The Mythical Photographer Spoke Again……..

Within one day I posted this article, I received numerous messages through various channels, and all of them claimed to be the mythical photographer that I interviewed. Some of them thanked me for posting the article and letting the world hear about the truth, but a few were quite angry that I posted the article and told me that they only talked to me in private and did not expect me to go public with what they said. Well, I don’t know why any of you who messaged me thought that the article was about you. I can reassured all of you that the mythical photographer I interviewed was someone else who preferred to remain anonymous. You may think that you resemble him and may share certain traits with him, but none of you have all his greatness.

Quite a few others with asked me about the true identity of our mythical photographer, but as a condition to agree for the interview, he made me swear to keep his identity private. I have talked to him again after receiving so many request from readers wanting to know his true identity, but as he is a rather humble and low profile person, he again requested that I should keep his identity private.

However, because our mythical photographer has so much photographic knowledge in his head that makes him want to explode everyday, he really wanted a channel to share with the world his vast knowledge. He asked me if I would like to run a regular feature here with him teaching us about all the amazing facts about photography that nobody knows except him. I applaud his kind generosity in his willingness to share his knowledge with us all. However, I have told him that I will have to ask my readers’ opinions first before I agreed to his request.

So if I get enough request from readers wanting to see our mystical photographer talking to us regularly here, I will put up a special regular feature.


9 thoughts on “The Mythical Photographer Spoke Again……..

  1. Hi Roland

    Please, put it up. I believe he must be residing in Hong Kong!

    These are good facts of life, and in a highly materialistic world or minded people, these are the simple things they will constantly seek to fulfill their desires, to no end….

    Good writings, please create a separate column for that.

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