Furano and Biei Flower Fields

Furano is famous for flowers fields, the most famous one is probably Farm Tomita (ファーム富田). Actually, there are lots of flower fields in Biei and Furano. Notable ones include Hill of Shikisai (四季彩の丘), Farm Kanno (かんのファーム), Hill of Zerubu & Hill of Atoms (ぜるぶの丘・亜斗夢の丘) and Rokugo Observatory Deck in Furano Jam Garden (ふらのジャム園). You can find a full list here:- English, Chinese, Japanese.

If you have never been to Furano or Biei, there will bound to be some experts who will tell you that you will only ee floweres during Summer time in Furano and Biei and you should not bother going during Spring or Autumn. In fact, different variety of flowers are grown from Spring to Autumn, and although some flower fields are most spectacular during the Summer months, others are just as spectacular during other Spring or Autumn. The flower fields are scattered quite far apart over Furano and Biei and the best way of visiting them is probably by car.

All photos were taken with Canon EOS 5D mark II with various lenses.


3 thoughts on “Furano and Biei Flower Fields

  1. Hi Roland,
    we were all looking at your photos this morning and the colours are truly vibrant,what a wonderful sight that must be living in that part of the world to open your window and to gaze on such beauty. We must one day make that as one of our jetseting stops. Roland well seen well taken.
    Audrey and jesse-Jane say Hi.
    Regards D/under

  2. hi your pics are really nice! love the colors! btw if i only ca choose between Shikisai or zeruba in biei, which one should i go for? tks!

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