Nikon D90

Nikon has just annouced the new D90 today. Info of this camera has been leaked on the web for awhile. It seems to be the strategy of camera makers like Nikon and Canon to leak the info shortly before the official relase, whether intentional or not. Anyway, you can read about the info on this new camera from links below:-

1. Official press release

2. Imaging Resource preview

3. Dpreview preview

4. Rob Galbraith report

5. Sample video (click on D-Movie Demo button on linked page)

6. Sample video

7.  Sample images

8.  Sixteen page brochure

Besides a modest increase in resolution from 10 to 12MP, increase ISO range to ISO 3200 and a new 3″ VGA resolution VGA LCD display, the really new innovation is certainly the inclusion of video mode, a “first” in any DSLR.

I think the intense competition between the Nikon, Canon, Sony and other DSLR camera makers is good sign and will bring better and improved products for all end users. This is an exciting time for all DSLR users.


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