Jiuzhaigou 九寨溝

Jiuzhaigou Valley (simplified Chinese: 九寨沟; traditional Chinese: 九寨溝; pinyin: Jiǔzhàigōu; lit. “Valley of Nine Villages”; Tibetan: Sicadêgu) is a nature reserve in northern Sichuan province of China. It is known for its many multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. It belongs to the category V (Protected Landscape)in the IUCN system of protected area categorization.

Jiuzhaigou lies at the southern end of the Minshan mountain range, 330 km north of the provincial capital of Chengdu. It is part of the Jiuzhaigou County (formerly Nanping County) in the Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of northwestern Sichuan province, near the Gansu border.

The valley covers at least 240 km², with some protection organizations giving the area as 600 to 720 km², with buffer zones covering an additional 400 to 600 km². Its altitude, depending on the area considered, ranges from 1,998 to 2,140 m (at the mouth of Shuzheng Gully) to 4,558 – 4,764 m (on Mount Ganzigonggai at the top of Zechawa Gully). source : wikipedia.org

I was took a trip there last fall. It is a place of amazing natural beauty with breathtaking scenery that is simply out of this world. unfortunately, the conditions were not really too favorable for photography. It was overcast during morning time, making lighting less than optimal. The sky cleared up before noon time, but the noon and afternoon Sun made the lighting far too harsh. The worst factor was that we were at the wrong scene at the wrong time most of the time when we had to shoot against the light, sometimes directly into the Sun. Anyway, I did the best I could under such circumstances. I can assured you that the actual scenery looked a lot better than in these photos. I hope you will enjoy them nevertheless.

All shots were taken with Canon EOS 40D with Canon EF-S 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 and EF 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS USM. Here’s a small selection of photos from Jiuzhaigou and you can see a full selection of photos at my gallery:- http://public.fotki.com/RolandLim/jiuzhaigou/


8 thoughts on “Jiuzhaigou 九寨溝

  1. Greetings Roland,

    These landscape/scenery photos are stunners, even more so given the conditions you described.
    I’m wondering if you have any thoughts about the Canon wide angle you used vs the Sigma 10-20 mm? At B & H the Canon is $710, the Sigma $499. I’m coming to teach in Shenzhen this school year and plan to take lots of photographs. Do you offer any photo tours of H.K., or would you consider this (for a fee, of course)?
    Kind regards,
    Karen from Canada

  2. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the kind comment! Glad you liked the pics.

    The Sigma 10-20mm should be a good lens and you should be able to get god results with it. However, the Canon EF-S 10-22mm is better, but more expensive. If you can stretch your budget, I would suggest you go for the Canon 10-22mm, which should serve you better in the long run. If your budget is limited, then Sigma should do fine.

    At present, since I am not doing this for money, I have not considered doing photo tours. However, give me a shout before you come to Hong Kong and I see what I can do.

  3. Wow!! These are spectacular views! Once again, I am impressed by the colors and clarity. All the images are excellently composed, while maintaining the peaceful integrity of Jiuzhaigou.

    Thank you for sharing a piece of your mind and creativity to us all.

    My fave is 6365. Just stunning!!

  4. Thanks for your reply, Roland! I’m finding myself agreeing with James, 6365 is the outstanding image, but the others are amazing as well. It would be interesting to know how you edited these before posting. You really are a master of composition!

  5. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for these wonderful pictures of Jiuzhaigou ~ if you go to my blog you will see why these pictures will mean so much to me because I have booked a visit to the valleys for the middle of July, and now the road link is cut from Chengdu unless we can fly, this part of my travels in China will have to be curtailed.

    I am very much an amateur photographer but if you want to see some of my pictures you will find them on http://picasaweb.google.com/dahyates

    Thanks again,

  6. Hi Mr. Lim,

    Breathtaking ~ This series of yours is truly beautiful… Your ability in capturing the beauty of nature with your composition, to bring the senses of relaxation and joys of mothernature beauty to us is timeless… Every fotos in this series is so memorable… I really feel like as if I’m there. Wonderful work!! ^^

  7. Amazing pics! What a coincidence that your orginal post is just a day before the earthquake stroke Sichuan. Unfortunately Jiuzhaigou was damaged as well and closed quite a while for visitors.

    As I said: amazing pics; and more and more I’m regretting I didn’t go there when I was in China.

    Cheers, Michael

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