Latest Street Price for Canon EOS 5D Mark II in Hong Kong

The supply situation of the 5D Mark II in Hong Kong seemed to have improved and the street prices have gone down as well. The latest prices (from Echo Photo & Audio) are :-

Body only HK$19,000

Kit with EF 24-105mm HK$26,000

Those who either live in Hong Kong or might be visiting soon should have a good chance of getting the 5D Mark II at a new low price.


38 thoughts on “Latest Street Price for Canon EOS 5D Mark II in Hong Kong

  1. Hi Roland

    HK$19000 – can you tell me what dealers are selling that price .. and does that include international warranty .. or just HK/China??

  2. g’day roland!

    have you shopped at coxells? C2 I think its called in mongkok?

    do you think they are well priced?

    also where would you get the best price for a 5D mk II today?

    Im in HK soon!!!


    • Hi ben,

      I have never shopped at Coxells and have no personal experience with this shop, so I am afraid I can’t tell you much about this shop.

      I really cannot tell you where you would get the best price for 5D Mark II (or any other camera or lenses) in Hong Kong either. I neither have the resources or time to go around town to check which sho would sell what at the cheapest price and at the same time being a reliable shop. I can only tell you which camera shops from my personal experiences are known to be reliable and sell at reasonable price. I believe the price I quoted on this page is still probably one of the cheapest price you will find for the 5D Mark II in town, although I cannot guarantee it will be absolutely the cheapest. You can read my article on Recommended Camera Sops in Hong Kong for more detail:-

  3. Hi Roland, & thank you for your great reviews and pricing info!!

    Do you have any updates for 50D or 5D mk II kit pricing and availability? And do you know if Echo or other camera stores are open normally during Lunar new year, mon 26th – wed 28th, since I’m in town then? Any recemmedations for a flash unit for 50D or 5D mk II, do you think there is any other usable alternatives for Canon’s own high end models?

    Thank you in advance!
    – Jyrki / Finland

    • Hi Jyrki,

      The prices I quoted above for the 5D Mark II at Echo Photo & Audio are still current. The 50D kit prices at Echo are:-
      50D with 17-85mm – HK$11,000
      50D with 18-200mm – HK$12,800

      The 50D has been widely available in Hong Kong for quite awhile. As for the 5D Mark II, I have seen it in stock in practically all camera shops in Tsim Sha Tsui area including small independent camera stores and large chain stores like Broadway and Fortress. I doubt you’ll have any problem finding either cameras while you are in Hong Kong.

      I have not tried flash of other makes with 50D or 5D Mark II. However, I have heard that some 3rd party flash units may not be working correctly with 5D Mark II and may require firmware update. Personally, I think it’s safer just to buy Canon flash units like the 580EX II. That should guarantee to work with either 50D or 5D Mark II.

      Oh, almost forgot, I asked Echo and they will be closed on the first 3 days of Chinese New Year, that is from 26th to 28th Jan 2009.

  4. thanks roland!

    I understand 100% that you can’t price everything… it was more of a passing comment 🙂

    also I have shopping at C2 before, and bought a 40D there… so I was curious to know if it rated on the HK radar so to speak!!!

    but no big deal 😉

    I have 4 trips coming up to HK so sure will be saving for the 5D II !!!!

    thanks again for all your info!!!!

  5. Hello Mr Lim!

    Thank you for all your post about the 5DmkII and especially the post about the Hong Kong shops!

    I am a student from Czech Republic and I have a week in HK just ahead of me. And since I was planning this stay mainly to do some intensive photography in the HK area, I am quite restless considering the fact, that my 5DmkII with the 24-105/4,0 hasn’t arrived since late november :-/ Situation here in CR is really horrific!
    So right now I am considering to try to get it on my first days in HK.

    I was heading for the Echo Photo & Audio store you were mostly talking about, therefore do you please have some information about the current prices? And also wether they are open on weekends? (I am arriving on friday 20/2 evening)

    Only thing that scares me is the non-international warranty. I hardly thing I will ever again get the chance to visit HK, neither will I have somebody going there.
    So is there some way of getting this international warranty for the 5DmkII?

    Thank you very much in advance!


    • Hi David,

      Echo is opened 7 days a week and don’t close on Sunday or public holidays as in like 99.99% of shops in Hong Kong. The last time I heard, the price of the 5D Mark II should be around HK$19,000 at Echo.

      As for international warranty, I am afraid there is no way you can get international warranty with 5D Mark II in Hong Kong. Canon Hong Kong simply does not offer it.

  6. Hi Roland,

    & thank you for the information.

    I bought 5D Mark II kit with EF 24-105mm and 580EX II during Chinese New Year week in late January. The service at Echo was excellent, and Mr. Yip managed to get one kit for me even though they were closed for 3 days during my visit in HK and when I visted them for the first time they didn’t have any in stock at that time.

