Xi Yan 喜宴 私房菜

Xi Yan is a unique fusion Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong. The cuisine is predominantly a fusion of Northern and Southern Chinese with a small twist of Western and other Asian flavors, but I would still classify the food as Chinese. The restaurant is smallish and quite cozy, and elegantly decorated. Straightly by reservation only.

The food and excellent and service is good. This is a restaurant I would recommend.

Roland’s rating:-

Food ****/*****

Service ****/*****

Ambience ****/*****

Price ****/*****


2 thoughts on “Xi Yan 喜宴 私房菜

  1. Hi, Roland,
    This is Sharon Wilson, associate editor at iChina magazine, a magazine aimed at presenting a multi-faceted China from an intercultural perspective to the Westerners. You may visit our website (www.iChinamag.com) for more info.

    In the upcoming issue, we talk about Chinese private kitchen, including Xi Yan. We feel really impressed by the pictures you took, and would love to reprint them if you allow us to. We’ll credit the photos to you, and include your name in our contributing editors’ list.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (email address removed by admin). Thanks a lot!


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