Canon Hong Kong Lowered Price For 50D

Canon Hong Kong has officially lowered the recommended retail price of the EOS 50D (official link here). I have checked the new street price at Echo Photo & Audio. The 50D body now retails for HK$7,600. The kit with EF-S 17-85mm retails for Hk$10,400 and the kit with EF-S 18-200mm retails for HK$11,800.


9 thoughts on “Canon Hong Kong Lowered Price For 50D

  1. Hi Roland,

    Got my 50D today at Echo!
    Was given a good price, thanks to you!
    Wanted to go back and check the lenses but I had to leave
    for my flight.
    Will definitely come back within the year, Echo’s become one of my favorite camera shops. 🙂
    Thanks again!


  2. Hi Roland,

    Read all the comments and you’ve recommended really good prices. I’ll be leaving for hong kong this weekend and would really love to get the 50D.

    can you tell me exactly how to get to Echo?

    a little confused.


  3. Hi Roland

    Just got our new 50d yesterday. Mr. Yip was really nice, and we picked up a few accessories along the way.

    The camera is fantasic. Great price too. thanks for the advice.


  4. Hi Guys

    I’ll be in Hong Kong next week and looking forward to purchasing a D50. Is it possible to find out how much you guys paid at Echo Photo for the D50? Regards. Vicky

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