Canon EOS 500D Now Avaialble In Hong Kong


The Canon EOS 500D has arrived in Hong Kong. Currently, only the kit version with EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS is avaialble. The body only version and kit with EF-S 18-200mm IS are not available yet.

I have checked the street price at Echo Photo & Audio, and they are selling the kit with 17-55mm for HK$6,000. If you want the body alone, they are willing to take the kit lens out and just sell you the body for HK$5,4oo.

You can read my Recommended Camera Shops in Hong Kong artilce on where to buy the EOS 500D in Hong Kong.


7 thoughts on “Canon EOS 500D Now Avaialble In Hong Kong

  1. Roland, you are a lifesaver!

    I’ve been reading your blog with enthusiasm for a while now.

    I just lost my 450D this week (all my camera gear in fact) and was looking for a replacement.

    I am in Hong Kong only on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday (literally 1.5 days! – 2nd & 3rd May) and was wondering where i would find the 500D in HK in such short time!!

    Thanks to you i now have an idea.

    I owe you one. If you are going to be around email me, i’ll buy you a few drinks!

  2. Just try to answer for Roland.
    Since you been reading the blog with for a while, you should find the answer to your question in “Recommended Camera Shops in Hong Kong” ^_^
    Btw, the kit lens should be EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS : )

    • Hi Roland,

      I’m French and I spent a few days here in Hong Kong. I was looking for some advices to buy the Canon EOS 500D and I’ve found your post : it saves me a lot of time. I went to Echo Photo & Audio today but they don’t have any EOS 500D left… only tomorrow. As I come back to Paris tomorrow afternoon, I then went to Tin Cheung Camera which is not far away : the price of the kit is HK$6150 but I could ask for the EOS 500D + 18-200mm lens (from the EOS 450D kit)… for HK$10400

      So I enjoy my camera today and take a few shots in Hong Kong Park 🙂

      See You

  3. Hi Roland,

    Thanks for your great blog. I will travel to Hong Kong in January and I’m planning to buy a new camera. Do you happen to know, has the price of 500D decreased since April 2009?

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