Canon EOS 60D Rumor

There is apparently a shortage of Canon EOS 50D in Hong Kong and Canon Hong Kong does not have any new stock of this camera. There is a strong rumor going around the dealer circle that a 50D replacement maybe coming soon and the 50D will be discontinued. I am not sure how much of this is true, so don’t take this rumor as anything concrete. However, I would not be surprised indeed if a 60D is coming soon since Canon seemed to have moved to a 1 year product cycle for the xxD and xxxD series. I guess we will know in a couple of months.


21 thoughts on “Canon EOS 60D Rumor

  1. I prefer a 5DIII rumour. I’ve been looking for a backup to my 5DII and it’s been more than 6 months now that it doesn’t seem right to (still) want the II when a III is possibly in the horizon. The 5DII changed me and the way I work and now I want more megapixel.

    It’s comforts me to know there are PCs with the power to crunch large MP raw files now that don’t cost an arm and a leg so more MP it is.

    • Hi Jan,

      The 5D to 5D Mark II product cycle was 3 years. Even though Canon seemed to have shortened the product cycle for xxxD and xxD series from 18 months to 1 year, I really can’t see Canon shorten 5D Mark II product cycle to the same degree. At best, I can only hope 5D II to 5D III cycle will be 18 months to 2 years, rather then 3 years. It is likely that we will see the 1Ds Mark III replacement coming end of this year or early next year. That should give us a glimpse of what resolution increase we will see for the 5D Mark III.

  2. Howdy! Great blog. I’m a photographer in SZ and am happy to see your HK street prices.

    I heard the 1D Mk4 was due to be released before the 5D Mk3 (it was released earlier). The gossip (and specs) regarding the 60D sound promising. I didn’t see any reason to upgrade my 40D to the 50D. A 60D? Just maybe. Or I’ll pick up a 5D Mk2.

    What do you think of Canon’s production cycle? I realize they’re racing to stay competative and get new bodies out, but it seems a little frantic. I’m not the only shooter that hates buying a body only to have a new model released 8 months later.

    I also read the venerable 70-200 f/2.8L USM IS is going out of production. An upgrade is planned.

    • Hi Stevo,

      The way the world is going, I think it is inevitable that digital cameras product cycle is only going to get short. Personally, I think 12 months product cycle is acceptable for xxxd and xxd series, but anything shorter will be too much.

      However, 3 years product cycle is simply too long in this fast moving digital age and I believe the 5D product cycle will get shorter. How much shorter is something only Canon would know. I would personally like to see a 18 to 24 months cycle.

      Yes, there are very strong rumors that both 1D and 1Ds series will get replacement soon. The reputation of 1D Mark III (and 1Ds Mark III) has not been overwhelmingly good and it’s easy to see why Canon would replace them sooner rather than later.

      Since Canon announced their new IS technology recently, there are good chances that we will see many L lenses with IS getting replaced. The 70-200mm f2.8L IS is a good candidate.

  3. I feel the technology is moving too fast.

    As a wedding photographer, I just hate how the industry pushes us to upgrade regularly. Especially it look silly when guest of the family come to the wedding with newer cameras! Good job I have major arsenal of lenses, I always shut them up when I flash my set of 24L, 35L, 85L, 70-200L plus both 17-55IS and 24-70L.

    I’m still working on a 5D and 30D combo, but my next trip back to HK will consider picking up a 5D II. I will pop in to see Mr Yip.

    I may sell the 30D and 17-55IS on ebay (UK) to help to finance the new camera!

    Thank for a great site!


  4. I do not know if it is a typo or … just a mistake. But there are very few chances to see the 50D discontinued (maybe you were talking about the 40D).

    Canon’s strategy is now to always keep two models per level (5D/5DmkII, 40D/50D, Xsi/T1i). So, if a new camera is ready to come… the 40D should be discontinued but not the 50D.

    • Hi Alex,

      It was not a typo or a mistake. Yes, I did type 50D and that was the rumor. 40D has been discontinued in Hong Kong (and quite a few other countries too) already for quite a few months, so that is no news. Remember, it is only a rumor, it maybe ture and it maybe not, don’t take it too seriously.

  5. I you guys check reviews of the 50D all around the world you’ll find out that even do highly rec. by dpreview and some other testing sources, the eos 50d has have major issues with lenses, batteries and shutter mecanism failures, it just has been a major dissapointment for canon sales in this model, the rebel series has outsold the 50D by very much being proven and more reliable prosumer models, the 50d is just a disaster of a camera as i had a chance to put my hands on one a realy experienced the softness issues with this camera (it felt like a 40d nockoff). I myself was looking forward to upgrade my XSI for an improved version of the 40d with 14mp or so, instead they cramped 15.1mp in a crop cmos with a very small pixel density and finnaly escrew this one up big time. I have hear recently that the 500D (T1i) have better image quality than its counterpart 50D (what a joke, that a cheaper camera offers better iq and dr than an is expensier brother). lame, lame lame from canon to put us udner this type of strees !

