Akakara 名古屋赤味噌 赤から

The is a continuation of my Japan Travelogue, which I started writing but suspended in limbo for quite awhile. The last entry that I wrote was Pigeons at Kokura, whish was my day 3 trip to Kyushu. After we left Kokura, we went back to Fukuoka at night for dinner. The restaurant we went to was Akakara 名古屋赤味噌 赤から. Their specialties were a spicy hotpot, which we did not try, grilled chicken, and Nagoya style deep fried chicken wings.

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4 thoughts on “Akakara 名古屋赤味噌 赤から

  1. Hello,

    Great photos and topics that interests me. Just wondering, how do you take your photos for the food? I am struggling to get that level of quality of photos from a restaraunt environment. Any links or pointers that can set me on the right path?


    • Hi Edwin,

      There are a few things I can tell you about my technique in doing food shots in restaurants.

      1. You need a camera with fairly good noise control at high ISO.
      2. A large aperture prime lens is essential. The lens I use usually nowadays is a Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM.
      3. One of the main reason why most food photos look ugly is because the white balance is wrong. Almost all DSLR cannot set WB correctly under tungsten lighting. You will need to set custom WB ideally with a grey card, if you don’t have a grey card, at least try to set custom WB with something white in color, a white piece of paper or a plate.
      4. You will need a very well exposed shot to make the food looks good. Most cmaera metering will tend tom underexpose food shot. Try adding at 2/3 EV. You need to experiment with different exposure with your camera under different lighting and different dishes to find the best exposure that makes the dish looks good.

      • Hi Roland,

        Those tips helped, after setting a custom WB and adding a bit of EV, my shots look a lot more “delicious” than before. Regarding setting WB using a grey card, I’ve been reading around and there seems to be 2 camps. Some say that you can’t use a grey card to set WB and that its only for exposure (some say its only for film too) while some say you can. What are your thoughts?

        Thanks for taking the time to reply.


        • HI Edwin,

          Most 18% grey cards are made for setting exposure and It is true that not all grey cards are truly colour neutral and may not be 100% colour accurate for WB setting, However, IMHO, most will be accurate enough for setting WB purpose unless you need mission critical 100% totally accurate color, but in those cases, you probably won’t be shooting with ambient tungsten lighting anyway.

          One of the most accurate grey card designed for setting WB is Whibal, this is the grey card I am using. http://www.rawworkflow.com/whibal/

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