Hutong 胡同

Hutong 胡同 is a Chinese restaurant on the 28th floor of One Peking Road. The name of the restaurant literally means narrow streets or alleys, most commonly associated with Beijing.

The decor of the restaurant has many old and traditional Chinese elements, and in the contrast to the spectacular view of modern Hong Kong outside the windows. The food is mainly Northern Chinese cuisine, although the presentation of the food has a western flavor, there is no doubt the the cooking is purely and unashamedly Chinese with no “fusion” element. It has been awarded 1 star by the Michelin guide and I fully agree with the assessment. The food are all carefully prepared, although straightly Chines, most dishes have some twist and are quite creative and original. The food portions, espcially the main dishes are generous. In general, you will not be able to eat than 1 main dish for 2 person.The service is first rate and are quite unmatched in my experience. Even most restaurants in 5 stars hotels cannot match the level of service in Hutong. This is a restaurant that I would highly recommend.

All the photos were taken in RAW with Canon EOS 5D Mark II at ISO 1600 to 6400. The RAW files were converted with Capture One Pro and then further processed with Photoshop CS4.


11 thoughts on “Hutong 胡同

  1. Gorgeous Shots Roland! Clap clap clap…..!

    BTW, on iPhoto, if I could recall, can be configured not having to replicate original files. In this manner, every photo file within iPhoto directory are not full sized file but a pointer to the original location(s) of the file(s). Once edited, however, it will create a new file.

    When I first used iPhoto, I was struggling with the fear of taking up too much real estate on my HD, but by configuring it in this manner, it does save some space.

    I am contemplating of getting a new Mac (am using an old 17″ white iMac) – I am not sure if I should go for the better spec Mac with fast Graphic cards or just opt for the basic one (24″). Then again my mind was pondering over Mac Book Pro 15″ as well. If you could share your insights on this – will be of great help.

    Again, congrats on those incredible shots!

    • Hi virtualess,

      Performance wise and price wise, iMac will be a better choice than Macbook Pro. Unless if you need portability, then of course Macbook Pro would be the better choice. Balancing price against performance, then my opinion is that the 24″ 2.93Ghz iMac is probably the best choice amongst the iMac models.

  2. Hi Doc, I have settled on the cheapest ever iMac I can get! The basic 20″ version with free 2GB extra thrown in. I gather my choice is between this and the 24″ version you recommend. Very very tempted to opt for the 24″ version (it will be something 30% faster in graphics processing than this 20″ version) but I think I will save the extra RM 2K for rainy days!

    The 50mm lens at 1.4 is so gorgeous! I nearly got it when I visited Singapore the other day!

    Canon DPP apparently does not run efficiently (fast) on the new iMac (it is only, rough count, 20% faster than my old 17″Mac at 2GHz, 1GB RAM, and a lot slower graphic card).

    The new iLife has a nice feature – face recognition (Picasa as well) so it does help me to better org my photos.

    Please continue to post your work.

    • Hi virtualess,

      Congrats on the new iMac. DPP will not run any faster with faster graphics card, it will benefit of raw processing power of faster CPU, but not GPU. In general, 2D graphics processing like photo processing does not use the GPU and would not benefit at all with a faster GPU, except Photoshop CS4, which does use the GPU for certain functions and would benefit from running on a modern computer with a fast GPU.

  3. Thanks Roland!

    You are amazing (la) (in Malaysia we have this tendency to end our broken english with a la – much like the er sound in Pu Tung Hua)! I did not know these details!

    Now I feel a little relief with such result. Will bigger memory helps? I was told that it speeds up multitasking stuff, but uncertain if it help to boost CPU raw processing.

    I will take a look at photoshop once I have the time. I am trying to use iMovie (both iLife 06 and 09 version – was told the older version is better) to work on some HD shots taken with 5DM2. The challenge now is to solve the recording issue – need an external mic. I believe there will be more choices, if any, in HK than KL.

    Thanks again for sharing your insights.

    • Hi virtualess,

      In general, any software that use a lot of RAM would benefit from more RAM. Photo manipulation, especially large files (those from 5D Mark II certainly qualifies) will benefit from more RAM. If you don’t have enough real memory, the system will then use virtual memory (which is basically your hard disk) which will be much slower than real memory of course. 4GB is decent amount of memory, but 8GB will of course be better.

      Actually, the 09 version iMovie is pretty good and has quite a few modern useful features not found on 06 version. the main feature that people talked about in 06 iPhoto that Apple took away in 08 version and still missing in 09 version is the “time-line”. Some people cannot live without it, some can, and Apple has added new features in 09 version that partly mitigates the lack of a time-line. Anyway, iMovie is probably one of the easiest to use and very powerful video editing software. You should be able to produce very professional looking video with it.

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