I Have Reached 1/2 Million Mark! Plus 5D Mark II Update….

I started this blog since 19th June 2007 and today, the hit count has gone over the 1/2 million mark. Some statistics below:-

Total views: 500,192

Busiest day: 18,438 


Posts: 110

Comments: 1,385

Categories: 286

I would like to thank all my readers for visiting this site. I have not been able to update this blog with new articles as often as I would have liked, but I will try my best. Even if I could not publish too many new articles, I have always tried to reply to comments and questions. So if you have any comments or questions, you can continue leaving them here.

Some Canon EOS 5D Mark II update now. This camera has been available in Hong Kong in limited numbers since Tuesday. I have ordered 3 bodies through Echo Photo & Audio (which is my favorite camera shop in Hong Kong) for myself and 2 other friends. The 5D Mark II has been widely seen around town in large chain stores like Fortress and Broadway. Unfortunately, Canon Hong Kong did not seemed to care too much about smaller independent camera shops like Echo Photo & Audio. Although they have pre-ordered a few 5D Mark II from Canon Hong Kong, they were eventually allocated 0 bodies. Hopefully, they maybe able to get a few bodies in the 2nd shipment next week.

However, they have acquired a 5D Mark II body through another channel today. Actually, I was on number 1 on their waiting list. Although I really wanted to have this camera, I had to let a good friend of mine have this camera first, since he will be going on an Antarctica holiday sooon and he really needed to have this new camera, I had no choice but to let him have the camera before me.

I have played with his new 5D Mark II a bit though tonight and I am already quite impressed. Focusing is much better than I expected, even the peripheral focus sensor seemed to locked on focus quite well under low lighting. Live view and movie mode are very impressive indeed. Manual focusing during live view and movie mode is very easy with the high resolution LCD. Auto exposure seemed to work very well too in movie, changing exposure setting quite rapidly when panning from bright to dark scenes. I did not have enough time to test out high ISO shots on a computer screen yet, that would have to wait until I get my own 5D Mark II.

Anyway, with any luck, I will get my 5D Mark II next week. If Canon Hong Kong is watching, please ship a few 5D Mark II to Echi Photo & Audio next week (HINT! HINT!). Or perhpas I should write a complaint letter to CEO of Canon Hong Kong ;P

Oh, just one last note. For all 40D & 50D portrait grip users who are planning on upgrading to 5D Mark II……….. The 5D Mark II battery grip DOES have an AF-ON button!


14 thoughts on “I Have Reached 1/2 Million Mark! Plus 5D Mark II Update….

  1. It is truly wonderful to know that you were so willing to put your friend’s desire and needs ahead of your own by letting take the 5D MkII first.
    What an awesome act!!!

  2. A question and a note – first, what was the topic of the day of max hits? Second, Photo Scientific on Stanley St. was extremely helpful in advancing me the 5dMkII. Only last week I jumped on their (apparently fairly short) list as I was concerned that the other dealer that I had long been on the list for might not get a camera in time for my impending trip to Africa. (the delivery timing, of course, created some personal angst… I could conceivably get the camera in time for this trip!). I called yesterday, as I was soon to board my flight – they received one, and expected additional on Saturday. Knowing my circumstance, and without prompting, they took the initiative to call a customer who was due to pick up the camera that was delivered on Friday and he deferred until Saturday. I have the camera now and am amazed at some of the bigger, and as you note about focus, less frequently described, improvements over my 5d. A further comment on Photo Scientific. First, they are highly honorable and reliable. Although this is my first purchase from them (their prices generally are on the higher edge), they had a good price on the 5dMkII and made the effort to accommodate my needs. And whenever I’ve been in, window shopping or buying a small item, they treated me with great courtesy. Last note, they still ‘do’ film (and quite economically)… for your reader looking for such.

  3. Thanks for the advice! We will be cruising around Asia in February, and will hit Hong Kong early in the trip. Just yesterday I was talking about the 5D Mk II, & my wife suggested I research picking it up in Hong Kong.

    Haven’t purchased a camera in Hong Kong since my Nikon F3 was new. Is the savings substantial when shopping in Hong Kong?

  4. Thanks for the update Roland! And impressing stats!

    My friend ordered the 5dMarkII from a shop called “Jonny” for me so I´ll cross my fingers they get it before the 15th of December!!

  5. Hi Joe,

    Whether you’ll find substantial savings with shopping for cameras in Hong Kong depends on where you come from. Many people coming from European countries and some Asian countries will find prices in Hong Kong cheaper than in their home countries. But some countries may sell cameras at comparable prices to those in Hong Kong, or may even be cheaper than in Hong Kong.

    So you really have to know the price in your country and then you can compare to the price in Hong Kong to see if it will be worthwhile for you to buy in Hong Kong.

  6. Hi Alf,

    The first batch of stocks which arrived in the shops last week should be more or less completely sold out. I have not personally seen any around town last couple of days and have not heard of reported sight of the new camera in the shops.

    As far as I could gather, new stocks should be trickling in end of this week to next week. If you want to be guaranteed a camera, you really should pre-order. You’ll have to be quite lucky to walk into a shop and find a 5D Mark II to buy as stocks will continue to be rather tight for awhile.

  7. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for all the 5D Mk II info and reviews. I just got mine last Friday (similar to HK, Canon Malaysia seems to stock bigger retailers and their own brand stores first). Just in time for a wedding shoot last night. Amazing camera. Do you know if Echo Photo (I got my 40D from there last year) has the LP-E6 battery yet? No one here seems to have spare batteries for the 5D Mk II yet!

    Anyways, just to share, the price in Malaysia is RM8650 (expect to pay a bit more with a credit card) which is roughly HKD19,500.


  8. It is truly wonderful to know that you were so willing to put your friend’s desire and needs ahead of your own by letting take the 5D MkII first.
    What an awesome act!!!

  9. Hi Roland

    thanks for all the great info. I have been looking for a 5D for sometime and was close to get one here in USA. But after finding your great site. I am thinking of sending my friend to buy the body/lens 24-105 from Echo Photo & Audio. Can you help confirm price and availability as well as if this is import or grey market ? thanks again for all your help

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