh, one more thin…which would you recommend, nikon D80 or canon 1000D? this will be my first DSLR purchase, though i already use film SLRs. And my budget is also something to consider…

  189. Hi Mace,

    I am afraid I have no idea about Tokina International warranty policy in Hong Kong. I guess you can email the Hong Kong distributor at and ask them.

    Hi Albert,

    I don’t really use point & shoot digicam much myself. I only buy once in awhile for my wife to use. However, my opinion is that most digicam from major camera makers are all of pretty good standard and there is not really a huge difference amongst different brands. So you probably can’t go too wrong with any model you choose.

    As to where to get a good deal, I would recommend you go to the shops I listed above.

    Hi dinizz,

    The street price of the Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L should be around HK$9,200. I don’t know about shipping cost. I guess your best bet would be to call Echo and ask them.

    Hi jon,

    Coxell Digital Limited is listed as an official Nikon dealer in Hong Kong. So you should not have any problem if you buy the officially imported Nikon camera and lenses from them.

    As to whether you should get the Nikon D80 (well, the D90 has just been announced few days ago, if you didn’t know yet) or the Canon 1000D. It is a question I am afraid only you can answer for yourself. Both of them are good cameras and you should get good results from either of them. the chooses comes down to factors like what feature sets you prefer, ergonomics, price and which system you want to buy yourself into. Remember DSLR is a system. once you start buying lenses and accessories for a system, it would make it difficult for you to switch to another brand later on. It is all a matter of personal preference though. It is like asking someone whether I should buy a Toyota or Honda as a first car. Anyway, I doubt you’ll regret buying either camera.

  190. Hi Roland!

    I really apppreciated the information about “recommended camera shops in Honk Kong”

    I have a question that I would be very glad if you could help me with!

    I have recently bought a nikon D80 (camera-body only) and I´m now looking for a lens to go with it. The thing is that I live in Sweden where camera-lenses are insanely expensive. I´m going to Hong Kong in just a few weeks and I´m thinkin about buying a lens there instead.

    Are camera-lenses cheeper in HK compared to european countries?

    Best regards!


  191. Hi Roland, it’s been 8 months since I wrote to you and subsequently shopped in HK…I did a lot of over-the-counter bargaining, just before Christmas though it seems that these days, if you knew what you were doing, the salesman tends to give you a genuine “local” price, as soon as he identifies you as a Hong Konger and not from abroad. It also is imperative to visit several places for a “best price for the day”
    understanding as one can save significantly this way. Anyway,
    I went with my cousin who is well versed in HK camera shop protocol so I found a very good package deal with the D200 and 18-200VR…
    My question to you today is this; do you know a great second-hand shop for Medium Format
    cameras? I am interested in The Mamiya 7 II
    or the Fuji 6X7…
    Also if buying new, where shall I start looking?

  192. Hi Roland,
    At the end of september we come to Hong Kong. We are thinking to buy a new camera (canon 450D). I’ve read the street prices, but do you think we can make a deal to buy it cheaper or isn’t that usual? We also like to buy the lens Sigma 18-200 mm F3.5-6.3 DC OS/HSM. Do you know if this is available in Hong Kong? Our hotel is in Kowloon (The Kimberley) is there a good shop nearby? What about the garantie? Is it worlwide?
    Kind regards, Danny (Belgium)

  193. Hi Roland!

    I am, just like Christer, from Sweden and will be going on holiday in Asia this winter. I saw the website you gave Christer and the prices in HK are much better than here in Sweden!
    I’m looking for a Canon zoom-lens, maybe a 70-200 f4 IS USM.
    The price in HK seems to be about HK$8700-9700 compared to about HK$12900 in Sweden.

    Unfortunatly we’ll be in Hong Kong just for a few hours before leaving again for Bangkok.

    My quiestion is therefor about the airport stores.

    Do you think I can find Canon lenses at the Honk Kong airport? If so, what do you think about the prices there? Are they much higher than in the camera stores you recommended?

    Best Regards


  194. hi roland,
    just wanna thank you for your reply. Now i know what to consider when i go back to hkg to buy my camera. Think am goin’ for nikon since my old SLR is a nikon – i heard that most nikon AF lenses fit the current DSLRs unlike canon.

    best regards,

  195. Hi! Roland,

    Good Day!!
    I’ll be in HK again next month, decided already to get a Nikon D60. I’ll be staying in the Kowloon area. Any recommended shop where I can get the best price ?

    Thanks in advance

    Lito (Phils.)

  196. Sorry for the late reply. I’ll just g straight to answering the backlog of questions.

    Hi Otto,

    There are a few 2nd hand camera shops in Tsim Sha Tsui area on Kowloon side that deal with medium format cameras. I have walked past a few, but since I don’t use medium dormat and don’t buy 2nd hand, so I haven’t really noticed exactly where they are. The only one that I know for sure that deals with 2nd hand medium format cameras is Tin Cheung Camera, it is the 2nd shop on my listing above. You can try them out.

    Hi Danny,

    You should have no problem finding the Canon EOS 450D and the Sigma 18-200 mm F3.5-6.3 DC OS/HSM. Kimberly Hotel is in Tsim Sha Tsui area and is within walking distance from the first 2 camera shops on my listing above. I sugest you go and visit both of those shops and see which one offer you a better price. In general, most brands of camera and lenses sold in Hong Kong only carry local warranty and not international. If international warranty is important for you, then you should ask before you buy.

    Hi Per,

    Sine you will be only in Hong Kong for a few hours, does that mean you will be only in Hong Kong as a transit passenger (that means you will stay inside the restricted area and won’t go through custom and immigration in Hong Kong) or will you actually be going through custom and immigration in Hong Kong?

    The reason I asked is because, if you will only be transiting, then your choice would be rather limited, there are not many camera shops in the restricted area as far as I know and the prices would be rather high. However, if you will be actually going past immigration and custom, then you can go to terminal 2 at Hong Kong International Airport. there are a few camera shops at terminal 2, and although their prices maybe still more expensive than camera shops in town, you may still be able to find what you want at a cheaper price than in Sweden.

    Hi Steve,

    I just called Echo and they told me that Nikon should release stock of the D90 to the dealers within the next few days. Then price of body alone is HK$6630 and the kit price is HK$8700.

    Hi Lito,

    The first 4 shops on my recommended list above are all on Kowloon side. I suggest you try them first and see which one would give you a good price for the D60.

  197. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for providing great info on your site.

    A friend will be coming from HK to visit me in Canada soon. I am interested in asking him to purchase the Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T* f/2 100mm Nikon ZF for me. Would you be able to tell me approximately how much it cost in HK and where to purchase it.


  198. Hi Allen,

    I just called Echo and they told me that the price for the Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T* f/2 100mm Nikon ZF is HK$10,800. However, they told me the price could be going up soon. So when your friend arrives in Hong Kong, the price may go up.

  199. Hi Roland

    Could you let us know which would be most suited for the
    70-200L is usm 1.4x or 2x extender for bird photos like you did in one of your shoots thanks again and hope you had a good trip in Beijing.

    Louis Down under

  200. Thanks Roland, I’ll drop in to TC camera
    next time I’m in town…(should be June 09)
    and see if they have any 2nd -hand MF
    have a great week…

  201. Hi Roland!

    Very nice of you to help like this!

    I would be interested in a Canon EOS 5D Mark 2, how much do they cost in Honk Kong?


  202. Hello Roland,

    I have been using Sony cameras for a fair time now and the last one I bought was about 4 years ago. I am thinking of upgrading to their latest models. Do you know anything about the DSC-T500 and DSC-H50? I appreciate your experienced advice. Thank you much in advance.


  203. Finally back from Beijing, so time to answer some questions.

    Hi Louis,

    If you have to use a tele-converter with the 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM, I would only advice using a 1.4x. You would still get acceptable image quality with a 1.4x, but with a 2x TC, the image quality would be too soft.

    Hi Hannu,

    No info on exact date of availability or price of the 5D Mark II yet in Hong Kong. I will write up on it as soon as I have some info.

    Hi Billy,

    The Sony DSC-T500 has just been launched, so not much info on this new digicam yet. The DSC-H50 has been lauched for awhile already and there are some reviews on this digicam, I suggest you can read this one:-

    In general, I wouldn’t really advice anyone to get any digicam with such a large zoom range (15x). It seems really great to have a tele range up to 465mm(35mm equivalent), but in practice very few people ever really need such a long tele for everyday shooting. Of course birders and sports photographers may need 400mm or more, but most of them certainly would choose to use a DSLR rather than a point & shoot digicam though.

  204. hi there roland!

    Like everyone has said before you site is indeed very useful.
    I’m heading to hong kong soon. i’m itching to get the EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS. Any idea how much is echo selling it?


  205. Thanks again Roland for your useful advice looking forward to your write ups on new gear.also happy you had a good trip and looking forword to seeing your handy work on Beijing

    Louis D/under

  206. Hi Melisa,

    I asked Echo yesterday and the price for the EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM is HK$6,900.

    Just some pricing info for the 50D for those who are interested. Body only HK$9,000
    Kit with EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM HK$11,700
    Kit with 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS HK$13,000

  207. hello mr.lim..

    im going to hk next monday… im interested in your post and im going to buy a camera i think… btw im curious about some models like canon eos 1000d,450d, or 40d, which would u suggest for a newbie?

    can u please ask the fix price for those 3 models(body only)?

    thx in advance

  208. Hi Felix,

    The prices of the cameras are as follows:-

    1000D kit HK$4,600 (there is no body only available)
    450D body HK$4,900
    40D body HK$6,750

    As to which of the above you should buy, I think it really doesn’t matter that much. All 3 should produce good image quality and even the 1000D should have more than enough features for a newbie to DSLR. This will certainly not be your last DSLR anyway, unless you give up on photography very quickly. So my advice would be buy the model that suits your budget.

  209. Hi Roland,

    Could you let us know what the diffirence is between exteder and extention tube not sure but i think the latter is for macro.Please enlighten me as its been a long time since I did all this.Could you be so kind as to let us know the price from Echo as well as the 24-105L is usm.Ill be there in Jan,before going to Guiling in China for 4 days then back to H.K. for 2 Weeks.

    Regards Louis

  210. Hi Roland,
    On having a closer look at the concert of Kelly Chen you did a fantastic job.They are verry sharp and the 300 takes you right on stage with the performer.Excelent work,time to go Pro.
    Rgards Louis

  211. hi roland… im in hong kong right now… wonder if echo open tomorrow? btw my tour leader said if i must avoid shop at small shops… can u guarantee that echo sells real items? thx

  212. Hi Felix,

    Yes, Echo should be open tomorrow. Shops in general open 7 days a week including Sunday and public holidays in Hong Kong.

    I have shopped with Echo for many years and if they try to cheat you, it would be the first time I have heard of anything like that from them. I wouldn’t recommend them and put them on the top of the list if I don’t think they are a good and honest shop and offer good prices. However, I don’t own the shop, I don’t have any share in it, I don’t work in the shop and they don’t give me any commission on business they got through my recommendation. So how can you expect me to make any guarantee?

    If you read through the comments, the majority of people who shopped at Echo were very happy with their experience. If you read my whole article again and especially at the end about “Finally, just a few words of advice……”, I have talked about what kind of shops to avoid. Not all small shops are crooks and not all big shops are reliable either. The whole point of my article was to recommend camera shops to visitors, all of them I have shopped from and both from personal experience and general reputation are known to be honest and reliable shops.

    I guess one cannot be too safe. You just have to take your bet as to whether you want to trust my recommendation or trust your tour guide. Did he/she tell you which camera shops to go to instead, btw?

  213. hi again..

    im really sorry for doubting your advice… but now i would put away that thought… i’m exactly agree with your point of view.. not all small shops were criminals too i think..
    yeah she told me rather to shop at branded place although it could be more expensive… lol

    guess im going to echo today before going back to indonesia tomorrow… btw i have gone to broadway and wing shing at mong kok and i found the price has reduced.. broadway offer me about 6400 HKS for 40D.. i hope echo gives me good price for it..

    thx again roland for your kind advice and sorry again for doubting your experience…


  214. Hi Louis,

    Sorry I missed your questions somehow amidst the fountain of comments I received recently.

    Anyway, the price of the Canon EF 24-105L f/4 IS USM is HK$7,500 at Echo.

