Otaru Masazushi

Otaru is famous for sushi restaurants. One of the most famous is Otaru Masazushi (政寿司). It reputed to be one of the top three sushi restaurants in Japan, the other two is Suehiro Sushi(末廣鮨) at Shizuoka and Tamazushi(玉寿司) at Kanazawa. As it is a famous sushi restaurant in a busy tourist town like Otaru, it is usually very crowded with a long waiting queue, so it would be best to either reserve a seat before you go or be prepared to wait for at least an hour or more for a seat.

It is no doubt a good sushi restaurant serving very fresh ingredients and for most people looking for good sushi, I am sure they will not be disappointed. However, having been to all three of the top sushi restaurants in Japan, I will have to say Masazushi has to take third place behind the other two, not quite at the same level of the other two sushi restaurants.

All the photos were taken with Olympus Pen EP-1 with Voigtländer Nokton 58mm F 1,4 SLII.


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