Hokkaido Trip 2009 – Biei

After spending the first few days at Sapporo and Otaru, we started touring Hokkaido by car. Our first stop was Biei.

Biei (美瑛町, Biei-chō?) is a town located in Kamikawa (Ishikari) District, Kamikawa, Hokkaidō, Japan. Biei is famous for its views of wide fields and hills, and is used as a backdrop for many Japanese commercials and TV programmes (source : wikipedia.org). A few of the trees and meadows have names like “Ken and Mery”,  “Tree of a parent and a child (親子之木)” and “Mild Seven Meadow (Mild Seven之丘)”. These names are related to the TV commercials where they were filmed and will have more meaning to local Japaneses people than to foreign tourist. Anyhow, those spots are usually quite scenic and worth visiting.

Biei is also famous for many fresh agricultural products like a large variety of different variety of vegetables and fruits. Although Furano is probably more famous for flower fields, Biei actually has just as many spectacular flower fields as Furano and are certainly worth visiting. I will post some flower field photos in another follow up post later.

All photos were taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark II with various lenses.


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