    I think when you said extender, you probably meant teleconvertor (TC). A TC has optics inside and when put on a lens, would effective increase the focal length. They usually come in 2 flavours, 1.4x and 2x. Say if you put a 1.4x TC on a 100mm f2.8 lens, then the focal length would become 140mm, but you’ll lose one stop of light with max aperture of f4. If you put a 2x TC on the same lens, then the focal length would become 200mm, but you would lose 2 stops of light with max aperture of f5.6.

    An extension tube has no optics inside. It is basically just a hollow tube that connects between the camera body and the lens. It would effective turn any lens into a macro lens, although it works better with longer focal length lenses. I would say you would need at least a 50mm lens for it to work effectively. Any shorter focal length would make the shooting distance too close to the subject. It’s a cheap way to make any normal lens into a macro lens, and you won’t affect the optical quality since there is no additional optics in the light path. The tradeoff is that you’ll lose a bit of light and with the extension tube on, the lens would become a permanent macro lens and would only be able to focus at short distances and won’t be able to focus at longer distance and infinity.

  215. Hi Felix,

    No problem. It doesn’t matter where you buy your camera from, so long as you don’t get cheated after reading my article, then I would have achieve my purpose. After all, Wing Shing and Broadway are in my recommended list of shops too. The shops on the list are not meant to be the cheapest in town, but they should all be reliable shops that offer acceptable level of service and sell genuine products at a reasonable price.

  216. hi Roland

    i am planning to buy a 50D kit set or 5d MKii when i am visiting HK at the end of this month.

    Can you recommend a good shop to obtain them and the current retail price. Would Echo carry both models. i am also looking at getting accessories like battery grips, do they have it too?

  217. Hi Roland,
    Thanks Again for your help your time and effort means so much to so many.I sincerly hope that all this rewards you ten fold.Also looking to see your work of Beiging
    appreciate your hard work.
    Regards Down under


  218. Hi Patrick,

    Fortress is another large chain stores like Broadway and Citicall. However, unlike Broadway and Citicall, they usually sell at list price and not much room for discount or bargain.

  219. Hi Roland,
    what a great resource your site is!
    Like many people I shall be in HK and wish to know the going price.. I am looking for the 40D, has it come down in price since the introduction of the 50D?

    I’d like to know the following:
    40D Kit with EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
    40D with EF 24-70mm F2.8L USM

    thank you for your time,

  220. Hi Roland,

    I’m looking for the new Tamron 18-270mm Di II VC lens for Nikon mount. I’m from Malaysia and will be in Macau / HK this coming Monday. Does ECHO sell the item and if they do, how much is it? I want the International Warranty goods as opposed to Gray Market ones. Sorry to impose but i don’t speak Cantonese & my Mandarin is pretty bad so i’m not sure if i called Mr. Ip he might understand what i wanted.

    Any camera equipment shop you might recommend in Macau? If there is a reasonable one, i would rather stay in Macau instead of taking the ferry to HK.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

  221. Dear Roland,

    I was just wondering if you knew of a shop where I could pick up a Mamiya 645 II and/or III. Also, do you know what the going price for each of these cameras? I already know I can pick up a Mamiya 7II at Tin Cheung camera, but have not had as much luck with the above mentioned systems.

    Oh, and to add to the praise above, I just moved here about a month and a half ago and am still getting acquainted with the photo market here. I appreciate your help and thank you for your advice on this page. It’s been quite helpful and I hope to stay in contact.

    Take care and best of luck to you.

  222. Hi John,

    I’ll try to find out the latest price for you tomorrow.

    Hi Keith,

    Yes, as far as I know, Echo sells Tamron lenses, but you should call them in advance to check if they have the lens you want in stock, if not, they can order one for you so you can pick up up while you are in Hong Kong.

    Yes, they speak English at the store, and you should not have any problem communicating with them. I wouldn’t recommend visitors to shop with them if they can’t even speak English.

    As for camera shops in Macau, I am afraid I have no experience shopping for cameras in Macau, so I cannot offer any recommendation to you.

    Hi Christian,

    You can try this shop:-

    I have never shopped have them, and I have no idea if they are reliable or not, but they seemed to have what you want.

  223. hi roland,

    thanks for your great guide! would you happen to know the current prices for nikon sb-600? where would be the best place i could get it? i may be going to hk soon..would like to find out more before hand. thanks in advance!

  224. Hi Roldand,

    I will visit HK around 3rd week of November, just wonder if you know any info about / price about the 5D MK II now ?


  225. Hi Jason,

    My sources at canon Hong Kong told me that they expect the 5D Mark II will start shipping in Hong Kong around end of Nov to early Dec 2008. As this model has not been officially launched in Hong Kong yet, there is no pricing info.

  226. Hi Roland,

    Thx for the info, I am also going to travel to Japan frist week of Dec as well. Do you suggest I get it from Japan ? will it be cheaper in Japan ? Also, will Japanease Camera only has Japanese language ?

  227. Hi,Roland.Have just come across your posting which I find it to be good. I enjoy reading your opinion.I will be in Hong Kong in the 2 week of Dec .Can you be kind enough to check for me the present price from Echo Nikon D90 with Kit.
    Thank you once again for your informative posts.

    Best wishes,

  228. Hi Roland
    I’m going to HK frequently and usually buy from Tin Cheung or in Stanley Street.
    Kindly let me know where to buy the new SONY A900 together with the Zeiss 2,8 24-70.

  229. Hi Jason,

    The cameras themselves usually have menu in multiple languages. So even if you buy in japan, you should be able to select English in the menu. However, it’s likely that the user manual would only be available in Japanese and not in English.

    Whether to buy in Japan or not depends on the price. For some models, it maybe cheaper in Japan, some may not be. There is no general rule. So you would need to check out the prices yourself.

  230. Hi Hans,

    You should be able to buy the Sony A900 with the Zeiss lens at any of the shops on my recommended list. By looking at the list. You should know which one is my preferred shop, but I really don’t want to tell you which shop you should buy it from. I don’t want people to have an impression that I have business connection with any specific shops. The purpose of this article was to recommend reliable camera shops, so visitors to Hong Kong won’t get cheated.

  231. Hi Roland,

    i have the kit lens 17-85is and &70-200 2.8L is usm but not
    to sure as what i need as a good budget lens for landscape. please i would like your help and your thoughts .
    i am thinking of the 10-22 or 24-105L but know of problems
    on the 24-105 some of my friends had, and not sure if this has been fixed.(like an orange flare in the picture)
    Which of the 2 would you choose Iknow the qaulity on the
    10-22 is not that well built compared to the (L) but heard that distortion on 10-22 is not that bad compared to 17-85
    Thanks for your help again
    louis down under

  232. Hi! I am getting my first dslr in December and im planning to buy Nikon.

    Where can I get the cheapest in H.K? Is Nikon D40 still available? I heard D40 is already phased out. Whats the price difference of Nikod D40 and D60?

    Thanks! Hope you can help me! 🙂

  233. Hi louis,

    If I remember correctly, you have a 40D, right?

    For landscape use, I would suggest you get either the EF-S 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM or the EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM. I personally use the 10-22mm most for landscape because i like the ultrawide perspective. But ultrawide perspective may not appeal to everyone and some may prefer the 17-55mm. Although the 10-22mm is not an L lens (no EF-S lenses are L lens anyway), and it certainly does not have the nuilt quality of an L lens, but the buitl quality is certainly not bad and I have no complaint at all with the built quality of this lens having used it quite intensively for more than 3 years.

    I would not suggest getting the EF 24-105mm f4L IS USM for the 40D. Not because this is not a good lens optically, but because this lens has a zoom range that is more suited to be used on a full frame DLSR like the 1Ds Mark III or 5D Mark II. When you mount this lens on a cropped frame camera like the 40D, it will have a FOV(field of view) equivalent to a 38.4-168mm lens on a full frame camera.

  234. Hi katrina,

    The purpose of this article is to help people with shopping for cameras and lenses in Hong Kong. The recommended list of shops are based on shops which I have shopped at and are generally known to be reliable shops, which are unlikely to cheat shoppers by either selling them something they don’t want or sell at unreasonably high prices.

    I can check out rough street prices of cameras for you, usually at Echo, which is the shop which I personally shopped at most. However, I am not affiliated directly with Echo or any other camera shops and I cannot guarantee that the prices they quote would be the cheapest in town. All I know is that, even if the price they quote is not the cheapest, they would usually be at the cheaper end of the scale.

    However, if you want to know the cheapest place to shop for a particular camera, I am afraid I won’t be able to help you as I have neither the time or the resources to do that.

  235. Hi Roland!

    Thanks for the response. In Echo, how much is the current price of Nikon D40 and D60? Just the estimate? 🙂

    Thanks again


  236. Hi Roland

    Many thanks for your information – I have called them yesterday here from South Africa and their price on a Tamron lens was about 50 HKK$ cheaper than Tin Cheung website (Eddy is the guy who assisted with prices)

    I’m hoping to buy a battery grip, light meter as well as 2 fast zooms and would want to purchase all items at one store instread of going from place to place looking for best possible price, so i’m looking for a honest store with no scams or fake products…

    I will be in HKK this Thursday (13 Nov) and Friday and will probably go straight to Echo (and mention your recommendation to Mr Ip…) for all my purchases.

    I will let u know how it went…

    Thanks again for all your valuable info


  237. Thanks again Roland,

    You always rescue me in my hour of need Not only have you save me time but money as well.If I could Id pay you
    for your good will.In todays world time is money for most.
    Out of interest do you have a gallery in H.K. that I can visit while Im there. Would certainly enjoy looking at some of you work.And if you had time to take a group around
    H.K. I would in a round January be in it for sure. Maybe
    worth thinking in future.
    Thanks again for your hard work, louis d/under

  238. Hi Roland

    Just landed in Johannesburg from HKK early on Saturday morning and wanted to give some feedback regarding my shopping experience in Hong Kong.

    I was only in Hong Kong for a day and was not prepared to go to Mong Kok (Wing Shing) partly because I’ve read about some rudeness and attitude toward customers and also because I’m familiar with the TST area, having been there many times before.

    I did make all my purchases at Echo with Mr Yip (Andrew) and mentioned your name.I double checked all his prices and overall he was the cheapest.

    I purchased the following from Echo – Tokina ATX M100 f2.8, Tamron 17-50mm f2.8, MBD-80 battery grip as well as Sekonic L358 Light meter.There was no problems with the puchases and at no time did Mr Andrew try to sell me something else – I will definitely recommend him.

    There are some others I’d also like to recommend as well:

    SA Camera and Video Shop – Look for South African Flag
    ask for Koos (PC)
    1/FL #2 Humphreys Avenue Tsim Sha Tsui
    (852) 2739-7880

    This is the place where most South Africans have been shopping for many years as there is no bait and switch and is very reputable – the choice of most South African Airways Pilots and Flying crew – I have shopped there before and was there on Friday again to say hello.The reason i did not purchase from him this time was that I had already ordered from Echo and while Koos’s price on the Tokina Lens was lower, the prices on the rest was only slightly higher – making Echo about 70 HKD cheaper overall.

    In addition, I’d like to recommend a second store:

    Digital Rev
    C3-C4, 2F Star House (opposite to Star Ferry)
    Tsim sha Tsui
    (852) 2375 1303

    This is a large professional-looking store with friendly staff who were willing to assist with all the prices that i requested. – a good place to start when bench- marking prices

    I also popped in to Tin Cheung Camera and they certainly have the widest range of camera bags I’ve seen.

    on the Hong Kong Side – i read in another blog (
    about Mr Poon –

    I did mail him for prices and he was spot on for most items – just did not have the time to get to Hong Kong side as i was there for one day.

    I certainly hope that this info will help others as it did help me.
    Roland,thanks again for your valuable information.

    Kind Regards

  239. Hi Roland,

    Greatly appreciate your time and effort to maintain this site.

    I’ll be visiting HK this xmas break and looking to get myself either D300 or D700 body only kit.
    Can you advise the current pricing for these two models. Also, do you happend to know if Echo Photo carry these model in stock.

    Many Thanks in Anticipation.



  240. hey Roland,

    have found your blog an interesting and helpful read.

    I’ll be going to HK myself in Jan 09, and considering to get a lens while I’m there. I have a 400D and looking at either the 17-40mm, or the 24-105, which would you recommend? I alrdy have the 50mm 1.4.

