Wagyu no sato Yoshikyu 和牛の里 よし久

We took a train back to Fukuoka after we left Huis Ten Bosch in the evening. We went to a restaurant that specialized in serving BBQ wagyu beef. The name of the restaurant is Wagyu no sato Yoshikyu (和牛の里 よし久)

They serve some of the best quality wagyu beef. They also carry a large variety of Japanese liquor. Of course we had another great meal that night.

One of our favorite drink in Japan is Umeshu and they carry a good variety.

This is wagyu tongue. The flavor and texture was so wonderful. It’s hard to decribe with words. Somthing that you have to try for yourself.

Their A5 grade wagyu beef was exquisite as well, of course!

The chef/manager was a very nice man.

This was a special Hibiscus flower liquor that they made themselves. The chef treated us to a glass.

Dessert and fruit was on the house too.

When we left, the chef gave a souvenior to us.

Click here for the next part of the journey.


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