New Canon EOS 5D Mark II Finally in My Hands Now!

I was supposed to get my brand new 5D Mark II last week, but due to unforseen circumstances, I only just got mine tonight. I bought a body with the battery grip and an extra battery. One of the batteries have been charged up already and now charging the 2nd battery. I will go through the camera and start doing some tests as soon as possible. Just some teaser pics tonight 🙂


My new 5D Mark II with the battery grip in the background


You can clearly see the AF-ON button on the battery grip!


New battery charging up


A shot outside my window at ISO 6400, no noise reduction applied


7 thoughts on “New Canon EOS 5D Mark II Finally in My Hands Now!

  1. Your 6400 photo looks awesome especially being 6400. Looking forward to your review and other observation as I am STILL waiting for mine to arrive.

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  3. If only I had the 5DII for the Indian wedding I shot recently and I would have certainly provided a real world test of its ISO 3200-6400 capabilities. I’ve had my share of disappointment with Canon to have almost ruined a perfect opportunity for me that could have generate more sales for them in return.

    Congratulations on the investment and welcome to the world of video editing! 🙂

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