    During my week in HK I visited a whole bunch of other camera dealers in TST and MongKok area, but not too many places had 5D Mark II available at that time.


  7. Hi Camel,

    I ended up paying 30.900 HKD for:
    -5D mk II
    -24-105 mm
    -580 EX II flash
    -8GB Extreme III CF
    -UV filter for the lens
    -lcd screen protection sheet
    -European specs power chord/plug for the charger

    I paid with credit card, I think the price might have been a little less with cash.


  8. are any of the canon 5d mark II made in china? How can one tell if you buy one either in HK or at one of the numerous on-sites which advertises unbelievable low prices for the body and or the kit?

    • Hi Joe,

      In general, if it sounded too good to be true, then it really it is too good to be true. Internet is full full scam sites advertising cameras and lenses at unbelievably low prices. I would not even bother looking at any of them, let alone buying from them. You’ll end up losing a lot more than you gain.

      As far as I know, all Canon 5D Mark II bodies are made in Japan. I have never heard of 5D Mark II bodies made in China.

  9. I bought my 5D2 (body only) about a month ago i.e. early May for HKD18,900 from Kinefoto on Stanley Street near Central. He was the cheapest i came across in HK and Kowloon stores. Ask for Simon – he’s honest and wont negotiate at all cause prices are good.

  10. Please let me know the cost for Canon 5D mark II with zoom
    24-105 in dolars and how do I buy it and where. What is the most reyalable place in Hong kong.? How much is Nikon 700 body

    I would like to have this camera shipped to Europe.

    Many thanks

    V. Bibic

    • Hi vladmir,

      Please read my articles on “Recommended Camera Shops in Hong Kong” and “Camera and Lens Street Price List In Hong Kong”. You should be able to find your answers there.

  11. Dear Roland Lim.
    I will be passing through Hong Kong Airport on a trip to New Zeland. could you please let me know If I could buy a Canon 5000d in duty free or in any other shop in the airport and if so how much???

  12. Hi Roland.

    I will go hong kong next month. I want buy EOS 5D MARK II.
    did you know current price EOS 5d MARK II(only body) ?

  13. Hi Roland,

    great site with great info thanks.

    Visiting HK in August, thinking of buying 5D kit, is the Lens in the Kit( EF 28-105mm L) any good. I take mainly landscape Photos and Sporting events Moto Gp mainly as a hobby. Would you recommend just getting the body, and buying 2 other lenses –What would you recommend?? Will have approx 30000HK$
    2nd Question, staying at the InterContinental, which is the camera Shop nearby ( walking) that you would recommend

    • Hi John,

      Intercontinental Hotel is conveniently located at Tsim Sha Tsui district. There are quite a few camera shops on my “Recommended Camera Shops in Hong Kong” list in this area, including Echo Photo and Audio, Tin Cheung Camera and branches of Fortress, Broadway and Citicall all within walking distance.

      As for lens suggestion, you can consider getting the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM if budget allows, or alternatively the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM if budget is tighter.

  14. Hi roland,

    greatsite, great advice and great pics.
    Currently using a Canon 500d,
    visiting HK in August, thinking of buying a Canon 5d mark 2, your review is great. In your opinion is the 24-105 L lens included in the Kit Pack worth the money, or would i be better buying just the 5d body and buying two other lenses. Have HK$ 30000 budget!! I mainly take landscape and sporting photos ( mainly Motorbike racing) but some general portrait photos too as a hobby..

    Which lenses would you recommend???

    Also we are staying at the Intercontinental, not sure of the local Camera shops nearby, which one would you recommend??

    Lots of questions I know, but thanks for your help!!


  15. Good day friend, Can you please tell me where to buy a Canon 1 D s mark 3, and if possible what should i pay? I am planning to vissit Hong Kong soon, i come from South Africa. is it safe to buy a camera from H/K i mean for warrenty purposes.
    Thank you!

  16. Hi Roland,

    I was looking for the current pricelist of canon cameras in HK and I found your blog really helpful. I’d appreciate it if you’ll have time to update the pricelist cause I’m planning to buy a 50D next month. I’m from Manila by the way. Thanks much! Keep posting!


    • Hi Muhammad,

      I have no idea about prices of cameras in Tokyo, but for please visit my page on “Camera and Lens Street Price List in Hong Kong” for latest Ito on street price. You can find the link to the article on the right side.

  17. Great info ! But seems prices info some old .. does anybody knows fresh HK prices for :
    Canon 550D (body/kit)
    Canon 5DMarkII (body)
    Maybe some lens info 70-200/4 IS, 100-400 , etc.

    Thanks in advance, regards

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