    And also what is the current price in stores? Would I be able to bargain them down even more?

    With the currency now, it costs almost the same in Australia as HK, so not sure if there is much point waiting to HK and get new lens.

    Hear from you soon!


  241. Hi Roland,

    First of all, thank you for these very useful informations.
    My wife will be in HK by the end of the week, and I would like her to buy a NIKKOR Lens (50mm AF f/1.8 D). According to you which is the two best shops to be seen for this kind of product?

    Thank you in avance.

    Kind regards


  242. Hi Roland,

    I have to thank You for Your advice concerning camera shops in Hong Kong.

    I was there for business just recently and I had my EOS D 50 at Echo Photo & Audio.

    Prices were more than correct and support valuable.

    Actually it was worth dropping in!

    To be recommended !!!

    Best regards


  243. Hi Moosa,

    I am glad you had a good shopping experience in Hong Kong. Thanks for the feedback!

    Hi Oka,

    The prices of the cameras you wanted at Echo are:-
    D300 HK$10,800
    D700 HK$20,000

    I am not sure whether they’ll have the cameras you want in stock while you are in Hong Kong, but you better call before you go. Even if they don’t have it in stock, they can usually get it for you from the distributor on the same day provided the distributor have stocks.

    Hi Clarrisa,

    The prices of the lenses you want at Echo are:-
    Canon EF 17-40mm f4L USM – HK$5,300
    Canon EF 24-105mm f4L IS USM – HK$7,600

    If you ask me, I think the 24-105mm is not a good lens to go with the 400D as it will have a FOV(field of view) equivalent to a 38.4-168mm lens on a full frame camera. Which is an awkward zoom range on a cropped frame camera like the D400. This lens is really designed to be used on a full frame camera.

    The 17-40mm f4L would be a better general purpose/walkaround zoom lens for the 400D or you can also consider the EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM.

    As for prices compared to Australia, you better checked against prices in Australia now. It may still be cheap to buy in Australia now, but I am sure Canon Australia will raise the price soon when they start ordering new shipments from Japan. Since the Australia dollar has gone down so much against the yen, I am not sure how long they can keep the current price.

    Hi Arnaud,

    The price of the Nikkor 50mm AF f1.8 D at Echo is HK$700. You can either tell your wife to go to Echo, or some of the other shops on my recommended list above.

    As I have explained in my article above, I am afraid I can’t tell you which is the best shop to buy as far as price is concerned.

  244. Hi Roland Im planning on going to Hong Kong in 4 weeks time just to purchase a Canon Eos 1ds iii would appreciate any help you can give..thanks Brian

  245. Hi Roland,

    Thanks a lot for your quick answer.
    Sorry : I was not asking for the best prices just your advice for the two more reliable shops to be seen for official Nikkor lens (as my wife has not a lot of free time to do shopping in HK).

    As Echo is the first in your list and as the price you give to me is a good one, I will send her directly at Echo. Thank you very much again.

    Have a nice day


  246. Hi Roland,

    First of all, Excellent post! Loved reading the whole thing. Anyway, I’ll be flying to HK on the 21st and was wondering what Echo’s prices for the Nikkor 85 1.4D and the Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR are. And if possible the Nikkor 80-200 2.8 and the MB-D10 Grip for the D300. I’ll be there for only half a day only so knowing the prices in advance would be excellent 🙂


  247. Hi Brian,

    The Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III sells for HK$51,000 at Echo. But they don’t have any in stock, I guess it would be the same as most camera shops as most won’t stock such an expensive camera. So you better call and order before you go.

    Hi xtian,

    Here are the prices you want at Echo:-
    Nikkor 85mm f1.4D HK$6,450
    Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 VR HK$12,000
    MB-D10 grip for D300 HK$1,600
    The Nikkor 80-200mm f2.8 has not been available in Hong Kong for a long time, I have been told.

  248. Any recommendation for getting the best Leica deals in Hong Kong. Will be there early december and want to purchase M8.2 with 50mm/1.4. Also looking for mint second hand lenses.
    Would appreciate any advise.

  249. Hi Roland: I am visiting Hong Kong a week before Chinese New Year. I am thinking buying a Canon Digital IXUS 980 IS for my wife (she saw its review in a magazine.) The article listed its price at HK$3,280. What is the street price? Besides Wing Shing Photo, what other stores you would recommend me to look for this camera? Also, the article mentioned the red model is limited edition. There are only 900 produced. What is the chance getting the red model in Hong Kong? Is it more expensive than the silver or black model?

    Thanks for your help.


  250. Hi Richard,

    I have asked the price of the IXUS 980 IS at Echo Photo & Audio for you and it is HK$2,820. The red colour limited edition model is available in Hong Kong and it is the same price. Whether it will still be available during when you arrive in Hong Kong Jan 2009 or not will depend on your luck, I guess.

  251. Hi Roland
    Will be in HK next week and have to get a Canon EF lens cleaned. Do you know where I can get this done very rapidly as I will be leaving Hk after 2 days. Also planning to buy a Canon EOS1000D camera (body only). Do you know the price and where is the best shop to get it from?
    Thanks a lot for all your help.

  252. Hi Maggie,

    The 1000D kit price is HK$4,400 and body only is HK$3,750 at Echo Photo & Audio. If you read my article again, it’s not difficult to guess which is my favorite shop. However, I cannot tell you which is the best shop to get it from. Everyone has a different idea as to what constitute “the best shop”, so you have to make your own choice.

    As for cleaning Canon EF lens, your best bet would be to take it to canon Hong Kong service centre. You can find the address and phone no. here:-

    I guess you better call them up and ask them whether they can clean the lens for you within 2 days.

  253. Hi Roland,

    I’m really glad I came across your blog! I’ll be visiting Hongkong right after Christmas, and am planning on buying a Canon G9. Heard that the G9 is being phased out so do you think stocks would still be available at that time?

    I hope you don’t mind, but can you pls give me an idea on how much the current prices are for the G9 & G10 at Wing Shing & Tin Cheung? Based on Tin Cheung’s website, the G9 is priced at HK$3,622. But once you’re at the store, can you still haggle down the price or is it a fixed rate already? And if there’s little difference bet the prices, should I go for the G10 instead?

    I’m really looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance!


  254. Hi Glenda,

    The G9 has been replaced by the G10. If you find any G9 in shops, they must be old stock and should be significantly cheaper than the G10 if you are bargain hunting.

    However, why not just go for the newer camera. The G10 is supposed to be a really good camera, much improved compared to the G9. the current street price of the G10 should be around HK$3,600.

  255. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for the quick reply! I think I’m now leaning more towards the G10.

    However, an acquaintance who had just left for Hongkong texted me that the G9 is now being sold at DG shop wanchai comp centre for HK$3050, while G10 is HK$3450. I’m a bit confused, though, why they’re selling the G10 at a lower price when in fact Fortress (website) is selling theirs for HK$4100!

    Are the lower prices an indication that the camera is a “gray unit?” I’m not really sure what a gray unit is but should I avoid buying that? What are the disadvantages of buying a “gray market unit” vs buying one from the official stores like Wing Shing, Fortress, or Tin Cheung?

    Would really appreciate it if you could explain further. Thanks you so much!!

    P.S. Pls let me know which shop is selling the G10 for HK$3600. Thanks!

  256. Hi Roland,

    Thank you for your good advice in buying camera in HK, I was able to buy exactly what I want in a big bargain in my last trip back in February 2008. I am going to China next week and will stop by HK for few days, would really appreciate your thoughts on Leica DLux4 or DLux3 compare with Panasonic DMC FX150 or DMC LX3.

    I used similar kit like yours, but your photography are so inspiring, I even copied the way you framed your shots, hope you don’t mind.

    Thanks again

  257. Hi Glenda,

    I have just asked the latest price for G10 at Echo Photo & Audio, and it is HK$3,550.

    The price quoted on Fortress website is basically the official recommended retail price. If you go to Fortress stores and ask the price, they may sell it a bit cheaper. However, smaller independent camera shops would usually sell it cheaper than large chain stores like Fortress.

    As to gray market import. the difference is that they would not carry official Hong Kong warranty, and of course no international warranty.

  258. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks! I am glad you like my work.

    The Panasonic DMC LX3 should be a very good camera. I think you should get good result from this camera and should be happy with it.

    There really no difference between the Panasonic and Leica variants as far as hardware is concerned. Personally, I don’t think it’s worthwhile to pay the premium just to get the Leica label on the camera.

  259. Hi Roland,

    I have had great interest in reading your site and the great advice you are giving to people. I am wondering whetehr you can help. I will be in HK soon (5th Dec
    ) and was considering buying a PENTAX DA 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 ED AL [IF] or its Tamrom equvialent for use on a Pentax K100D.

    Would Echo Photo & Audio carry such a lense and what type of price?

    Thank you for your good advice in buying camera in HK

  260. Ah, that’s too bad.

    But I think I may need your advice again.

    I’ve read some reviews about the Nikon D40 and they say that it’s an excellent dslr for a beginner. I might have to cancel on buying the G10 and go for the Nikon D40 instead.

    May I know how much Echo is selling the D40 kit (as well as the D40x kit, pls) these days?

    Will the built-in flash be sufficient enough to shoot street scenes at night or even events indoors? Or should I buy an external flash also?

    I won’t be bringing another camera with me, so I’d like to use the D40 or D40x as soon as I get hold of it. I will only be in HK for 7 days & I don’t want to miss anything! It might take some time for me to get the hang of the d40, but meanwhile, can Mr. Yip help me out on what settings I should use for day shots or nght shots? So I can shoot & shoot & shoot and & not worry about ISO or aperture, etc. — for now, that is. What settings would you recommend?

    Please advise.



  261. Hi Darryl,

    I have asked Echo and the price they quoted for PENTAX DA 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 ED AL [IF] is HK$4,150. They don’t keep stocks of Pentax lenses since not a lot of people buy them. However, if the distributor have the lens in stock, they can usually get it within the same day or next depending whether you go in the morning or afternoon.

  262. Hi Glenda,

    Both the Nikon D40 and D40x are discontinued models. the D40x is not available anymore in Hong Kong, but you can still get the D40 kit since there are still same stocks apparently. the price quoted by Echo is HK$3,200.

  263. hi roland,

    your site is simply the best for shopping in hong kong.
    í´ve a stopover in hong kong on dez 7th for 8 hours and i´d like to buy a nikon d90 with the nikkor 18-200 mm.

    can you give me an idea what are the roundabout prices for these 2 products and is there a specific store you would recommend (out of your top 6 list)?

    thanks so much

  264. Hi Roland,

    You’re articles are a god send. Thank you.

    I have finally made the decision to visit Hong Kong after many years and I look forward to a wonderful stay from 7 Dec – 10 Dec.

    I am contemplating buying my first DSLR ,a Nikon, while I am there. I am torn between the D60 body or a D90 body. I also wanted to get an all-rounder lens like the AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-135mm to go with the body.

    What do you suggest? Could you help me check with Echo?

    I am from Singapore but since I will be in Hong Kong, I thought why not? I suppose the warranty will be an issue.

    Thank you so much Roland. I look forward to enjoying your city soon.


  265. Hi Markus,

    I have just asked for the latest prices you wanted at Echo Photo & Audio:-

    Nikon D90 HK$6,700
    Nikkor 18-200mm HK$4,900

    I recommend all the shops on the list, but you should know by now which one is my favorite camera shop.

  266. Hi Roland,

    Thank you so much for the info. Looks like I’ll be getting the D60 along with the 18-135mm from Mr.Yip. D90 seems a little out of the way for the moment.

    Also, I know you are on a Canon system. Is there a particular reason why you prefer the Canon over the Nikon system? Just wanted to know your thoughts on that.

    On a personal note, I can’t wait to explore Hong Kong city. I’ve heard of the famous Dim Sum houses, any particular ones you can recommend?

    Have a lovely week and thank you for the camera info.


  267. Hi Roland,

    Congradulations on your achievements. Your time and effort has made many afriend and helped many.
    Well done.500,000+

    louis d/under

  268. hi roland,

    i have been reading your blog and i have found it very informative and you are ever so helpful.

    i have asked digital rev about their price on the nikon d90 with the 18- 200 lens, and they quoted me hkd 8,980.

    is this a good deal?