  6. And Yes, 75% of the 50D has come back to canon for major repairs, lots of them DOA or Death on arrival and very much of them being unrepairable (even canon dont know how to reapir them, what a joke), so there you have it, for those who have a 50D, yours may be next on the repairs list and for those waiting like me in hope that the next one wont be as bad as the its predecesor you really need to have some patience and as a note, if it wasnt because lots of us have lense investment in eos systems I’ll bet some of us may it thought about switching to the dark side of Nikon for its D300s coming out soon, to bad i dont like the ergonomics and trigger pos of nikon, otherwise i would it be a happy camper right now !

    Cross Your Fingers for August 19 – 2009 !

    • Hey Jochystar I agree with you about the 50D problems. I returned FOUR EOS 50Ds, all of which had leaking batteries (and the fourth even had a faulty shutter to add insult to injury)! I’m waiting for the 60D and am delighted to read rumours that it’s got a new battery. If it wasn’t for Canon’s impressive lens line-up I’d have switched to Nikon by now – my friend’s D300 feels so solid and is a joy to use.

      • Hi Niallo,

        I don’t really know about all the supposed problems with the 50D, but the BP-511A used in the 50D is not new and has been in use in other Canon DSLR for a long time. Unless Canon has changed supplier/manufacturer for the BP-511A with QC problem, there should not be any problem with the battery. There has not been any widespread report of problems with the BP-511A before. Even if there is really a problem with the recently manufactured BP-511A, it should not be related directly to the 50D.

  7. Hey Jochystar I agree with you about the 50D problems. I returned FOUR EOS 50Ds, all of which had leaking batteries (and the fourth even had a faulty shutter to add insult to injury)! I’m waiting for the 60D and am delighted to read rumours that it’s got a new battery. If it wasn’t for Canon’s impressive lens line-up I’d have switched to Nikon by now – my friend’s D300 feels so solid and is a joy to use.

    Regards from London.

  8. Sorry to hear that …. hey and thats nothing I recently came across some modeling and wedding photographers saying they are having big issues with the 5DmkII were lots of pictures pictures are coming soft due to autofocus problems (maybe the firmware update had fixed that … not sure about it ), thats the same problem pro-sports shooters are having with the 1DsMkIII. is it QC or is just that canon ran out of ideas and are downgrading their systems in believes that we don’t deserve it ? I think the japanese dont give a damm about it anymore as longest they can sport their canon name on the straps … LOL … well let me tell you … we’re getting smarter and more carefull with the choices we make today in the internet era and as good news travel fast bad news comes even faster this days and canon IMHO is being butt kicked by nikon in all aspects of DSLR … fans, market shares, adds, yuo name it …. again i been canon loyal all my life but at this current state …. am thinking of bying a Mac if you guys nows what i really meant !

  9. Another bummer from Canon rumors, they aint gonna be a 60D this fall, they moved the X0D line back to 18 month cycle, which i have plenty of doubts due to the 50D failure in sales, 7D is what they are releasing this sept-1. and at price point of 2,700 US Dollars according to a bestbuy informant I think i’ll skip this wagon. it looks very promising and ground breaking but at that price ? are you ready to knock 2700 guacamolies for a non-FF camera …give a break pleaaaseeee ! canon is out of is mind !

    This a very thing line this people are crossing here, i love my crop sensor a ton, I cant afford big lenses as a 400-500mm …cropped sensors allows a lot of us to afford long lenses …. U get me canon …. Lets pray !

  10. Hi, I am persioner always keen on photos being ‘good.’ Now using the Canon 350 Rebel XT. Good, but the lens 18-55mm. is easily beaten by the v.old Pentaco. 1.8 (Prakita) lens. Now thinking of the Canon 60D as the 7D seems just that bit high on price. Also, I think IS and USM will be good with a lens about 18-55mm. (But at what price?) It seems that if I buy from UK things are dearer. Still I hope to continue to get better and although I sell some pictures (recently about 40 at Brantome Expo.) I want to get to A1 size (about 60cms 24″ by 80cms 32″) Please let me have a clear answer to quality and cost for good folks just to cover their hobby costs. Thoughts please, Peter in France.

    • Hi Peter,

      You did not mention anything about your budget, so it is not really possible to give any commendation without knowing how much you want to spend. And I am not quite sure what you want to upgrade. You want to get a new camera body or a new lens or both?

      • Hi. Thanks very much for getting in touch with me for as a Pensioner I am ‘invisible’ to so many.

