I will be going to Beijing

I will be going for a short trip to Beijing tomorrow. It will be my first trip to the capital city of China. It should be interesting to visit the post-Olypmic Beijing to visit the Olympic stadium before they change it to something else.

Of course I plan to visit the must see sites like Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and the Greast Wall etc. If you are one of my readers who knows Beijing well, I am opened to suggestionas to intersting places to visit nd good restaurants recommendation.

On another note, blog sites like WordPress.com are usually blocked in China in my experience during previous travel to China. I should be able to get on wordpress via one of the proxy sites. However, I will not be able to answer any quations while in Beijing because it is usually not possible to log into my wordpress acount via these proxy sites. So if you have any questions, you will have to wait until some time next week before I can answer them after I get home.

If the weather is good, I hope to be able to take some good photos and share it with you here. See you all again next week!


4 thoughts on “I will be going to Beijing

  1. I’m not sure if you can visit the Olympic park yet as they said they’ll only open it up during the October holidays. Try to visit 798 if you’re into art. Eat at 1949 Hidden Courtyard, it’s a series of restaurants with different themes. Visit the New Qianmen Street and other modern marvels which I’ve written on my blog.

    As for wordpress, I’m actually in China right now blogging. google “lost laowai wordpress” and follow the steps he wrote on his blog and you’ll be fine.

  2. Hi Mr. Lim!! =)

    That sound awesome!! Have lots of fun!! =D Can’t wait to see your take of Forbidden City and many beautiful location around Beijing. =)

    ~ Have fun and ummm… happy belated Moon Festival. ^^; ~

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