  269. Hi Joseph,

    I first started using Canon EOS DSLR in 2003 when I bought the EOS 300D because Canon was the first to come out with an affordable DSLR. I subsequently stayed with EOS system because Canon was ahead of the rest of the field as far as image quality is concerned, especially at high ISO. I also bought many Canon lenses and accessories. However, Nikon seemed to have woken up since the release of D300 and D3 and is arguably on par with Canon or maybe even ahead of Canon in some areas. I am not saying that If I were starting a DSLR system from ground up today that I would not choose Canon, but it would not be an automatic choice anymore. I might just as well choose to start a Nikon system. I think I could live with either Canon or Nikon system today, which I don’t believe would be true even just 2 years ago.

    Both Canon & Nikon make good DSLR nowadays and I am sure you will get good results with either system. Just remember the camera is merely a tool and it takes a lot more than just a good camera to produce good photos.

    As for restaurant recommendation. There are simply too many dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong. Many are good, of course you can just simply go out and explore, but I’ll just give you a short recommended list. For good reasonably priced dim sum, try Canton Deli at Harbour City:-

    If you want to try the best, then try Tang Court at Langham Hotel, voted as one of the top 10 hotel restaurants in the world:-

    Make sure you make a reservation well in advance if you wanna try Tang Court, it’s often fully booked.

    Have a great time in Hong Kong!

  270. Hi nina,

    Are you sure they quoted you the right price at Digital rev? I just asked the prices for D90 and 18-200mm at Echo for someone else few days go, and the prices are:-
    Nikon D90 HK$6,700
    Nikkor 18-200mm HK$4,900

    Now, HK$8,980 for D90 + 18-200mm just seems too good to be true.

  271. Roland, I finally got my hands on a 5D Mark II but they don’t have extra batteries for sale here in the Philippines. Would you know anyone there who sells original Canon batteries for it and how much it costs? Thanks so much.

  272. Hi Roland,
    I’m finally going to Hong Kong next week, from 8-12 Dec.
    I’m really desperate to get a of 5D mk2 body, but alas it is currently out of stock in Singapore.
    Can you tell me which camera shop(s) in Hong Kong that holds ready stock for 5D mk2 so that I can just walk in and purchase? Or do I have to give them a call to bring in stock from somewhere?

    Thanks and Regards.

  273. Hi Mace,

    Stocks of the 5D Mark II is very tight in Hong Kong just like anywhere else. So you’ll have to be very luck to walk into a shops just find one to buy. You really need to pre-order one to optimize your chances. However, large chain stores like Broadway and Fortress will require a deposit and won’t guarantee that you’ll have the camera while you are in Hong Kong. Your best chance maybe to call smaller independent shops like Echo Photo & Audio and see whether they can reserve one for you. My best info suggested that there should be new stock of 5D Mark II bodies arriving in Hong Kong next week.

  274. So all I can do is call Echo Photo & Audio the 1st thing i reach Hong Kong on Monday, and hopefully they bring it in by thursday, since my flight on friday is in the morning.

    Thanks Roland.

  275. Hi Roland
    First, Great site, no BS Straight and to the point, Like that a lot.
    Will visit HK from Dec 21 to 23rd, and wixh to secure a Canon EOS 50D to replace my aged up 20D. Saw your comments about place and Prices, are those 2 still valid, ie:
    EOS 50D HK$ 9000 @ Echo Photo and Audio.
    I don’trecallever seeing that shop, but…
    Please let me know if not too much bother
    Thanks in advance

  276. hi there! this blog is really helpful. 😀 thanks. btw, do you know how much would a d60, d90 or a d80 would cost me if I buy one in hongkong? Thanks!and which do of these stores do you highly recommend considering both the quality and price. 😀 thanks!!!!

    • Hi kat,

      I checked the prices you wanted to know at Echo Photo & Audio:-
      Nikon D60 kit HK$4,000
      Nikon D90 kit HK$8,700

      The point of this article was to give a list of recommended camera shops. I recommend all the shops on the list. It’s not difficult to guess which one is my favorite and preferred camera to shop at, but that’s just my choice.

  277. hey there! your blog’s really helpful. I’m just wondering how much would a d60, d80 or a d90 kit would cost me if I were to buy it in hongkong? And which of these stores do you highly recommend consdering the price and the quality. Thanks!!

  278. Hi Roland
    I’m might be a strange person. But I used Minolta SLR long time ago, and now I have to use Sony DSLR because Sony adopted KonicaMinolta. I just wonder that I could find some Sony Lens at Echo Photo & Audio or not. And where will you recommend me to find Gitzo tripod in Kowloon?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi pat,

      Yes, Echo Photo & Audio does sell Sony lenses, but since Sony Alpha isn’t really the most popular brand around, they might not stock a lot of Sony lenses. But if the distributor have the lens in stock, they can usually get it for you within the same business day or the next. I suggest you call before you visit them.

      Btw, nothing wrong with using KM and Sony. I used to used Minolta SLR in the film days. Unfortunately, it took too long for KM to move into DSLR and I started a Canon DSLR system instead.

  279. Hi Roland thank you for your reply,do you think the new Eos 5d mark ii will be in stock in most shops??Also do you think the Eos 1 ds mark iii justifys being triple or even double the price of the Eos 5d mark ii ,looking at both specs have Canon possibly been too generous??

    • Hi Brian,

      Unfortunately, the 5D Mark II stock situation is still very tight in Hong Kong. Just like the rest of the world. There are sporadic odd camera coming in each week. If you are really lucky, you might even find the odd one around town that has not be pre-ordered yet. In fact a friend of mine just walked into a Broadway store and saw a 5D II and quickly grabbed it. The salesman told him that the camera was originally pre-ordered by someone else who just cancelled the order.

      Is Canon too generous? That depends how you look at it. You can also say Canon over-priced the 1Ds Mark III. The 1Ds Mark II does have features over the 5D II that may appeal to some users and may justify the cost like much better built (like a tank), full weather sealing, integrated portrait grip, 5fps shooting rate and dual memory card support etc. Whether anyone consider these features would justify the price premium is very personal.

  280. Hi! I’m going to HK this December and I’m just wondering what shops can you recommend if I am looking for a 2nd hand or used lens for Nikon? Is it safe to buy used lenses in HK? I’m looking for the following lenses:

    1. Tokina 12-24 f4 Nikon mount
    2. Nikon 17-55 2.8
    3. Nikon 28-70 2.8
    4. Nikon AF-D 80-200 2.8 or 70-200 2.8 VR

    Do you know how much is the new one and the used ones. Thanks.

  281. Hi there. Your site’s really helpful. I’m planning to buy a Nikon d60 kit. Would you happen to know how much that would cost me? Thanks! 😀

  282. Hi Roland,

    What a marvelous site and so useful !
    A friend will be in HK next week. I will asking him to purchase for me one or 2 Nikkor lens. I hesitate between :

    – AF 50 mm f/1.4D
    -AF 35 mm f/2.0D
    – AF 85 mm f/1.8D

    Would you be able to tell me their prices and their avaibility at Echo ?

    Thanks a lot for your help
    All the best,


    • Hi Axel,

      I just checked the prices you wanted at Echo:-
      AF 50mm f/1.4D HK$1,900
      AF 35 mm f/2.0D HK$1,950
      AF 85 mm f/1.8D HK$2,550

      If they don’t have the lens in stock at the store, they can usually get it for you within the same day or the next (depending whether you go there in the morning or afternoon), provided the distributor have the lens in stock.

  283. Hi Roland

    I m in HKG now, I am looking for Canon IXUS 870 IS, any reliable and good priced shops you can recommend? I have been to Tsim Sha Tsui, a shop on the street quote me HKG1980 for the plain box of camera, but when I ask for warranty card or document, they mentioned they dont have it. They said I have to register myself online. Whereas at Fortress, where I was quoted HKG2440 and they mentioned those small shops might be selling imitation camera from China which is why there is no warranty and price is low. Any advise or comment? I am leaving on Wednesday, hope to see your reply soon.


    • Hi Sasha,

      If you have found this article already, why don’t you just read it and try the recommended shops above? That’s the whole point of this article really, isn’t it? If I need to recommend shops other than on this list, then I might as well just delete the article completely.

      Read the list again, and try some of the shops I recommend. I have also written about what kind of shops to avoid.

  284. HI Roland,
    Things are looking up for canon.not a bad 9 second video what I saw of Taipei Reproduction good.Looks like there to be many a program coming from you in the near future.Im happy for you that you had time to use your new toy as you have so many things going on around you.How do you ever find the time for all amazes me, it must your love for it all.About an artical you did some time ago people can read in Lumius Landscape where he compares a G10 to a large format camera up to a print size of 13*19 and only 50% of the pros got it right.So we can see things in the near future will be closing up as tecnology gets better. Thanks For your help to all you are doing well.
    Regards D/under

  285. Dear Roland,

    Do you have any idea of the camera shops which sells lenses for Sony Alpha mount / Konica Minolta Mount ?

    I am heading to Hongkong on 23 Dec next week.

    And any suggestions of best photo spot in Hongkong?

    Thank you

    • Hi Anton,

      You can go to the link below for list of Sony Alpha mount lenses authorized dealers:-

      In my recommended list, Echo Photo & Audio, Wing Shing, Broadway, Citicall and Fortress are all authorized dealers.

      As for photo spots, there are many. Popular ones are:- The Peak, Central district at night to see the Christmas lights, Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront for a spectcular view of the harbour, Ngong Ping 360 Skyrail to see Ngong and the Big Budda, Ocean Park, HK Disneyland, Repulse Bay, Stanley, Wong Tai SIn Temple, Tsing Ma Bridge Lookout…..

      You probably won’t be able to go to all of them, but those might be the spots to check out.

  286. Hi Roland,

    I will have a trip to Hong Kong on 7 Jan 2009 and i would like to buy the Nikon D90 kit with lens 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G. Can you please kindly check for me the price of it. I checked in Tin Cheung website but they don’t have the price show up.

    One other thing, when i buy the camera in Hong Kong ( for example if i buy in Tin Cheung ), can i get VAT refund when i leave Hong Kong ?

    Thanks for your help,


    • Hi Khanh,

      The D90 kit costs HK$8,700 at Echo Photo & Audio.

      If you have read my article completely, you would have known that there are no VAT or sales tax in Hong Kong except for tobacco and hard liquor. So you will not need to claim VAT refund as there aren’t any VAT on camera and lenses anyway.

  287. Thanks Roland.

    One more question would like to ask you: in Echo Photo & Audio shop, do they have International warranty for Nikon D90 ?



  288. Hi Roland,

    I will be in HK for a few days in Feb 2009, being new to HK and I only have a limited time to peruse HK shops ( trip is primarily to visit Disney HK), I would like to ask assistance / info on where I can buy Sekonic 758D – currently at £391.47 in Ebay UK prices ( from HK suppliers ) is within the vicinity of £270 – £300 ( shipping to UK included ).

    I’d like to know if you know a shop that stock Sekonic 758Ds (so I can buy it outright) and at around £200 – £240 price point.

    Any info given is highly appreciated.



  289. Dear Roland,

    Thx for the quick reply. I am thinking to buy sigma 150mm macro as well as wide angle lense such as 10-22 tokina. Which store has the complete selection for Alpha mount?

    I will stay in HK for 2 wks but spend couple of days to China as well.



  290. Hi Roland,

    I got 3pcs of the 85 1.4 from Echo photo the last time I was in Hong Kong (based from your reply to my post asking about it.)

    Anyway, I’m going back to HK in January and was wondering if you can check if they have the price for the 70-200 2.8 VR (White) for Nikon.


    • Hi Xtian,

      The Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 VR sells for HK$11,800 at Echo. However, when I just talked to Mr Ip, he told me that the officially imported versions are black in color only. The white colored ones are mostly gray import.

  291. Hi Roland,

    I will be visiting HK early next year. I heard that the bargains in Sim City is pretty good. I am using an Sony Alpha, how do we determine if its a grey set?
    I am looking for a couple of lens, any comments on these:
    Sony SAL16105 f3.5-5.6
    Sony 1680 CZ f3.5-4.5
    Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4.5
    sigma 24-70 f2.8

    • Hi Ed,

      There are quite a few camera shops at Sim City, some will sell officially imported products, some will sell gray. It really depends on which shop you go to. The easiest way to tell whether it’s gray import or not is to just ask the shop. The officially imported lenses will come with a Sony HK warranty certificate, the gray imported one will not, of course.

