Canon EOS 40D vs 20D External Appearance

I have made some shots comparing the external appearance of the 40D vs the 20D. the main difference is that, you can clearly see that the 40D is significantly bigger than the 20D. I am sorry about the quality of these pics as I have to dig up my ancient Canon Powershot G2 to take these shots as I don’t have another better camera as both the 20D and 40D were in the pics.

You can see the Canon EOS 40D full review article here.


10 thoughts on “Canon EOS 40D vs 20D External Appearance

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  2. I think that the 40D is best to hold because the 20D got such a small grip if i rember right.

    i think 20D is made for female hands, i was afraid to drop it when i saw it.

  3. I’m picking up mine tomorrow. The dealer says that Canon has locked them into the $1300 price. Will give me $400 for my 20D. Just to save myself the trouble of an e-bay sale I am going for the deal.

  4. Finally the real 30D has arrived.. If only they’d upgraded back then.. they wouldn’t be so far behind Nikon..
    Taken on it’s own and compared to previous Canon bodies the 40D looks like a tremendous improvement.. But we don’t live in a vacuum and from the makers of the D200 (excellent camera!) comes the D300 which is absolutely fabulous (on paper).

    Canon, please adjust your thinking cap and move the setting from “incremental improvement” to “real photographic revolution”.

    I will be expecting some pretty serious upgrades from Canon in the future to regain their top spot..

  5. I think its a better value for money to buy the brand new 450D and save real money! Of course u have to buy the battery grip too so that u can still have the feeling of a real camera in your hand… But 12.8 MP in the 450D vs 10MP in the 40D… If you dont mind of taking only 3.5 fps in the 450D against 6.5 fps in the 40D… ITS VALUE FOR MONEY…

  6. @Rui : There are more differences, you can not compare them on specifications only! Just compare the pictures that are taken with both camera’s. The 40D gives less noise and is from magnesim (not plastic). My opinion is that the 40D gives more value or the money.

    + 6,5fps vs 3,5 fps
    + Better sensor
    + Magnesium body
    + More batterycapacity

    +\- Older design, but who says that is bad 🙂 .
    +\- Just look at the photo’s that people take with a SLR hobby.

    – Smaller pictures (but enough is my opinion)
    – The price can be, but for a good Amateur SLR camera it isn’t that much.

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