5D Mark II Price Gone Down Again in Hong Kong

Although Canon lens prices have gone up this month, but camera body prices have no increased and seems to be going down. I have just found out that Echo Photo & Audio have dropped the price of the EOS 5D Mark II again. It is now selling at HK$18,900.

The previous lowest price I knew was HK$19,000 and for awhile, it went back up to HK$19,200. There are ample supply of the 5D Mark II in Hong Kong apparently, and this is probably the reason why the street price is going down. This is good news for people wanting to buy new camera body, it may offset the psychological effect of lens price increase partially at least.

For advise on where to buy in Hong Kong (and information and contact info for Echo Photo & Audio), please visit my article on “Recommended Camera Shops in Hong Kong“. For information on latest street price, please visit my page on “Camera and Lens Street Price in Hong Kong“.


5 thoughts on “5D Mark II Price Gone Down Again in Hong Kong

  1. Hi Roland,

    The prices for 5DM2 in Malaysia can be quite yo yo from store to store the last time I checked. It ranges from RM 8450 to RM 9000++. So I believe it is store-dependent. Have not checked the latest prices in KL yet but I believe in this economy climate, the prices might be going down. Heard there is a new firmware upcoming, and could not be more happy to wait for its arrival. I have made a lot of shots in Taiwan when it rains (drizzling and a little heavier) and the system behaved perfectly well.

    Could not be more happy – or rather, it is easy to be contended with this camera.

  2. Hello–
    I am going to Hong Kong in two weeks and thinking of buying the canon eos5d there as I suspect it is cheaper than NYC. True?
    You seem keen on Echo–are there other photo shops where I can have the confidence in the equipment? (I’m a medium format film person–so dslr is new to me but it seems critical to travel with a dslr these days.)
    Many thanks.

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