      As for the lenses you listed. The choice is very personal, and would depend on your budget and you expectation on optical quality and what you are going to use the lens for. I am not really an expert on Sony lenses, but from what I can gathered, purely tlaking about optically quality, my personal ratings would be (top first):-
      Sony 1680 CZ f3.5-4.5
      Sigma 24-70 f2.8
      Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4.5
      Sony SAL16105 f3.5-5.6

  292. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for the replies to all our queries. I will be dropping by HK next month & needs to check out the price for Canon 17-55mm IS USM. Wondering if it is worthwhile to buy it in HK rather than in Singapore.


    • Hi Philippe,

      I just called Echo & Photo to check the latest price for the EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM, it sells for HK$7,000. I don’t really know the price for this lens in Singapore. So you will have to check the price in Singapore yourself to see whether you’ll get a better deal in Singapore or Hong Kong.

  293. Hi Roland,
    it is me again. Thanks for the tips. I have tried SAL1680 CZ and it is really very sharp and nice. However, it is not a FF lens:(.

    I heard that sony/sigma/tamron does not provide international warranty, which i have to get back to HK if there;s a fault. Can you help clarify this?

    Anyway, is it possible to help me check the current price of the following

    Sony 1680 CZ f3.5-4.5
    Sigma 24-70 f2.8
    Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4.5
    Sony SAL16105 f3.5-5.6
    Tamron 17-50 F2.8
    Sigma 18-50 F2.8

    Thanks a million! What is the chinese name for Echo & Photo?

    • Hi Ed,

      Yes, as far as I know, I don’t think Sony, Sigma and Tamron offer international warranty for their lenses. This was what I was told by a camera shop, and their respective websites have no information about warranty policy, so I cannot be 100% sure.

      Although, I can help check out prices, but checking prices for 6 different lenses is a bit too much. Maybe if you limit the no. to 2-3 max, I’ll see what I can do. You can also check out this website for rough street prices:-

      The Chinese name for Echo Photo & Audio is 回音

  294. Dear Roland,

    I’m going to HK for 1 week next tuesday and I’m looking for sigma 70-200mm lens (canon mount and sony mount). Appreciate if you can advise which shop is the best getting the lens mentioned above. The cheapest price I saw in ebay at HK is around USD 688 (RM 2374). (May be you can recommend which shop I can get the best price for this item?).

    Just wonder if I need to pay USD or HKD when purchasing the lens? I’m thinking to get canon 24-105mm L too if I can really get a good deal in HK.

    Not sure if you also know how much is the entrance fee for Disney in HK? ^^ 哈哈 Thanks ya.

    Gavin Soon Koh Yu

    • Hi Gavin,

      The Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 costs HK$5,500 at Echo Photo & Audio. I am sorry I cannot tell you which shop would sell that lens or any other lenses or camera at the cheapest price. I neither have the time or the resources to check out which shops is cheapest for what. I already stated that at the beginning of the article. I can only recommend reliable camera shops that sell at reasonable prices, and to avoids shops that might cheat you.

      The Canon EF24-105mm f4L IS USM sells for HK$6,500 at Echo Photo & Audio.

      As for entrance fees at HK Disneyland, regular days are HK$295 and peak days are HK$350. You can check out the details and pre-book tickets at Hong Kong Disneyland web-site:-

      Have a great time in Hong Kong!

  295. Thanks! I’ll be sure to drop by Echo when I’m flying in next week… cant wait to get my hands on a 70-200

    Another question though, do they have the Panasonic Lumix LX-3 Available? I’m planning to get maybe 3 or 4 for gifts when I get there.


  296. Hi Roland,

    Happy New Year!
    I mailed sigma and they said that Sigma products come with international warranty :).

    I am sorry to be greedy:). May I just ask for the price of the lens below:

    Sigma 24-70 f2.8
    Tamron 17-50 F2.8


  297. Hi Roland,

    I find your blog very interesting and helpful.

    I will be in Hong Kong this February and this will be my first time in the city. May you possibly provide a more detailed address of Echo Photo and Audio? So that it would easier for me to locate it. (We will be staying in a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui)

    Also, do they have an email address? I wish to know if they have available Canon Digital IXUS 870 IS? and how much is their selling price?

    Thanks Much!


    • Hi Smartie,

      The exact address for Echo Photo & Audio is Shop D, G/F, Hanyee Building, 19-21 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. They don’t have a website or email address I am afraid.

      I’ll see what I can find out about the IXUS 870 IS next time I talk to them.

  298. Hi Roland,

    Happy New Year!!
    This is my first time posting in your blog here and I would like thank you for putting up this blog. I really enjoy reading your blog and I find it useful and informative as I kept coming back. Your blog is my reliable source of photography information from HK.. I enjoy going to HK and I visit there often..
    Keep up the good work!!!

  299. Roland,

    I am just curious what is the street price and availability of the Canon 5d mark 1? Would you be able to help me to find out? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Steven,

      Some shops might still have the 5D in stock and should be quite cheap now. I don’t really know which shop might have it in stock and at what price though, but I’ll see what I can find out, no promise though.

  300. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for your help. The price is quite comparable to Singapore. Unless i can get a VAT refund, then i may get it in HK.

    Happy new year & happy shooting… checking out your food & drink recommendation.


  301. Hi Roland,
    If you are thinking of selling your 10-22 Ill buy it off you for
    $830 ausie or could you let us know where i can buy it on Sunday 11-1-09 ill be checking in late at Regal Riverside in Shatin saturday.Ill be traveling to Guiling for 3days and then back to H.K. Also what type of filters do you use or what do you recomend.Thanks for your help.
    louis D/under

  302. Hi Roland,
    If you are thinking of selling your 10-22 Ill buy it off you for
    $830 ausie or could you let us know where i can buy it on Sunday 11-1-09 ill be checking in late at Regal Riverside in Shatin saturday.Ill be traveling to Guiling for 3days and then back to H.K. Also what type of filters do you use or what do you recomend.Thanks for your help.
    louis D/under
    p.s.THat is in brand name

    • Hi Louis,

      How long will you be staying in Hong Kong? I’ll see if we can have to time to meet up.

      Echo Photo & Audio is selling the Canon EF-S 10-22mm for HK$4700, and most shops probably will sell it around that price, a little bit more or less. So there is really no need for you buy my 2nd hand lens at Aus$830. As for filter, I only use a UV filter for protection and any brand would do for me, I am not picky about UV filters. I never use other filters. If you want to buy a polarizing filter, then better get a good one though, cheap ones usually don’t have good IQ.

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  304. Hi Roland,
    We will be at that Hotel for 20 days My inlaws will stay there sun ,mon, tues,wednesday we will be back from Guiling.I just thought that if you did not need it any more seen that you have gone up market Icould take it off your hands.If not Ill drop by at echo on Sunday morning before going to the airport.
    Thanks so much will love to catch up with you we are not far from the boathouse for dim sum. Also looking forward to chineese new year
    Louis D/under
    P.S. If you need the forein currence the ill be more than happy to do a deel

  305. Hi Roland,

    Does “Echo Photo & Audio” open on Sunday? And what are store hours of that shop? I plan to visit that shop when I arrive in HK this Sunday.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Pat,

      Yes, they are open on Sunday as in practically almost every shops in Hong Kong. They are all open 7 days a week and on public holidays as well.

      I don’t know Echo’s exact shop hours, but I think it’s roughly 10am to 8pm.

  306. Hi Ronald,

    Thanks so much for this post! I’ve been to HK before, looking for a camera, but in the end I got so paranoid after one shop tried to sell my friend a camera with only Chinese language settings that I didn’t buy anything.

    I’ll be in HK in 12 days and looking for a Panasonic Lumix TZ5 or TZ15 (not sure under which name it’s sold in HK). Would you happen to know how much that would cost approximately? And any idea where I could get the Panasonic underwater case to go with that camera?

    • Hi Loes,

      I just check the price of the Panasonic Lumix TZ15 at Echo Photo & Audio for you, they are selling it for HK$2,580. As for the underwater casing, I have no idea where you will be able to find it in stock, but if you want to buy at echo, you can call them up to order the casing for you.

  307. Hi Roland,

    This is Smartie once again. Thanks for your reply in my previous query.

    By the way, have you already asked if Echo Photo & Audio has available Canon IXUS 870 IS? Also if you can ask its selling , well appreciated.

    I’ll be in Hongkong very soon.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you very much!

  308. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply! I’ve read the Canon’s warranty policy but I still don’t quite understand (please pardon my dumbness!!) if I were to buy a Canon 450D, will it have International warranty?

    Thanks again and yours is definitely a great site! 🙂

  309. Hi Roland,
    thanks for the top recommendation! I have compared a lot of stores including Stanley Street Shops, Broadway, Fortress, Mon Kok Shops, etc. but Echo Photo & Audio was the best! Have bought the following equipment for really reasonable prices today:

    Nikon D90
    + Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS
    + 8 GB San Disk Ultra II (20Mbit)
    + Kartenlesegerät
    + UV Filter
    + extra Batterie Original Nikon
    + Ladekabel HK & Europa
    + Point Case
    + Displayschutz
    + Manfrotto 718B Stativ

  310. Hello Roland,

    I have a couple of questions for you, if you will.

    I will be in Hong Kong in a matter of a week, and wanted to buy either a D90 or a 50d.

    First, I want your personal opinion on which one you would buy, and why?

    Second, where can I get both the cheapest?

    Also, is there bargaining in HK? or is everything clearly tagged?

    Thanks Roland in advance!

  311. I read the intro up there after I posted my questions.

    I apologize for asking about the cheapest place.

    But, still if you do know…… 😛

    Thanks anyway… your help is much much appreciated.

    • Hi Bassel,

      Both the Nikon D90 and Canon 50D are really fine camera and I am sure you will be happy with either.

      The choice is very personal and everybody would choose differently. For me, the choice is simple, I would choose the 50D cause I am already a Canon user with lenses and accessories for Canon system. However, for a Nikon user or someone new to DSLR, the choice could be completely different.

      I don’t think you have to worry about image quality of either cameras, both should do well. You have to think about things like ergonomics. go to a camera store and pick up both cameras and see which one “feels” better in your hands. That is something very personal and only you can decide for yourself.

      Buying a DSLR is not just buying a camera, you are also buying into a system. The lenses and accessories for canon and Nikon are not interchangeable. So you have to consider which system you want to get into. However, you probably don’t have to worry too much about getting into either system, as both Canon and Nikon offer extensive collection of lenses and accessories for their DLSR. It’s just that once you get into 1 system, it would be difficult to change to another system as you will have to sell everything and start from scratch.

      In the end, it is a question only you can answer for yourself. I am sorry and I cannot give your a more concrete answer.

  312. Hello Roland,

    I am from India. I am planning to buy canon EF 500 mm F4 lens. I have been given price in india which is INR 3,30,000/- that comes to HK$ 52,381. Can you give me some guidance if the same lense is available at a cheaper rate in Hong Kong grey would work and is it available in the market readily. Then i may come there and buy it.


    • Hi Kunan,

      I just called up Echo and the price they quoted for the Canon EF 500mm f4 is HK$50,000. I believe gray market import maybe a few thousand dollars less, but I don’t really know the price I am afraid.

  313. Hi Roland,
    Thanks for all the great information. I was planning to purchase a Canon 450D and two lenses on but am now going to save thousands of HK dollars from having read this!

    Please, could you find me an approximate current price for the EF 70-200 f/4L IS USM? Once I hear from you, I’ll probably head straight over to Echo to make the purchase..

    Thank you again.

  314. Greetings!

    I really appreciate you Roland for being attentive in all of our queries.

    By the way, can we bargain at Echo Photo & Audio? or its selling price is already?

    • Hi Smartie,

      You can always try to bargain at Echo, it would not do any harm, but I doubt if you can bargain much cheaper there. Although they may not be the absolute cheapest place for everything in town, but the prices they set should be reasonable and in line with the cheaper end of the scale. So I think that would leave very little margin for bargaining.

  315. Hi sir I’m going to hongkong this march. Have a dilemma with this 2 brand ( pentax k20d and samsung gx20) I don’t know which one to get. and what’s the price of these two with their kit lens there, thanks.

