Paradise at 40,000 feet

If you have read my previous post before, you would know that I love sitting at window seat on a plane and admring the view of the world outside. Just the cloud patterns alone can be so devinely beautiful sometimes. Although there is always a bit of luck, depending on the cloud pattern, time of the day and position fo the Sun, the view may not always be too intersting. However, if you are lucky, sometimes you will be able to see and capture some truly amazing view outside.

These are a few photos I took on a trip last year. I personally really like them. They were captured with Canon EOS 40D and Sigma 30mm f/1.4.


4 thoughts on “Paradise at 40,000 feet

  1. Wonderful, serene & inspiring photos!

    Please advice if these are taken from the window (has to be!) and how it is taken – I normally will have reflections from the window.

    • Hi virtualess,

      Thanks! Yes, of course I took the photos through a normal airplane window. The way to minimize reflection from the window is to keep the lens as close to the window as possible. Often, I have the front of the lens (actually, the UV filter attached to the front of the lens) resting against the window surface.

  2. Hi Roland,

    Thank you.

    I just returned from a holiday at Kota Kinabalu and I enjoyed shooting the clouds and the skies etc. This is the first time I have a wide angle lens (17-40mm L) and a reasonably good zoom lens (70-200mm L f4) and I am very pleased with the results but nothing could beat shooting next to the clouds like your shots! I will pick the window seat in my next trip.

    When everyone is shooting pretty photos etc, I will be happy if I could shoot meaningful, serene, inspiring and happy photos!

    Do you experience any fast-depletion of 5DM2 battery when you go liveview and watch video? Mine did, but I will be getting a second battery to test again.

    Must consult you a lot about 5DM2 etc – if you dont mind.

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