5D Mark II Review Still Coming

I am still working on my 5D mark II review. Unfortunately, it’s taking more time than I would like as there are just so much to write about. I have also been interrupted by a short trip to Taiwan during the last few days. However, I had a lot of chance to try and test out my 5D mark II during real life and some challenging conditions. I hope to continue writing the review over this week and hopefully will be able to publish by this weekend.

As a preview, here is just one photo I took during the Taiwan trip. It was taken at a hot spring resort hotel at night. It was actually very dark with very dim lighting. I took the shot hand held with my 5D Mark II and EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM at ISO6400. The RAW file was converted to TIFF with Canon Digital Photo Professional and then re-sized and sharpened in Photoshop. You can click on the image for a larger view.


And a very short video taken at night time in Taipei city.

Or click here for a link to HD version of this video.


3 thoughts on “5D Mark II Review Still Coming

  1. Roland,

    Your images of Taipei are stunning and your reviews of Canon equipment are excellent. I’m looking forward to reading your 5D MKII review. Not many amateurs can afford this camera or even find one here in the US.

    If I ever get over to Taipei again I’ll send you an email. You’ve definitely found the most beautiful areas to photograph.

    Jeff Lynch
    Sugar Land, TX (US)

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