    • Hi Jessica,

      The Pentax 20D kit costs HK$5,400 at Echo Photo & Audio. The Samsung GX20 is an obsolete model and not available in Hong Kong anymore. there is no new replacement model available yet.

  316. Hi Roland,

    I want to bye Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM but would you tell me where I could find it in HK? Is this lens selling in your favorite shops and what could be the price?
    I am very surprised about your opinion that Canon lens are cheaper in Japan than HK. Where I am able to see or compare the prices between HK and Japan for Canon lens.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Sveto,

      The Canon EF 135mm F/2 USM is available in many shops in Hong Kong. I have seen it at Broadway regularly. I think Citicall carry it too. I just asked Echo and their price for this lens is HK$6,300.

      As for prices in Japan, I don’t really know if there is a place you can check prices online. But it is generally known in Hong Kong that some Canon lenses are cheaper in Japan than in Hong Kong. Hence, allowing the possibility of cheaper grey import from Japan.

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  318. Sveto & Roland,

    You can refer to this site for approximate prices in Japan:

    http: // kakaku . com / search_results/Canon%20EF%20135mm%20F%2f2%20USM/

    and calculate how much it makes in your local (or any other preferred) currency with i.e. this site:

    www . xe . com / ucc

    This is the way I’m always doing it.


  319. Heya,

    I’m going back to HK (3rd time in 3 months!) two weeks from now and plan to purchase another lens from Echo, can you ask for me how much the Nikkor 10.5 DX fisheye is?


  320. hi roland,
    i’m going to hongkong next month may i know the prices of these cameras:
    Sony A-350 with SAL18-250/AE mm lens?
    Canon 450d with 50mm f/1.8 II lens and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens?

  321. hi roland..
    which store should i ask if i wanna buy minolta AF lenses (50mm f/1.7, 70-210mm f/4, etc) ? and how much its cost?

    • Hi Rio,

      Just in case you don’t know, Konica Minolta pulled out and sold their camera business to Sony quite awhile ago. So I am afraid you won’t find any new Minolta lenses anymore. But you can buy Sony branded version for Minolta mount DSLR and SLR though. Go to Sony’s website and check out which lens you may want to buy.

  322. Hi Roland,
    I took your advice last August and went to Echo. Mr. Andrew Yip was very helpful, and I bought a Pentax 18-55 lens from him at a good price. He even delivered it to my hotel at the Dorsett! The thing is, I own a Pentax K10D Grand Prix that I bought here in Manila also last year, plus a DA 55-135 lens, and the 18-55…after, reading through your blog, I was thinking whether or not I made the right decision. Picture quality is OK with the pentax, though, but the main thing is, people don’t seem to associate the brand with quality–like Canon or Nikon. If I sell my camera and lenses and switch to Canon or Nikon, do you know anyone who might be interested? Thanks and best regards,

    • Hi Albert,

      I am sorry but I don’t quite understand why you worry about what other people think about the brand of camera you are using. If your Pentax camera and lenses are serving you well and giving you good result, then does it really matter if some people don’t associate Pentax as having being on the same level with Canon or Nikon? I would think the most important thing is the end results. If you can shoot good photos with your camera, I don’t really care if it’s Pentax, Sony, Canon or Nikon. there are loads of people with expensive Canon & Nikon cameras and lenses who cannot shoot a good photo.

      If you really want to sell your Pentax though, I personally don’t know of some who wanna buy at present, but you can always try selling on ebay perhaps?

  323. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for all the good advice on your site. I was in HK on Feb 14 and bought two cameras from Mr. Yip at Echo. In case people are interested in price points (I have no idea if I got the best deal or not):

    – Nikon D60 with Sigma 18-200 OS lens, 4GB card, bag, tripod, lens filter. HK$ 7,150.
    – Nikon D90 with the same lens and accessories above. HK$ 10,700.

    I’m going to use the D60 since it’s my first DSLR and I gave the D90 to my girlfriend because she had a Canon 350D previously and sort of knows what she’s doing already.

    I would really recommend Echo to other readers – I had a great experience there, which is not a given in an HK shopping environment. Thanks again.


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  325. Hi Roland,

    I will be going to Hong Kong on November and I’m planning to buy a DSLR camera for the first time. I’m just a beginner.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you can give me an advice as to what camera should I purchase?

    Also, please include the specs and price of your recommendation.

    I like your article.. it’s very informative.

    • Hi Joan,

      I would need to know a little bit more about you before I can make any meaningful recommendation to you.

      1. what is your budget? The maximum amount you are preferred to spend for camera body + lens.
      2. When you say you were a beginner, do you mean a beginner for photography in general or just a beginner for DSLR? Do you have any prior experience or knowledge of photography? What kind of cameras have you used before? Just digital point & shoot or have you used any film SLR before?
      3. What kind of photography do you intend on using the camera for? Landscape, portrait, sports, family snapshots or what?

  326. Hi Roland,

    1) My budget will be USD 500 to USD 700 USD

    2) I have not used SLR before. I just use point & shoot cameras.

    3) I intend to use the DSLR for travelling (nature trip) and family outings. I also plan to take photography lessons.

    Thanks for your help Roland.

    • Hi Joan,

      Based on the info you gave me, I would narrow my recommendation down to the following 3 choices (and in that order):-

      1. Canon EOS 450D kit (with EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS) – approx HK$4,700
      2. Nikon D60 kit – approx HK$4,000
      3. Sony A350 dual lens kit – approx HK$5,200

      For the camera specs, please go to the respective camera makers’ web-site to check them out. The specifications are too long for me to list them out here.

      Anyway, you won’t be in Hong Kong until November and a lot could have changed by then, including prices and models. Prices most likely would go down and models may change with new models appearing 3rd quarter thsi year.

  327. Hi Roland,

    I’m flying over to Shanghai in a couple of hours then might be dropping by HongKong in the next couple of days. I was wondering, can you do me a quick price check on a D700 body and the 2x Nikon teleconverter?


  328. Hi Roland. First thanks for all the information provided. I am visiting HK end of March 2009. I own a d40 and recently got myself the Nikkor 18-200. I helped a relative as unofficial photo-man for simple chinese wedding and found out its limits because of slow lens. Now wish to go for Speedlights. Which is suitable? SB-400 or SB-600? And how much they cost in HK? Thanks a million

  329. Hi Roland,

    I am going to Hong Kong in May. Is there any way you can find the price of a Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0L USM lens for my Canon EOS 350D. Since the lens is covered by Internationl warranty issued by Canon Hong Kong so I should not get a grey market product, is that correct?

    Thanks in advance

  330. Hi Roland,

    im visiting hong kong on the 11th of march and looking to purchase a d90 with either a sigma or nikon 18-200mm lens.

    can you please tell me the current price of each of the 3 separate items?

    Also where is the best place for a package deal since they are not kit lens?

    thanks in advance

    • Hi Leon,

      I have checked the prices you wanted at Echo Photo & Audio.

      Nikon D90 body HK$6,700
      Nikkor 18-200mm HK$5,250
      Sigma 18-200mm OS HK$3,000

      If it’s not a kit, then any package deal is basically just the price of the body + lens. As far as I know, the camera shops in Hong Kong don’t do special deals that would make buying camera body + lens together cheaper than bjying them separately.

  331. Hi Roland,
    My friend is travelling through HK airport and I wanted her to pick me up a camera. She will only be there for 1.5 hours so I just want her to pick one up quickly. The ones I have been looking at in London are below and the cheapest price I have found them for are next to them – can you tell me if they will be a lot cheaper in the airport and if they are all good cameras?

    Thanks so much

    Canon EOS 30d – £419 – camera only – (4637HK dollars)
    Canon EOS 40d – £ £566 – camera only (6265 HK dollars)
    Canon EOS 1000d – £309 – camera only (3421 HK dollars)
    Canon EOS 450d – £419 – camera only (4637 HK dollars)

    • Hi Fran,

      You are unlikely to get much discount if any at all at camera shops at the Hong Kong International airport. They are most likely selling cameras at manufacturer’s recommended retail prices. The Canon EOS 30D and 40D has been discontinued in Hong Kong. I’ll tell you the recommended retail prices (RRP)and street prices in town of the 450D and 100D for reference.

      EOS 450D : RRP HK$5,180 Street price HK$4,300
      EOS 1000D : RRP HK$4,080 Street price HK$3,300

      I never buy cameras at Hong Kong International Airport myself, so I would not know the prices for sure. The best that I can do is to give you the information above as reference. you can give the prices to your friend and ask her to check the prices at the airport to see if it’s worthwhile for you to buy.

  332. Thanks Roland!!

    How much is the current street price of Canon 40D and 40D with kit?

    do you think 40d is enough rather than buying 50D?


  333. Hi Roland,

    Thank you for the information from your blog.

    I would like to share that I had a very bad experience in shopping in TST for a camera. I was asking for the best price for the camera and they insist on selling you the lens…which is very expensive compared to the normal price.

    There is this one store when we both agreed on the price of the A700 body, he kept on delaying the new stock that I asked and trying to sell me other camera stuff..Then when I said that I just need the body…He told me that they are selling the body without the box, charger, wires and batteries…What is with that?

    There were 2-3 shops that had the same hussling style..After that I decided to go to Mongkok and there I was able to get a good deal there and they even charged the same for cash or credit card purchase.

    Thank you.


  334. Hello Roland,

    Congratulations for your outstanding job, I really think you provide a fine consumer information.

    I’m planning to buy an EOS 5D mark II this month and I’ll be in kowloon. So maybe you would know something about the latest street price and availability, it’d save me some time.

    I’m also looking for a pre owned 300/2,8 (whish I could afford a new IS one, but times are difficult…) so if you have any idea were I could find some decent stock I would be grateful.

    I thank you very much in advance as I can see you answer very swiftly to everybody!!!

    Best regards


    Best regards

    • Hi David,

      As far as I know and have seen, the 5D Mark II seemed to be widely available in Hong Kong and I have seen it in practically all camera shops in recent few weeks. I doubt you will have much problem finding it. All the recommended shops in the list above from 1 to 7 are all either on Kowloon or have branches in Kowloon. As for street price, currently, most shops should be selling between HK$19,000-20,000.

      I don’t personally buy or sell 2nd hand stuff, so I have no personal experience with 2nd hand shops. But you can either try Tin Cheung Cameras or the following shop for 2nd hand lenses:-

      I have no idea whether they would have the 300/2.8 in stock. I suggest you can call and ask them first before you go.

  335. Hi Roland,

    Im going to hongkong next month, and I dont have any idea about the prices and which store to buy of these stuff below, can you help me out?

    Canon EOS 5D

    Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L

    Canon 580EX II speedlite
    Canon 430EX II speedlite

    Canon BG-E5
    Canon LP-E5

    Sunpak 383 flash



    • Hi John B,

      Are you looking to buy the Canon EOS 5D (which is the old obsolete model) or the current model EOS 5D Mark II? Cos the accessories like battery and grip are different too. The battery for 5D is BP-511A and battery for 5D Mark II is LP-E6. The grip for 5D is BG-E4 and grip for 5D Mark II is BG-E6. There are no BG-E5 and LP-E5.

  336. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have a Canon 450d that’s why I wrote the LP-E5 and BG-E5, but I’m thinking of upgrading to Canon 5d, not the mark 2.

    • Hi John,

      The Canon EOS 5D is discontinued in Hong Kong and not available anymore. Of course, there maybe some camera stores in town that still have some old stock, but I am sorry I don’t know which one have them and can’t really help you with that.

      The Sunpak 383 flash is also a discontinued model and not available anymore.

      The following are the prices you want:-
      Canon 24-70mm f2.8L HK$9,700
      Canon 580EX II HK$3,300
      Canon 430EX II HK$2,100
      Canon BG-E5 HK$980
      Canon LP-E5 HK$280

  337. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for all the information regarding camera-purchase in HK. It´s really a great help and preparation.

    As I am planning to buy a NIKON camera in HK next week , do you happen to know the approximate current prices for a “Nikon D40, D60 or D90 kit? And would you recommend to try “Echo Photo & Audio” and “Tin Cheung Camera” first?

