Canon EOS 50D

Unless if you have been living in a cave, you would have known by now that Canon have announced the launch of the new EOS 50D yesterday. Rumours of this new camera have have spreading around the web in he last few weeks and a leak from the Canon China web-site last week have further proven the existence of the 50D. If you have not read much about this new camera, here is a list of sites for info.

1. Canon official press release

2. Rob Galbraith report

3. preview

4. Digital Camera Source Page report

5. Imaging Resource preview

6. Brutus Östling blog field testing (a Swedish site with Google translation)

7. 50D page at Canon EOS Digital site

From what I have read so far, the new 50D is likely to include major advance in imaging and sensor technology from Canon with better image quality at both low and high ISO settings. It is said to be at least 1 to 1.5 stops better than the 40D for high ISO noise, even though the sensor has a much higher resolution. The sensor is a new design with gapless microlenses. The first Canon DSLR to use this new generation sensor. It is also the first Canon DSLR to use the new Digic IV processor, which promises faster image processing and autofocus and also promises to improve high ISO noise reduction. Whether the new technologies will really transform into lower noise and better image quality will remain to be seen when the production camera bcomes available fo testing.

Other significant improvements that do not directly affect image quality include VGA resolution 3″ LCD display (whether the 50D display the low resolution thumbnail image during image review or high resolution image like Nikon D3 remains to be seen), improved antidust function, HDMI output, support for UDMA CF cards.

I have contacted my sources at Canon Hong Kong, but they don’t know the exact date of shipment yet and they also have no info on pricing in Hong Kong yet. The only preliminary estimate is that it may arrive in Hong Kong some time during mid to late Sept 2008. I look forward to get my hands on a new 50D when it arrives in Hong Kong and I will try to get an early review up like the 40D review I put up last year. No promise though!

It should also be well known by now that Canon will release at least 1 or 2 new full frame DSLR soon to replace the aging EOS 5D. The sources confirmed that at least one new model will be announced soon. I will seriously consider getting one of these new full frame DSLR depending on the final release specs and pricing.


5 thoughts on “Canon EOS 50D

  1. Hi Roland

    Looking forward to your review and hoping that the 40D will
    get even cheaper as to get a second body. Ive checked all
    the web sites you mensioned and it looks like a big improvement on the 40D.Im still familiarizing myself with the 40D as to warrent the change, but we are all looking forward to your review you did such a good job of the 40D.

    Thanks again
    Louis down under

  2. Canon 50D is GREAT!
    I bought my new baby, 50D body and 18-200mm lens, on 26 Sept from Hing Lee Camera Co. at 25 Lyndhurst Terrace, Hong Kong, tel 2544 7593 and 2544 9043. I paid 15.000 HKdollars and been just happy.
    Today some other shop gave me an offer here for 10.000 HKD but honestly, I do not trust on it. I got the warrantee and excellent service from Hing Lee. Hugs to the staff if you read this.
    The camera is great but found some problems to survive with my old laptop as only on holidays here in HK, not enough memory for all huge pictures. Luckily nowadays external hard disks are not too expensive any more, just bought a new Freewalker with 320G memory, only some 700 HKD.
    One solution certainly is to shoot at lower level resolution but I prefer unique picture with capacity to crop later as I want. So far some 2000 pics and can recommend to anyone Canon 50D.
    Happy greetings,
    On holidays in Hong Kong

  3. Hi Heli,

    For $15,000, of course they really should give your excellent service. The price of the 50D kit with 18-200mm should be closer to $13,000.

    I didn’t tell you this to make you feel bad that you have paid too much, but it’s just to let other people know that $15,000 should not be the normal street price. Readers of my blog should check out my other blog articel on 50D street price in Hong Kong:-

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