My New Olympus Pen EP-1

The really hot camera release lately is the new Olympus EP-1, a Micro Four Thirds System camera. It is not the first Micro Four Thirds camera, that title belongs to the Panasonic G1. However, it is the first Micro Four Thirds camera that is truly diminutive compared to a DSLR. A camera with a DSLR camera sensor and interchangeable lens. It is a dream camera for many DSLR users, a compact camera with image quality comparable to many DSLR.

It is a hot selling camera obviously and is out of stock in most shops. I was lucky to find a kit with the 17mm pancake lens. The battery has just been charged. It is late tonight, I’ll start doing some test shots tomorrow. I will be writing a full review on this camera, so be patient! In the mean time, I have taken some shots of my new EP-1.





11 thoughts on “My New Olympus Pen EP-1

    • I bought the kit for HK$7,490. There are not many choices for native micro 4/3 lenses at the moment. I am inclined to get a Lecia M to micro 4/3 adapter and get some large aperture Voigtlander prime lenses later.

  1. Hey there Roland,

    Great site!

    I’m also excited and looking to get an EP-1 in HK. By any chance, where did you get yours? Any chance Echo Photo & Audio has any left?

    All the best,

    BTW: Did you also manage to get the flash too?

    • Hi Manishk,

      Unfortunately, most camera distributors in Hong Kong tend to favor large chain stores like Broadway, Fortress etc. by preferentially giving all stocks of new cameras to them and thereby unfairly penalizing smaller independent camera shops like Echo. I have been told by Mr Yip of Echo that Olympus Hong Kong won’t be giving them any EP-1 at least for the first few shipments.

      I am sure I would have gotten it at a cheaper price if Echo has the E-P1, but since I wanted to have the camera early to do a review, I had to choice but to buy it from Broadway. I bought mine from the Ocean Centre branch at Tsim Sha Tsui. You can go there and see if they still have stock. No, I have not bought the flash yet.

  2. Hi Roland,

    I was in a store yesterday and they quoted me RM 2999 (which works out to be cheaper I think). I am tempted to get one but then again…. I dont really need it for the time, but it is surely a good investment / icon to own, better than say an iPhone3GS!

    Was told it was quite OK – will wait for your review.

    By the way, would you rec Lightroom? I am thinking of using LR to organize my photo files.

    Good to hear from you again (updating your blog). It has been a while, and hope all is fine with you in HK.

  3. Hi there Roland,

    have been a fans of your till I keep coming and see if you have any updates since it has been awhile from your last post…but now I know what are you bz with at the moment…

    till date I will be coming to HKG in Aug and planned to get my 5DM2…so, do post more update and review and if possible can do a clean up on the latest pricing as well…

    enjoyed your new camera…take care


    • Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for the support! Although I have been busy and haven’t updated my blog with new articles for awhile until recent few days, I have kept the street price list as update as possible. Please understand I cannot call the shops ask them everyday if the prices have changed.

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