    Besides, do you know if the NIKON COOLPIX P90 is already available in HK?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Nic,

      The Nikon D40 is discontinued in Hong Kong and not available anymore. The Coolpix P90 is not available in Hong Kong yet. The rest of the prices you wanted below:-

      Nikon D60 kit HK$3,700
      Nikon D90 kit HK$8,700

      Echo and Tin Cheung are both recommended by me, otherwise, they would not be on the list. I can only tell you which is my favorite shop, and really if you have read my article, I should not have to tell you again, but I can’t tell you which one you should go to. Everyone has a different preference and they are both good shops. They are pretty clos to each other anyway, within 10 minute walking distances. So perhaps you can visit both and check both shops out before you decide which one you want to buy from.

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  339. Dear Roland

    I have gone thru ur posts and am confident that u may help me . I will be in Hongkong and Macau on 19 march 09 and I wish that u may give me some idea on where to purchase Canon PowerShot SX1 IS ( thougtfully if u can provide me its prices).

  340. Hi Roland,
    Thanks for the really informative advice you’ve posted in your blog. It will be my 3rd time back in HK in 2 years. Each time I’ve bought a significant amount of items from both Wing Shing, Man Shing and Tin Cheung. I would just like to enquire whether has Nikon raised prices for their lenses like what they’ve done here in Singapore?


  341. Hi Roland! Thanks for the info.
    I’m going to Hongkong in May or June.
    Do all your recommended stores carry the Sony Alpha DSLR line? How much is the A300 with the dual lens kit there? Also, what are usually the extras/freebies included with it. Is it better to buy in cash when buying for the cameras there? Sorry for the many questions and hoping to hear a reply from you soon.

  342. Sorry forgot to ask, how is the warranty policy of Sony in Hongkong? Because in Singapore they offer a tourist warranty. Thanks again.

  343. Hi Roland,
    I asked my friend to buy me a 40D or 50D in HK but unfortunately it’s out of stock. They told her that it’s available but after 15 minutes of waiting they said it’s not available anymore. Do you know a shop where can i find 40D or 50D?

    What is the current street price?

    Thanks Roland

    • Hi Antu,

      The 40D is discontinued in Hong Kong and no longer available, but some shops may still carry gray import. The 50D is the current model and there is no shortage of this camera as far as I know and you should have no difficulty finding this camera in Hong Kong. Echo Photo & Audio has th3 50D in stock and their price is HK$8,300. Has your friend tried the shops on my recommended list above?

  344. Hi Roland.
    Very informative blog.
    My friend will be going to HK on March 16. I asked him to buy me a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Model A09NII lens. I hope you can help me inquire from Echo if it’s available and how much. My friend is also into photography so I might recommend Echo for his needs. Thanks in advance.

  345. Nice article my friend. Very helpful for visitors to HK. Wish the HK Tourism Board could be brave enough to set out a similar article to warn those innocent tourists.

    I feel sad everytime when I see people shopping inside those “tricky” shops along the Nathan Road.

  346. Hi Roland!
    Just want to ask again how much is the price of Sony A300 with the dual lens kit (18-70mm and 55-200mm) in Echo?
    Do they also sell Minolta 50mm f/1.7 or the new Sony 50mm f/1.8? How much? Also, how much for the HVL-F42AM and HVL-F58AM flash units? Lastly, how much is the current price of the Canon 450D with the 18-55mm kit lens? Lastly, can you ask Mr. Yip if they give International Warranty (in particular Sony HK) for Sony cameras.

    Thank you very much and I’m very very sorry for the many questions.

    • Hi Adrian,

      Here are the prices you wanted at Echo:-
      Sony A300 dual lens kit – HK$4,900
      Sony 50mm f1.8 – HK$750
      Sony HVL-F42AM – HK$2,300
      Sony HVL-F58AM – HK$2,750
      Canon 450D kit – HK$5,000

      Minolta brand lenses has been out of production and not available for quite awhile already and according to Mr Yip, Sony Hong Kong does offer international warranty for their cameras and lenses.

  347. Hello Roland,

    I am from Manila Philippines and I will be visiting HK this coming April 2009. Can you help me get a quotation for d90 kit (18-105) at DC Career shop in Mongkok? I am planning to but D90 in HK since I think it is cheaper in HK. Thanks for your help 🙂

    • Hi Alvin,

      I am afraid I neither have the resources or time to go to specific shops in town to check prices for you. I can only tell you the price at Echo Photo & Audio, since it is the most convenient place where I can check prices and their prices for the Nikon D90 kit is HK$8,700.

  348. Hi Roland!
    Thanks for the reply. I just want to ask what is included with the A300 dual lens kit (e.g memory card, camera bag etc.) when you buy one from Echo. Also, do they charge extra on card purchase? Lastly, are the prices specified final or you can still bargain with Mr. Yip for a better deal?
    Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Adrian,

      I have no idea what might be included in the dual lens kit. I am neither a camera dealer or Sony Hong Kong. I think you will be be much more likely to get an answer for this question if you either contact Sony Hong Kong or a camera dealer directly.

      As far as I know, the quoted prices Echo give me are usually already the best price they are offering currently and are usually cash prices with little if any margin for further bargaining. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from trying to see if you can bargain a little more. They may charge 2% for VISA/MC and 3% extra for AMEX card transaction. You can always ask Mr Yip yourself when you are there.

  349. Hi Roland,

    Coming to Hong Kong in May.

    Can you tell me how much Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS USM is ? Just wondering if it’s better to wait and buy in HK.


  350. Hi Roland,

    If it would not be a inconvenience could i please ask how much would the following cost at Echo. Going there in a few days:

    Nikon Coolpix P80
    Nikon Coolpix P90
    Nikon Coolpix L100
    Canon Powershot SX1 IS
    Canon Powershot SX10 IS
    Canon Powershot G10


  351. Hi Emerson & Roland

    If you want to check out latest prices, there is a shopping comparison site called Shopcite ( Its even available for your mobile to use anytime / anywhere when you are in Hong Kong.

  352. Hi Roland!
    Thanks for the previous replies.
    Sorry to bother you again, my friends are asking me to ask you the prices.
    Can you ask Echo the prices of
    Sony A700 with 18-70mm kit
    Sony A700 with 16-105mm kit
    Sony A200 with dual lens kit
    Thanks again and sorry again for bothering you again.

    • Hi Adrian,

      Although I said I could help others check out rough street prices of cameras and lenses in Hong Kong, the main purpose of this article was to help people find reliable camera shops in Hong Kong. I do not want to be seen or used as a site for obtaining live quotes for street prices. Nor am I related to any camera shops or distributor in anyway.

      Even though I do not mind people asking me about opinions on what cameras or lenses to buy and would also help them to check up rough street prices of the few selected models they have in mind. I would kindly request my readers not to take advantage of me. Please use your common sense as to what maybe reasonable request.

      Having said all that, I’ll entertain your request this time. The Sony A200 is not available in Hong Kong anymore. There is only one version of A700 kit with 16-80mm lens, the price at Echo is HK$8,400.

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  354. Hi Roland!

    I would like to apologize again for asking many questions on prices.
    Thanks again for entertaining my questions.

  355. Hi Roland,

    Hope you are well. I had a lovely time when I was in HK in Dec and thanks to your suggestion, I did have a good experience shopping at Echo. Mr.Yip was most helpful.

    What are your thoughts on the new AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G from Nikon?


    • Hi Joseph,

      From what I have seen, the AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G is a fine standard lens for cropped frame Nikon DLSR with very good optical quality and reasonably priced.

  356. Hi Roland,

    How much is the current price of Canon 50D and canon 5dmkII in Hongkong?
    and also the prices of the following lenses:
    Canon 70-200 F4
    Canon 70-200 F2.8 IS
    Canon 70-200 F2.8
    Canon 70-200 F4 IS

    Hope you can give me the prices, is it okay to buy the canon 70-200 F4? i think its much much cheaper comparedto the F2.8



    • Hi John,

      I have updated my camera and lens price list, please check it to see the prices you want:-

      The Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L with or without IS are fine lenses with very good optical quality. Whether to get the f4 or f2.8 version depends on your budget and you needs. If your budget is not enough for the f2.8, then your choice would be simple. However, if you can afford the extra cost, then it depends on whether you need the extra stop of light. For low light photography or action photography, the extra stop of light would be valuable, otherwise, some people may actually prefer the f4 version, because it’s smaller and lighter, of course it’s also cheaper.

  357. Hi Roland,

    Thank you very much for the reply and for the link of the updated prices in Hongkong, it will help me a lot once i will be in Hongkong. By the way, i also would like to ask the price of Sigma 10-20mm for Canon? The ultra wide lens, i didn’t find it in your lists….Thanks again!


  358. Good morning Sir,

    I am mailing from INDIAI want to buy lee gelatine filters of all color codes, could you suggest a better shop located in malaysia, hong kong or singapore,,where the rates are cheaper.

    Vishnu Vardhan.Y

    • Hi Vishnu,

      You can try the first 4 shops on the list above in Hong Kong. I don’t know if they would be cheaper than in India though. I also don’t know the market in Singapore and Malaysia, so I won’t be able to tell you where to buy in those countries.

  359. Hi, Roland,

    Must thank you first for the excellent work here.
    I’m travelling to Hong Kong end of April, would like to get some photography stuffs.

    1. What’s the opening time for Echo Photo & Audio?
    As I may arrive Kowloon in the evening and hope to get new len on the same day or next day morning so I can use it for the tour.

    2. Does Mr. Yip speak English or Mandrian (普通话)?

    3. I’m interested in getting EF 70-200 F4 IS. Does the HK official package include the hood?

    4. Does Echo photo carry Benro tripod? If not, is there any shop you can recommend?

    5. What’t the payment methods available for Echo photo? Cash only or Credit card. If both, any price difference?

    Thanks a lot for your effort in keeping an excellent blog and patience in answering so many responses.

    Best Regards
    Vincent WANG Liang

    • Hi yakman,

      1. I don’t know the exact opening time for Echo, but I think they normally would be open by around 10am.
      2. Mr Yip speaks English definitely, not sure if he speaks Mandarin too.
      3. All “L” grade lenses include lens hood as far as I know, including the 70-200mm f/2 I USM.
      4. don’t think they sell Benro. Try visiting this website for Benro tripods in Hong Kong :-
      5. they take both cash and credit cards. As far as I know, Echo usually sells at pretty good prices with low margin, so the price they quote are usually ash prices. In general, add 2% for VISA/MC and 3% for AMEX transaction.

  360. Hi Roland,

    I’m going to HK in end of Apr and thinking of buying a compact digital camera while I am there.

    Do you know if Echo sells Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR and Nikon S630 if so, what’re the retail prices for these two cameras? Also, do they offer international warranty for these two brands?

    Thanks & Regards,

  361. Hello Roland,

    We will visit HK soon maybe on may. I’d like to ask if we could buy any 2nd hand SLR cameras like nikon or canon in HK? Is there any store’s who sell 2nd hand SLR cameras? and if there is what store would you recommend?

    • Hi Paolo,

      Yes, there are 2nd hand camera shops in Hong Kong. There is one on my recommend list above, Tin Cheung Cameras. Of course there are others too, but I have no personal experience with those stores.

  362. Hi Roland

    Thank you After 4 hours of reading all your very useful responses, my question is?
    the price in your list of the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM is more or less the same here in the US, so what is the price in the “grey market”?

    Do you recommend any store which has HK and grey market?
    Do you know any store for Canon grey market store?

    I’m going to HK on May

    Thanks a lot for you time

    • Hi Alfredo,

      As far as I know, Tin Cheung Cameras sell both gray and official imported Canon lenses. Although Echo Photo & Audio usually sells officially imported Canon lenses, they can get gray market import as well if you request.

  363. Hi Roland,
    I’ve arrived to Hong Kong and want to go to Echo and Tin Cheung Camera. I think they are not far from each other, don’t they?

    I wanted to buy a 450d, but i think i will prefer to buy a 1000d and a second lens. I think the differences are not too big and I, as a casual photografer, won’t use the extra features any way. What do you think?

    You think there will be significant price difference if I ask for a grey market camera?, the guarantee of Honk Kong is of no use for me.



    • Hi Maurico,

      Yes, Echo & Tin Cheung are close, within 10 minutes walking distance.

      Whether 450D is worth the price difference from the 100D is something only you can decide. there is not doubt the 450D is the better camera, but everyone has a difference choice and priorities. For me I would choose the 450D, but that’s just me.

