HDR With Photoshop CS5

Adobe has just released Photoshop CS5 for a few days. I wanted to upgrade to the new version, but Hong Kong won’t be getting any stock until next week. Therefore I downloaded the fully functional 30 days trial version and tried it out in the meantime. There are quite a few new functions in CS5, one of the most hyped one is Content Aware Fill, which I have briefly tried out. However, I am more interested in the new “Merge to HDR Pro ” function.

Photoshop has had HDR function for quite awhile, but previous versions of Photoshop has been less than user friendly with the HDR function, leading to some third party dedicated HDR solution like Phtomatix Pro. I am glad to report that HDR is much more user friendly in CS5. Basically, all you need to to is to select the photos you want to merge into HDR in Bridge, then select Merge to HDR Pro, then after initial preocessing, another HDR menu will come with with preset choice like default, flat, monochromatic, photo-realistic, surrealistic etc. There are also the various sliders you can use to do fine adjustment. I find the default or flat setting already quite good and natural looking.

All the HDR photos before were processed with Photoshop CS5. Just some quick jobs, if I spend more time on them, perhaps, the results can be a bit better.


One thought on “HDR With Photoshop CS5

  1. I like the way the images don’t look like they have been over processed. I’ll definitely be getting the new CS 5 after the trial version expires.

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