To Those Who Thought I Was Wrong……

For all those who still think it was pointless or ridiculous for me to have compared the Canon 50D to Nikon D3 at high ISO in my review of the Canon EOS 50D, perhaps you should read this article by Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape, a well-known professional reviewer:-

He compared a US$40,000 Hasselblad and Phase One 39 Megapixel back with a US$500 Canon G10. Oh my gosh, have Michael gone crazy? Did he really expect the cheapo Canon G10 to compete with the megabucks Hasselblad? And Canon never made any claim that the G10 could go up against a medium format camera with a huge sensor anyway! Rather than continue to flame me here, perhaps you should all go to and flame Michael instead 😉

Certainly, this must be much more crazy than doing a comparison between a Suzuki with a BMW or a comparison between a Panasonic P&S digicam and Nikon D90.

If don’t understand what I am talking about, go read my review of the Canon EOS 50D and some of the comments I received.


2 thoughts on “To Those Who Thought I Was Wrong……

  1. At some print size , G10 can match a middle format cam.
    But not when 100% cropped….

    The point is, the majority is more concerned with 100% cropped image quality rather than how it would look like at the print size they want.

    People screamed ” I don’t need high megapixel!”
    but they would probably never understand they don’t need to view 100% crop unless they are printing a huge print.

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