Night Shot With Olympus Pen E-P1


I have been trying out my new E-P1 in the last couple of days. Here’s a night shot taken hand held last night with the 17mm pancake lens at ISO 1000. The RAW file was converted with the bundled Olympus software to 16 bit TIFF and with minimal further processing in Photoshop (mainly just resize and sharpening).

The review is still coming, it will take a few days though.


10 thoughts on “Night Shot With Olympus Pen E-P1

  1. Hi! I have an Olympus PEN E-p1 just like you but I can’t take clear pictures in the dark. I don’t use an external flash but I wonder if you know what options to choose to be able to take photos in the dark, because all pictures I’ve tried to take in the evening/night is very shaky and not clear at all.

    • Hi Derya,

      You have given me too little to go on to suggest what your problem might be. Please show me some of the shots you took in the dark, and I maybe able to give you some suggestion after that.

  2. Hi Ronald,

    I’m wondering if night shots will be clear I’m only using the camera with the basic 14-24mm Lens? Will there be much noise created?
    I don’t intend to get the external flash so soon if I’m purchasing the camera since I don’t really hang out at night. Neither I’ll be getting the pancak lens that soon too ><
    Hope you're able to help! (:

    • Hi lyn,

      Whether you will get clear night shots with the 14-24mm depends on a few factors. If you use a tripod, use lowish ISO, then you should be able to get perfectly good night shots that should be sharp and noise free. If you want to shoot hand-held, then you may need to turn the ISO up very high to keep shutter speed up to prevent blurring due the hand shaking. That may induce quite a bit of noise. If you use a lower ISO while hand holding, of course there will be less noise, but you may not be able to keep the camera steady enough with a slow shutter speed, so you will end up with a blurry pic.

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