HKCCF 2007 Showgirls Gallery with Canon EOS 40D & Adobe Lightroom

I shot these pics on the first day I bought my Canon EOS 40D at the Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival 2007(HKCCF 2007). Now that Adobe has released the updated version of my preferred RAW conversion application, Lightroom 1.2. I have processed the pics from that day and put together a gallery here.

All the pics were shot with Canon EOS 40D with EF 50mm f1.4, EF 85mm f1.8 and EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS. All pics were shot in RAW and converted to .psd format with Adobe Lightroom 1.2 and then exported to Photoshop CS3 with minimal image adjustment (a few had slight Levels adjustment), resizing and sharpening, addition of photo frames and text and saved in jpeg format.

You can click on individual images for a larger view at 25% or original size. You can see quite a bit of fine details at this size.

If you have not read my original Canon EOS 40D review article yet, you can read it here.


27 thoughts on “HKCCF 2007 Showgirls Gallery with Canon EOS 40D & Adobe Lightroom

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  2. No accident here.. I just know you’ll turn out magical photos!

    Really great sharp images. The models are pretty, but you made them prettier.

    Excellent! All Hail Canon God.

  3. Hi Mr. Lim,

    Time and again, you have always demonstrated to us your amazing photography skill. No matter what tool is at your hands, you always know how to make the best of it. And this series, like many other of your truly exceptional work, is fantastic!! You really pushed the 40D, and this is just the beginning. WOW! A fantatic photographer and lovely model, I’m speechless. Thank you so much for sharing yours work. Looking forward to more goodies from you and yours 40D. 🙂

    ~ Cheers ~

  4. Lim Sin San,

    Good job mate., I am from HK as well though in two minds to move into the new D40 since I have a 11 months old Canon 400D with me.

    I like your photos a lot. Keep up the good work going !!!!


  5. As always excellent review and excellent images. reading your review finalized my decision to purchase a 40D.

    I can report I am extremely happy with the results.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and infromation.

  6. no gush here

    My advice, next time, is to realize that you are in a “photographic hell” instead of a studio, where lighting is controlled and good portraits are made, then act accordingly.

    The white balance (thus the skin tone) in those images is quite poor. Your flash is showing in their eyes and making light pools on their faces. Basically, what I see are snapshots, masquerading as portraits.

    Back the he77 OFF, then use your zoom to stand in the “sweet spot” of your flash, thereby avoiding the light pools on the faces. Take 2 minutes to remove the flash from the eyes. Lastly, but certainly not least, in situations where you are forced to shoot under mixed light sources do a custom white balance (with a white piece of paper held EXACTLY at target) before each shot.

  7. Nice portraits. Is it just me, or is the flash way too harsh. A bit of softening might be in order. You are getting glare of their faces.

  8. Hi pod,

    Thanks! The reason for the glare on on faces was because I had to stand rather close to the models for most of the photos. There were simply too many photographers crowding around each model. So if you want to take a reasonably good shot, you had to fight your way to the front row, where you might be within only a few feet away from the model, where it wouldn’t be ideal for flash. I was already suing a pretty good flash diffuser (a Lightsphere II cloud).

    If I were to try to stand further away from the models at the sweet spot for the flash, I would have been blocked by at least 5 or 6 rows of photographers, some of them are either holding the camera and flash up above their head and some even carried a ladder with them and standing on the ladder.

    Basically, I just wanted to demonstrate the ability of the 40D rather than trying to present these shots as great portraits.

    Under the rather unfavorable conditions, I did the best as I could already.

  9. My apologies! They ARE great shots. Could you post process to improve (reduce) the glare? I wouldn’t know how, but perhaps you do and could share.

    B.T.W. Excellent review. I am on the fence on the 40D or the D300 (Nikon). I am giving up on my Pentax iST DS. I tried the K10D and returned it. Any comments/suggestions on that dilemma?

    Any comments/suggestions on lenses? I am looking at the 24-105 F4L IS USM and the 70-300 IS USM (non DO)

  10. Hi pod,

    Yes, it is possible to reduce the glare with post processing, but I didn’t want to do too much post-processing because the pics were meant to demonstrate the ability of the 40D. So I actually did minimal image manipulation during post processing.

    As to your dilemma, I can only comment on the 40D, which I owned and have tested out extensively. I have not even seen the Nikon D300 in real life and have not seen any real review yet. Although, the on paper specs of the D300 looks impressive, I would reserve judgment until I have seen a real production camera/samples/reviews.

    For the moment, I can only say that the 40D is a great camera and will probably satisfy the most photographers with the feature set and image quality.

    As for lenses, the 70-300mm IS USM is a great lens (see my review of this lens here:- )

    There is no doubt that the 24-105mm f4L is a great lens, but in my opinion, the focal range of this zoom is much more suitable on a full frame body than on a cropped frame body like the 40D. On the 40D, the full frame equivalent focal length would become 38.4-168mm, and is a rather awkward zoom range as the wide end really isn’t very wide at all.

    On the 40D, the 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM or the 17-85mm f4-5.6 IS USM would be a much better choice as a general purpose zoom.

  11. Mr. Lim,

    I’m interested in taking photos of myself as a personal photo jornal/blog and maybe headshots for my acting career. I have a Canon ExSlim (for fun), and almost bought a Canon Powershot G9 after seeing my co-worker’s. But the reviews about that are mixed.

    Plus, if I’m going to spend $600+, I may as well spend a few hundred more for a superior product. So now I’m considering this camera instead of the G9. I am not a pro, and will use these photos mainly for the web. But I don’t wat to limit myself. I may get good enough to shot headshots, y’never know 🙂

    Are you really please with your EOS 40D? What’s the difference between cameras, really? Don’t they all take great pics in good lighting? Any input would be appreciated, and thanks for sharing your review and photos.

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  13. Roland,
    I just bought 1 Canon 40D last week and im enjoying it as well. I came from Canon 350D in which i considered it a as goodbye. A few more stuff needed in my 40D like a grip and few IS lenses is what i have in mind.
    I was amazed with the photos you have shown here, how much ISO you have used on these photos that it was really looks crispy.
    Thank you and more power to you!

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