My Canon 40D Review is getting too much traffic!

It seems that my new 40D review is too popular and getting too much traffic. My photo hosting site has temporily block my account because I have reached over limit today!

“Your account has limited functionality now

Your account has been blocked due to exceeding its traffic limit.

Your account hard daily limit: 4900.0 Mbytes

The amount of the traffic your account can consime today has been exceeded.

The account will be unlocked tomorrow.”

I am sorry some of you can’t see the photos on my 40D review today. You can probably see  them again when they unlock my account tomorrow. In the mena time, I’ll try to work on getting another photo hosting site.


6 thoughts on “My Canon 40D Review is getting too much traffic!

  1. My photos were on Fotki. They are a very big photo hosting and sharing site. I think most if not all photo hosting site with bandwidth limit. they just don’t tell you about it until you hit the limit and they lock your account.

    Fotki actually didn’t block my account until I hit over 41GB bandwidth in 2 hours.

  2. What about zooomr ??? I think they have quite high bandwidth limits and in some cases unlimited. They had a problem with uptime sometime back but seems like they are back on track.

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