Canon EOS 5D Mark II Available Soon in Hong Kong

Canon Hong Kong has just published a new press release for the 5D Mark II. According to the press release, it should be available in Hong Kong by end of November 2008. Still no official price info yet though. You can download the press release here.

I am crossing my fingers and hope to get one real soon. I will of course write and update when it’s available. I will try to put up a short initial impression and a more detailed review article later.


9 thoughts on “Canon EOS 5D Mark II Available Soon in Hong Kong

  1. Looking forward to your initial review. Will canon sensor meet expectation or will it be noisy just like the 50D. Looking forward to your review and many of us really appreciate the work you are doing with your reviews.

  2. Hi.
    Do you know what the price will be? And where will it be available in hong kong? At what shops. I´m there for mid of Decemeber and hoping that I´ll be able to buy one. Thanks,

  3. Hi Alf,

    As I have said in the post, the 5D Mark II should be available in Hong Kong from end of November. However, no exact date is known yet and still no official pricing info from Canon Hong Kong. However, from a reliable source, Canon Hong Kong should have official price by 27th November 2008. There is already a huge demand for this camera with a lot of pre-orders. It is likely that the initial supply will be very tight. I am afraid it would be highly unlikely that you will be able to just pick it up at the shops without pre-order during mid-December.

  4. Hi Roland,
    Thanks for the answer! Okey, I can see the problem with a lot of pre-orders. Do you know any shops in Hong Kong with and on-line shop that I could pre-order it from? It´s not that important that i got it when i´m there, because i also got and friends thats working in HK and coming home to Norway later this year, so she could also pick it up for me. Thanks a lot for your help. /Alf

  5. Hi Alf,

    On line camera shops are not very popular in Hong Kong. However, Tin Cheung Camera does have a website that deal with online shopping, so you can try them (see my article on Recommended Camera shops in Hong Kong:- )

    However, if you have friends working in Hong Kong, why not ask them to go to camera shops in Hong Kong and order a 5D Mark II for you and then take it back to Norway later next year?

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