Canon EOS 40D ISO1600 Test Shots

A lot of people are interested in high ISO performance of the new 40D. I shot a few ISO1600 shots today. You can see them below. All these shots were processed straight from RAW file without any adjustmetn in Digital Photo Professional(DPP). The TIF files convert with DPP were then exported to Photoshop CS3. Only resizing and slight sharpening were done in Photoshop. No other image adjustment were made.

You can see the Canon EOS 40D full review article here.


4 thoughts on “Canon EOS 40D ISO1600 Test Shots

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  2. Thank you Roland, nice pictures. Are these with Noise reduction (NR) on in the camera (my guess is the setting will be applied by DPP)? I have an 5D (excellent) and an extra 400D which i plan to maybe upgrade. b.r. kalle

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