Playstation Girls 2008 at AGS with 5D Mark II

I took my 5D Mark II to the Asian Game Show for testing last month. I happened to be around when Sony held the Playstation Girl beauty pageant. With the makeshift stage and mediocre stage lighting, I think it was a good test for shooting in some less than ideal condition. All the photos were shot in RAW with 5D Mark II, EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM and 580EX and Cloud Lightsphere II + Amber dome. The RAW files were converted to jpeg with Lightroom. You can click on the photos for a full resolution view.

I am very pleased with the image quality of the 5D Mark II. You can read my full review of this camera here if you have not read it yet.


9 thoughts on “Playstation Girls 2008 at AGS with 5D Mark II

  1. Pretty weird to see so much noise at ISO 400 :/

    I’m talking about the backgrounds as well as the hair. Well, that might come from the flash?

  2. Holy Crap!
    You can see the faint outline of the contact on the whites of the girl’s eye (the girl on the right) in pic seven!! I want my 5D MKII right now!! Actually, it would seem that most if not all of them have fake eye-colour contacts.

    • Hi Rafale,

      Those photos were taken last month, long before Canon released new firmware 1.0.7. And for goodness sake, no one would see those black dots in the reflections of the eyes when viewed at a realistic size. I am not bothered by it at all.

  3. Outstanding shots if you consider, as you say, the terrible lighting. You got some great opportunities too with the positioning, where you right at the front?

    • Hi NikitttA,

      All the photos were shot at f2.8 and the depth of field was quite shallow. If you click on some of the photos, you can see the full 100% size version, you will be able to see that the focus points were on one of the eyes of the girls.

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