Canon EOS 7D ISO 6400 Test Shots

I made a few ISO 640o test shots tonight with my new 7D. I am quite pleasantly surprised by the results. The 7D seemed to manage noise control quite well at ISO 6400 while managing to retain image detail quite well. All the pics were shot in RAW and converted with DPP to TIFF files. The TIFF were then converted to JPEG with Photoshop. No further post-processing was done, no additional sharpening was added. You can click on the individual images for a full resolution view.





8 thoughts on “Canon EOS 7D ISO 6400 Test Shots

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  2. roland

    good day!

    can you please tell the price and location/store where we can get a canon 7d in HK. in the same way you gave us the information on where to buy the canon 50d.
    can you also include the canon 7d kit prices.

    canon 7d is around $2200 here in states.
    in amazon it is a little cheaper around $1700++ but it is not available.

    i am going to honkong this november for a vacation, i hope to get a 7d there.



  3. Hi Roland,

    I am intend to take indoor pictures for children and some of school shows without using flash light. which ones is better choice for me canon 5d mark II or Canon 7d?
    Many thanks.


    • Hi Lunar,

      It’s hard to say which one will be better for your usage. There are pros and cons for either camera. And I have not fully tested out the 7D yet, I am in the processing of doing the full review. So I cannot give a defintive answer on the 7D yet.

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