      I don’t really know the price difference between gray and official import. Since you are already here, you can ask the shops for the prices yourself and see if the difference is worth it for you.

  364. Hi Roland,

    Any chance you can ask your recommended stores if they have Tamron 17-35mm 2.8-4F Di Lens ( for Canon ) and at what price are they available?


  365. Hi Roland,

    I will be going to HK in May and I’m planning to get the Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L USM.

    From your post “Camera and Lens Street Price List for Hong Kong”, you stated the street price for this len is HGD$9700. The date updated was on 04/03/09.

    Like to check with you if there is any new changes to the price due to the canon lenses price rise?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Regnad,

      I just talked to Mr Yip at Echo Photo & Audio and he told me that the Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L USM is in short supply and the street price in Hong Kong have generally gone up to HK$10,500. However, he said they are still willing to sell it for HK$9,800. He said the still price may go down again when the stock situation improves in Hong Kong.

  366. Hi Roland,

    Can you please help me know the price of a 18-200mm nikkor lens DX format (fit for nikon D60) in hong kong. Thank you very much. more power.

    Arth Sengson

  367. Hi Roland,
    hoping you can help looking to get a Nikon D60 Kit which store is the best to pick this up at? I liked that it felt more solid then the Cannon even though I have used one for years. For the cost should I jsut go with the D80 instead? also where is the best place to pick either up. I will be in HK in a week and want this to be my first purchase.

    • Hi Christina,

      I am sorry I really can’t tell you which would be the best store to buy the D60 or D80. I can only tell you which is my favorite store, which will not be difficult to guess if you have read the article above. I recommend all the stores on the recommended list above and I am confident that if you visit any of the stores on the list, you will be able to buy at reasonable prices and highly unlikely to get cheated. Everyone have different preferences, no one store can be the best for everyone.

  368. Halo Roland;

    Greetings from Singapore.

    Thanks for the great effort in putting all the wonderful information regarding HKG; especially cameras. Will pop-by some of your favourite eating places.

    Making a trip to HKG in coming week or two, for leisure and at the same time to get the Canon 5D MkII (maybe w/kit). Will definitely visit your recommended shops.
    Understand that the yen has gone up and had affected the pricing. Do you know what is the current price?


  369. hey
    i am looking for some branded cameras to buy in bulk for wholesale in pakistan but can not find any seller properly with whome i can nigociate for price.i am visiting hong kong in some time but before that i want to know the proper address from where i make my deal already.the cameras can be discontinued models aswell.if somebody deals in cameras or can help please do.i will be thankful.

  370. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for putting up such a fantastic website. Much appreciated. The Canons, Nikons and Sigmas have already seen a price increment over at my region. I certainly hope HK’s pricing is not affected.

    Any idea on the current market price for a Sigma 30mm F1.4 HSM lens w intl warranty?

  371. Hi Roland,
    I am going to visit hong kong in the next few days and I am very interested in getting either the sigma 10-20(hk$ 3300) or the canon 10-22 (hk$5200). Can you tell me if these prices are still correct? Other thing I would lioke to know what would be the differences of a grey import product( eg no box, no warranty, faulty unit) and what price difference would have with the official import
    Many thanks!!

    • Hi Javier,

      I know in general that gray import lenses from Sigma and Canon would be cheaper than official import, the price differences differ for different lenses, for some lenses, the price difference can be quite significant, for others, maybe only marginal. I don’t really know the prices of gray import though. Since you will be in Hong Kong soon, your best bet would be go to shops like Tin Cheung or Echo and ask them for prices of both official and gray import and see if it’s worth it for you to buy gray.

  372. hi roland,

    if you can possibly help me get the price of the following items:

    CANON 35mm 1.4
    CANON 300mm F4

    kindly email me price quote, and i would appreciate it very much
    if you can send a copy of same pricelist by email to:

    thanks so much!!!


  373. Hi Roland,

    I will be in Hong Kong next week. I am in need of a recreational camera, something like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5.

    Can I find a camera like this on Stanley Street.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Niko,

      If you have actually read my article above, then you would know I don’t personally shop at Stanley Street. So I don’t know for sure whether you will find DMC-TZ5 there, but I believe, it’s likely that some shop on Stanley Street will carry that model.

  374. Hi Roland

    I will be in hk for a few days. Would you know where I can find IR converted dslr cameras, preferably nikon d70?

    I have surfed the net and it seems that these cameras are mostly converted in USA. I hope you have information on these type of cameras.

    Thank you and i enjoy reading your blog!!

    all the best


    • Hi Joaquin,

      I have tried to look up an answer for you in the last couple of days, but I am afraid I do not have an answer for you. I really don’t know where you can buy IR converted cameras in Kong Kong.

  375. Hi Roland,
    I have looked at your blog and it is very impressive. May I ask what would be a better choice Canon 50D or Nikon D90 ? I currently have a Nikon D70 18-200 VR lens and looking to upgrade.
    Furthermore, would there be a problem to get warranty service in Singapore if I purchase from Echo ?


    • Hi Mike,

      The Nikon D90 or Canon 50D, which one is the better choice? That is a question I am afraid no one can answer for you except yourself. What I do know is that, both of these cameras are very good and capable of giving very good results. There are pros and cons for either camera. In the end, it’s always a personal choice, but very one will have their own priorities, preference and bias. Just go ahdead with making your own choice, I am sure you will be happy with choosing either.

      If you have read my article above, there are links to Canon and Nikon Hong Kong international warranty information. You can read the details there, but the short answer is that, neither camera carries international warranty if you buy them in Hong Kong.

  376. Roland, you’re a star! 🙂 I’ve just bought a camera at Echo Photo & Audio, and got a really great price – over 15% cheaper than at chain stores. Mr. Yip was very helpful and pleasant to talk to, so five stars for the shop, and another five for you for recommending it! 🙂

  377. Hi, would it be a lot of trouble for you to take a picture of the store front of Echo Photo & Video? I’ve been looking for photos of their storefront but can’t find it.

    • Hi Figaro,

      Although it would not be too difficult for me to take a picture of the store front of Echo, I am not going to do it and post it here. Although I personally like shopping there and I think they are a good and honest shop and would highly recommend them, but I am not affiliated with them in any way, and I don’t want to be seen as trying to “promote” this particular shop. If I take and post a photo of Echo’s store front, then I would have to take photos of all the other recommended shops and post them as well. that would be a lot of work and also clattered the page quite a bit as well.

  378. sorry for asking but im planning to go to honkong this week and hoping to buy a new dslr camera. Does Echo have a canon 500D already available there also is there a warranty included sorry if this was asked already .

    and if i may also ask what is the best way to get there using MTR or any transportation from somewhere near nathan road

    • Hi shen,

      Yes, Echo does sell the Canon EOS 500D. For Canon Hong Kong warranty policy, please read the link in the main article above for details. However, hte basic prinicle is that Canon HK only offers warranty for Hong Kong, Macau & China for DSLR sold in Hong Kong.

      Echo is within short walking distance from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station.

  379. where can i find cheap digital slr nikon cameras? any of the shops that you recommend sells cheap dslr cameras? i hope you can suggest what shops i could visit. thankyou.

  380. Hi Roland,
    Love all your work and learn a lot from it. Will be going to Hong Kong very soon and hope you can find out the price of Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0L US for me so I can compare with the local price.
    Thanks in advance!

  381. Hi Roland,

    Before anything els i would like to type

    Planning to go to Hong kong this coming june (1st wik) and be staying der for 4-5 days only. So maybe you can help me
    Which store do u recomend on buying the sb600 nd the
    batery grip 4 the nikon d40, nikon D300? can you tell me the prices of these items, cause i think the price changes from time to time.

    (Prices here in the philippines: SB600 PHP12,000 (2,000HKD)
    NIKON D300 PHP 66,000 (11,000 HKD)

        • Hi Cole,

          I can only tell you which is my personal favorite shop to buy from (which won’t be difficult to guess if you have read the article above), but I won’t be able to tell you which shop you should buy from, all the shops on the list are recommended. Everyone has their own personal preferences. If there is only one best shop to shop from, then I would only have needed to list one shop. read some of the comments and my replies to see my view on this subject.

  382. Roland, I will be in Hong Kong for 1 day late in June and I need a shop which carries the Panasonic LX3 (outstanding camera) and sells accessories for it (ie: lens adaptors, eye piece, cases, etc.). Do you know which shop in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon has a good selection of Panasonic LX3 supplies?
    Rob from Canada

  383. Hi Roland, I am looking to buy the new Panasonic Lumix 7-14mm lens when I am in Hong Kong next week. I read in May that it would be sold at the initial price of 9790 HKD, which is a bit steep. Anyway, looking at your and ygdragon’s store website links, I could not find this lens in any of them. Have you any advice where I should look for it as many stores do not seem to carry Panasonic lenses?

    • Hi Kirill.

      I just talked to Mr Yip of Echo Photo & Audio. He told me that their price for the Panasonic LUMIX 7-14mm F4.0 is HK$7,700. However, he said Panasonic probably won’t sell the lens by itself, you will need to buy the lens with the DMC-GH1 kit.

  384. Hi,

    Just wanted to give some feedback….

    Just this past weekend I picked up a Pentax k20d camera body with the DA 18-55 mm lens and the da 50-200 mm lens for HKD 7700 at the Citicall on Sai Yeung Choi St. in Mongkok. Package also included:

    -4 gb sd card
    -extra battery (one also came w/camera)
    -soft case
    -1 filter

    Everything was mint, new in box. Initially the quoted price was around 7600 for everything except the card, battery, and filter…they tried to add the filter for 200 (ripoff upsell) and the battery with camera was half off (100 total) so all in I got a good deal.

    I had done extensive research online and knew exactly what I wanted. I brought specific prices from camerakings (u.s. internet retailer where i found the cheapest prices) and basically got the same deal with the added bonus of the sd card, battery and other accessories. My recommendation is: know what you want, don’t be afraid to walk away. My first stop was Wing Shing…they wanted over 8.5K for the camera and lenses…their loss, 1 block later I found Citicall and the price I wanted. ALWAYS BARGAIN DON”T BELIEVE PRICE IS FIXED IT NEVER IS IN HK! If they won’t budge, leave. You don’t need to speak Cantonese even in Mong Kok which is pretty local. Just be sure you know what you want, know the right price, and don’t get upsold/crosssold (ok i bought the filter but got alot less ripped at 100 than 200, so not soooo bad).

  385. Hi Mr. Lim,

    I have succesfully bought my camera at Echo and Mr. Yip was very helpful. When I was selecting a camera, I said that I would buy a camera and ask if I could try the camera and he got the box on display and showed me the camera. When I said that I would buy the camera already, I thought that he would give me a new unit from the inside because I thought that it was a test unit. He said that the unit is not a test unit and they only opened the box for inspection. Although I know that I am not scammed, I’m a little concern that maybe he gave me a demo or old unit because there is already a CF card inside. But since I know that you trust them very much and you wouldn’t shop there for 20 years if they were not honest, I still accepted the package. Being a person who already shopped there for 20 years, are the cameras displayed new units and were not tried by other persons? I would like to know if that is really the practice there because now I am a little worried that maybe I got an old or demo unit for the same price. Thanks and hope that you can clear my doubts about this matter.

  386. Hi Roland,

    I am looking to buy a Tamron 17-50 2:8 (A16) for Nikon, and have come across Tin Cheung Camera who sell it for $2730 when im in HK in a couple of weeks time. Only problem is that I don’t know if this is a good price as I can not read Chinese that is featured on other sites.
    I will also be looking to buy a Sandisk Exetreme III from the same shop for around $600.

    Overall would you say this is a good deal, or could I find cheaper elsewhere? Main problem is that I will mainly be around Kowloon side, so I wont be able to go to HK Island.

    Also could I possibly get a deal with them(or any other retailer) for the combined sale?


    • Hi Figaro,

      I don’t buy or sell 2nd hand stuff myself, so I have no personal experience with any 2nd hand camera shops in Hong Kong. But you can try Tin Cheung Camera, they buy and sell 2nd hand camera and lenses too as I have already written in the main article above. Or you may also try Matsuya Camera & Video Centre at Blk B, Tsimshatsui Mansion, tel: 2724 0893. They are a well known chop specializing in 2nd hand stuff. I have never deal with them before so I can’t tell you if they re good or not.