Canon EOS 5D Mark II available in Hong Kong today?

I have been told by my contact at Canon Hong Kong that the first batch of 5D MarkII (in very limited quantity) should be shipping to dealers from today. That means if you are really lucky, you maybe able to see it on the street either today or tomorrow. The official list prices are:-

Body only HK20,800

Kit with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM HK$28,300

I have ordered 3 5D Mark II at Echo Photo & AUdio for myself and 2 other friends. The prices at Echo are:-

Body only HK$19,500

Kit with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM HK$27,800

You are unlikely to be able to find the 5D Mark II have heavy discount from the offical price for awhile, when it is in short supply and high demand. I don’t think the street price would go down for at least the next 3 to 4 months when the supply catches up with demand.

I will update you when I get my hands on the 5D Mark II.


7 thoughts on “Canon EOS 5D Mark II available in Hong Kong today?

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  2. Hi Roland, I will be travelling to Kuala Lumpur in early January and would love to get my hands on a 5d Mark II and a couple of good lenses – 15mm Canon EF and the kit lens 24-105.

    I can travel to hong kong, japan or Singapore if it will save a bit of cash but I was just wondering whether you knew how the prices differ in those places and whether HK and Japan were significantly cheaper?

    Ive heard that Canon lenses are significantly cheaper in Japan. Any info would be really helpful.

    All the best,

    • The 5D Mark II is in short supply worldwide including Hong Kong at the moment. There is a huge waiting list. I suspect the supply situation will not improve by much in Jan 2009. So you can try your luck, but will have to be lucky to get one off the streets next month.

      Canon lenses are supposed to be cheaper in Japan than in Hong Kong. That’s why there are some gray market imported “L” lenses from Japan selling cheaper than those officially imported into Hong Kong. But I have no idea where to find those cheap lenses in Japan. When I travelled to Japan, I walked into large camera shops like Bic Camera and their prices were not cheaper than in Hong Kong at all.

  3. Hey guys, I just got back from Shanghai and guess what, the price of 5D mark II in Shanghai is 16300rmb for the body and 21400 rmb for the kit set! if you convert back to hkd at 0.89 at the moment you will see that it represents a significant discount!!!

    I think Canon should lower the price in HK as well.. I am buying mind on my next trip to Shanghai cause I didn’t have enough cash with me and they don’t take Visa.

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