Ishiya is a famous chocolate maker at Sapporo. Their factory is opened for visit and is actually more like a theme park than a factory. The buildings are are built with classic European style and the factory tour lead to many interesting facts about chocolate making. There are also exhibits of a large collection of fine china tea cups and saucers. Of course the chocolate and cakes are all very tasty. It’s in the suburb area of Sapporo and just a short train ride by metro from city centre. One can easily spend a whole afternoon there, tour the factory and laze around for a cup or coffee or tea with some fine chocolate and cakes.

All photos were taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark II with EF 16-35mm f2.8L USM.


6 thoughts on “Ishiya

  1. Lovely shots!

    Please help to enlighten me if there is actually a lot of difference between the 16-35 and 17-40 L lenses?

    I only have the 17-40 and is pretty happy with it. Some says the 16-35 is a better but some swear it is not.

    M using the 5D M2, and only 5D M2!

    I also wish to ask you about your opinion on portrait lens recommendation. I shoot a lot of candid portraits with 70-200 L f4 (the cheapest of the lot) and had been pretty happy with it. However, prime lens are highly recommended by someone and I am contemplating on either:

    1) a 135mm F2 L (about RM 3300++)
    2) a 70-200mm F2.8 L (above RM 6000)

    I am also tempted to get a 7D so that I could use the crop factor with my 70-200mm Lens to that x 1.6 and will give me a better choice for candid shots! Otherwise, I could also get a 550D just to do this.

    I hope I am not taking too much of your time here – please only response if you are truly free…..


    • Hi virtuarless,

      If you are happy with the EF 17-40mm f4L, then why worry if the 16-35mm f2.8L is better or not? There are always some better lens or camera out there. If you are happy with what you have, there’s really no reason to worry otherwise.

      As for prime portrait lens, you can’t really get something better than the EF 135mm f2L. It is also quite cheap for a “L’ lens.

      • Dear Roland

        Thanks for your reply and advice. Though I did not ask about the 16mm lens, your response is a very wise one and sounded like err, my spiritual teacher!

        The 135mm F2 lens is a great lens. Most likely I will opt for one pretty soon.

        Another pretty popular portrait lens is the 50mm F1.4 or F1.8, but one has to be pretty close to the subject to get this done.

        Having a zoom will provide comfortable position to shoot – that is why I was contemplating between 135mm or 70-200mm F2.8 L lens.

        Hope to see you in person should I visit HK one day!

        • Hi again,

          Well, if you ever come to Hong Kong, do give a a call.

          Anyway, if you what your wrote in the original comment, you will notice that the first thing you asked was:-
          “Please help to enlighten me if there is actually a lot of difference between the 16-35 and 17-40 L lenses?”

          I would not have talked about the 16-35mm if you did not ask me in the first place.

          • Hi Roland

            Oh, my mistake – I remembered typing the question but when I read your comment post part of the screen was blocked off!

  2. This is such a mesmerizing series Mr. Lim. It really transported me to the fantasy land of chocolate. Especially the last two pic. Fantastic work as always. Love it.

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