Canon EOS 5D Mark II ISO6400 shots

I am starting to test out different functions of the 5D Mark II tonight. Just shot some ISO 6400 pics, all jpg straight from the camera, in-camera noise reduction set to standard.The pics were resized in Photoshop to 20% original size and slight sharpening added. No other post-processing was done. I just took these shots from my patio at home with the 5D Mark II and EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM. Obviously,these shots are not work of art, but I am quite pleased with the quality of the shots. 5D Mark II ISO 6400 + f2.8 aperture + IS seems to be a potent combo for low light photography. You can click on the individual pics for an enlarged view.





11 thoughts on “Canon EOS 5D Mark II ISO6400 shots

  1. Go Roland go. Yes, these shots are awesome. Looking forward to your continuing commands and final review. I am now feeling good I pre-order my 5D2. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

  2. Phew… i got scared when i saw the photos with the dark pixels but you saved my day with these.
    Nicely done, cant wait to get mine. Sweden seems to have managed to get 10 cameras at most. Guess i will have one in january.

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  4. Hi Roland,
    For ordinary shots they are sharp and clear looking
    forward to final review.
    Glad i was not naked in my kitchen at the time.Ha! Ha!
    Louis D/under

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