        Well, money isn’t solidly fixed. I have two printers Epson R800 and 1400 which save me a bit but I want to get to A1 size 20″ x 30″ so I feel I definately need better than 8MB.and 15 to 18MB is needed. I have three lenses for the Canon 350 Rebel XT. the lens 18-55mm. is easily beaten by the v.old Pentacon. Auto1.8/50 (Praktica) lens and I have Canon75-300mm.

        So, questions, On the basis that I would consider the Canon 50D or the new 60D with the possibility of the 7D just out although specifications are complete yet. On that basis I would sell the the Canon 350 Rebel XT. with the lens 18-55mm.(hoping to get £200 to $250) I think I would get people to print the A1 print until I sold a few. (Which I feel pretty certain I would) and then spend about £1,000-00 or more on a A1 printer and £1,000-00 or less on a 60D or 7D.
        (quite a bit less on a 50D but with disappointment of not getting the 60D. The questions for me arise in the real following questions are are;-

        a) I know about what IS and USM are, but are they worth that much better in buying or are they towards a sales ‘gimmick like?’

        b) As I would sell the camera Rebel XT with the lens I would need another general (but good) lens. (with the new camera) Am I best with a fixed focal length (about which I feel doubt) or would I be better with a variable focal lenth and or with IS and USM?

        c) Above everything I want to get A1 print (main point!!!) and really hope to get less than £2,000-00 Main Point!!!?

        d) Is it best to buy in any particular country? I thought this seems to be USA!!

        I have all the bits and bobs tripod, case etc. PS. As I am emigrating to Australia and my daughter travels often between Os and NZ by buying with her and her flying often I could get 10% off.

        Many more much anticipated thanks although I feel that there are several keen amatuer who don’t have money to throw around and could be helped by your comments on my questions.

        • HI Peter,

          As I was away from Hong Kong and internet access was not easily available, I could not answer your questions earlier. Anyway, I’ll go straight to the answers.

          a. IS and USM are not gimmicks, but whether they are useful or not depends on what you shoot and the environment you shoot in. IS is helpful for shooting with slowish shutter speed, which is good for shooting stationary objects. If what you shoot moves, then IS won’t be of too much use. What you will need instead is a fast lens with large aperture and a camera body that gives good image quality at high ISO.

          Lenses with USM in general focuses much faster than lenses without USM and they also allow full time manual focusing. For sports and action or subject matter that moves fast, lenses with USM would definitely help. If you shoot slow moving or stationary subject only, then USM would be of less importance.

          b. Again, it depends on what you shoot. A zoom lens is in general more versatile, and if you in a situation where you as a photographer are limited to one position or with very limited space to move around or hat you shoot does not allow you to have time to change to different lenses, then a zoom lens is the obvious choice.

          However, prime (fixed focal length) lenses are in general of better optical quality and have larger maximum aperture. For best image quality or low light shooting or very shallow depth of field effect, prime lenses are best.

          IS and USM is not tied to either prime or zoom lenses. Canon makes both prime and zoom lenses with USM +/- IS.

          d. with that budget, you camera choices also depends on your lens choices. If you spend more on lenses, then you’ll have less budget for camera body, then 50D maybe the obvious choice. If you spend a bit less of lenses, then you can afford the 7D. They are both fine cameras. ALthough I have not had a chance to personally test the 7D yet, I would believe it is a nicer camera to use than the 50D.

          d. I really cannot tell you which country is best to buy. I am not really qualify to answer that question. I only know the market in Hong Kong well.

    • Hi Peter,

      My upgrade path was from a 350D with the kit lens to a 17-55mm f/2.8 and the, finally, to a 50D.

      Both were major upgrades in my opinion. The 17-55 f/2.8 is very expensive but it’s a fantastic lens – and I instantly got better pictures with my 350D (especially indoor).

      The 50D is also a worth-while upgrade from the 350D though – and I would take Niallo’s comments about quality problems with a large pinch of salt. Four bodies returned sounds ‘a bit much’ to me – and leaking batteries say nothing about the camera body.

      But, if you have limited budget, my main advice would be to get a better lens first and then later consider a body upgrade. Also, you might still be able to find 40D bodies around at a very reasonable price. For most uses the 40D would be every bit as good as a 50D.

  11. Well, thank you both very much indeed. My thinking is not different but the main problem was that I was not at all certain and have to be careful with money. So, the decision is/will buy. Firstly, a IS & USM 17-85mm. Keep the 75-300mm.
    Buy the Canon 50D and use the old Pentacon. Auto1.8/50 (Praktica) lens. Buy a UV filter for the New IS USM lens. I still have a super wide adaptor for the 58mm lens. I have all the other bits I need. For printing I will get someone to print a few. This is to see how the A1 (or maybe A0) prints will look Then further consider what to print to A1 as I can already print to A3+ using the Epson 1400. (as well as Epson R800 for special A4 or smaller prints.) Thank you all again and I hope my contribution will help focus others and through your contribution will help others. Rgds. Peter in France.

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