Kani-syougun Hokkaido Crab Speciality Restaurant

Continuing with my fall 2009 Hokkaido trip, I am going to write about some of the restaurants I went at Sapporo. Kani-syougun かに将軍 is a restaurant that specializes in serving the crabs. There are 3 “famous” crabs commonly found in Hokkaido, the King crab (Tarabagani 鱈場蟹), Queen or Snow (Matsubagani 松葉蟹)crab and Horsehair crab (kegani ケガニ 毛蟹). The crabs can be cooked or prepared in variety of ways such as sushi, sashimi, charcoal flame grilled, steam dumpling and hotpot (nabe).

There are many crab specialty restaurants in Sappporo, Kani-syougun is of the famous one and a popular choice amongst locals and tourists. All the dishes are well prepared and delicious. If you like crabs, this is a restaurant that is well worth visiting.

All the photos were taken with Olympus Pen EP-1 with Voigtländer Nokton 58mm F 1,4 SLII.


3 thoughts on “Kani-syougun Hokkaido Crab Speciality Restaurant

  1. Wow, A feast with eye appealing dishes to excite your palate. Bon Appetit!
    Must travel back to Hokkaido sometime to try out all these.

  2. A Wow from us too,we were all looking at your photos and we have made our minds up for the next trip good work.
    Regards down/under

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